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Every Monday brings a new edition of Overpaid Jerks, our weekly sports trivia quiz. Know which records were just recently set? Who's super-rich thanks to a new contract? Which team's mascot was just fired for pummeling a fan? Check in with us every Monday and prove you knowledge of sports news with Overpaid Jerks.

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1/1/18-1/7/18 1/8/18 65.92%[7.91/12]        Comments
Chucky makes banks, a self-to-self TD pass, college basketball upsets and a lots of coaches are fired.
1/10/11-1/17/11 1/17/11 67.40%[13.48/20]        Comments
The BCS crowns a champion, a closer calls it quits, LeBron tweets and just by reading this, you've been given a technical foul.
1/11/10-1/17/10 1/18/10 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
Lane Kiffin is the devil, a video foretells doom and Jose Offerman is history's greatest monster.
1/11/16-1/17/16 1/17/16 52.80%[5.28/10]        Comments
College football concludes, college basketball heats up, a wild NFL finish and a veiled threat of violence.
1/12/09-1/18/09 1/20/09 74.30%[14.86/20]        Comments
Here's a sports trivia recap quiz that's gonna steam roll you like a Mack truck on steroids.
1/12/15-1/18/15 1/19/15 62.83%[7.54/12]        Comments
NFL playoffs, college playoffs, a top 10 match-up and a threatened NFL suspension all figure into our latest 2015 sports recap trivia quiz.
1/13/20-1/19/20 1/20/20 63.60%[6.36/10]        Comments
MLB's wild week, Duke loses twice, NFL playoffs and more.
1/14/13-1/20/13 1/21/13 68.80%[10.32/15]        Comments
Assuie tennis, college basketball, Louisville's short stay and head coaching changes.
1/14/19-1/20/19 1/21/19 57.70%[5.77/10]        Comments
Controversial catering, Super Bowl contenders, the Warriors and top 10 upsets.
1/15/18-1/21/18 1/22/18 61.67%[7.40/12]        Comments
AFC vs NFC, Houston vs. the world, lampposts are taken care of and endings are wild.
1/16/12-1/22/11 1/23/12 72.30%[14.46/20]        Comments
Conference champions, an unlikely news source, the fall of the undefeateds and offseason baseball hilarity.
1/16/17-1/22/17 1/23/17 57.00%[5.70/10]        Comments
All-Stars, a groundbreaking, a baseball loss and Hall of Famers all figure into our most recent sports recap trivia quiz.
1/17/11-1/23/11 1/24/11 66.68%[16.67/25]        Comments
Deals are made, deals are nixed, retirement is threatened and Australian tennis is served.
1/18/10-1/24/10 1/25/10 64.85%[12.97/20]        Comments
A bad week for the Jets and the Knicks, a worse week for Favre and the Vikings, a good week for an NBA star and a great week for two young ladies you've never heard of.
1/18/16-1/24/16 1/24/16 51.75%[6.21/12]        Comments
The Super Bowl is set, #1 is upset, tennis scandal and a hockey streak ends.
1/19/09-1/25/09 1/26/09 63.40%[12.68/20]        Comments
This week's sports quiz features, among other things, the greatest figure skating story ever.
1/19/15-1/25/15 1/26/15 66.75%[8.01/12]        Comments
Recent athletic events brought a Big East lead change, the end of a long winning streak, all-star games and a head coaching hire to the fore.
1/2/12-1/8/12 1/9/12 57.92%[14.48/25]        Comments
Shoot the puck, nail the 3: here comes our sports recap quiz for the 2nd week in 2012.
1/2/17-1/8/17 1/9/17 62.30%[6.23/10]        Comments
NHL on MLB, a college basketball bye, a horrific NFL defensive mistake and more in our most recent edition of OPJ.
1/20/14-1/26/14 1/27/14 61.30%[6.13/10]        Comments
The last seven days in sports gave us Open winners, the chance at $1 billion, Hall of Fame news and lots of three pointers.
1/20/20-1/26/20 1/26/20 60.70%[6.07/10]        Comments
Hall of Fame, a massive brawl, newly ranked and the women's game.
1/21/13-1/27/13 1/28/13 66.67%[10.00/15]        Comments
The Raiders, the Cardinals, the Braves and the Celtics all figure, for better or worse, into our weekly sports quiz.
1/21/19-1/27/19 1/28/19 72.17%[8.66/12]        Comments
NBA stars on the move, All-Star MVPs and captains and a Super Bowl fast food bummer.
1/22/18-1/28/18 1/29/18 61.60%[6.16/10]        Comments
All-Stars, Pro Bowlers, a rare triple double and a rarer ACC loss.
1/23/12-1/29/12 1/30/12 63.60%[12.72/20]        Comments
Suit up for our sports trivia quiz for the 5th week of 2012.
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