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Modern Family, S06E08: Three Turkeys 11/22/16 56.27%[8.44/15]        Comments
Cooking narration, a rebelling child, luggage and undergarments - sounds like all the ingredients for a Modern Family Thanksgiving.
Home for the Holidays 11/27/10 70.04%[18.21/26]        Comments
You may know opinions are like...well, you know what.... but how well do you know Home for the Holidays?
Dutch 11/25/10 73.40%[18.35/25]        Comments
We meet Dutch Dooley, a child-like man who wants to impress his girlfriend by getting to know her son. One problem: her son Doyle, is a mean-spirited, snotty brat.
Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Part II 11/25/09 78.95%[15.79/20]        Comments
Whether someone was sentenced to spending the holiday in a large box, or the gang recalled past transgressions, Turkey Day was always typically wacky for the Friends.
Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Part I 11/24/09 75.25%[15.05/20]        Comments
In the course of its 10-season run, Friends produced a number of memorable episodes centered around Thanksgiving. How well do you know Friends Thanksgiving episodes?
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A 11/25/08 54.45%[10.89/20]        Comments
From the Snoopy blimp that floats in the Macy's Parade to specially prepared Beagle dinners, the Charles Schultz creations all hold a special place in our hearts.
WKRP In Cincinnati: Turkeys Away 11/25/08 78.70%[7.87/10]        Comments
The under-appreciated WKRP in Cincinnati provided audiences with one of its signature moments in Thanksgiving-themed episode.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles 11/24/08 74.04%[18.51/25]        Comments
What better way to prepare for Turkey Day then by taking a quiz about one of Hollywood's best Thanksgiving-themed comedies?
Showing results 1 - 8 of 8

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