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Every Friday, we publish a new This Is So Last Week quiz covering the past seven days in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. Which show was just canceled? Did you hear about Whathisface dating Whatsher name? Who just checked into and/or out of rehab? Who just signed the latest movie megadeal? It's all covered in This Is So Last Week.

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1/1/07-1/7/07 1/8/07 66.15%[13.23/20]        Comments
The entertainment industry shook off its collective post-New Year's hangover and got down to business. See how well you were paying attention.
1/1/10-1/7/10 1/8/10 67.68%[16.92/25]        Comments
game show host turned action hero, a sloppy drunk acceptance speech, and love: reality TV style. Plus: the curious pairing of actress and boxer.
1/1/16-1/7/16 1/7/16 56.42%[6.77/12]        Comments
Goodbye to a MASH star, a TV hunk walks away, New Year's Eve brings news and Angry Birds get even more awesome.
1/10/17-1/16/14 1/17/14 69.50%[6.95/10]        Comments
From Gilligan's Island to True Detective, we touch all the bases in our pop culture recap quiz for the 3rd week of 2014.
1/10/20-1/16/20 1/16/20 59.70%[5.97/10]        Comments
A B-movie queen, an induction denied, mass firings and a reality show controversy.
1/11/08-1/17/08 1/17/08 66.68%[16.67/25]        Comments
The revenge of the ugliest, nerdiest kids in high school; Idols rise and fall; and tough guys get engaged while free-spirited guys get paternal.
1/11/13-1/17/13 1/18/13 60.67%[7.28/12]        Comments
A sitcom dad, wacko actresses, Beyonce at the Super Bowl and a beauty queen pageant winner.
1/11/19-1/17/19 1/17/19 67.40%[6.74/10]        Comments
Carol Channing, Chris Pratt, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Eddie Murphy figure into our new weekly pop culture recap quiz.
1/12/18-1/18/18 1/18/18 62.40%[6.24/10]        Comments
A rock star going deaf, an actress getting paid, RIP Dolores and Hugh and something's historically fresh.
1/13/12-1/19/12 1/20/12 60.10%[12.02/20]        Comments
Golden Globes, Miss America and an action star's misstep. Think you're up on recent pop culture news?
1/13/17-1/19/17 1/19/17 68.70%[6.87/10]        Comments
A PSA, a lauded movie, dressing in black and more figure into our latest pop culture trivia quiz.
1/14/11-1/20/11 1/20/11 59.05%[11.81/20]        Comments
Take a romp through the past seven days in pop culture with our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
1/15/07-1/21/07 1/22/07 66.45%[13.29/20]        Comments
We take a fond look back at the Golden Globes. Plus, actors who just cannot keep their mouths shut.
1/15/10-1/21/10 1/22/10 59.60%[14.90/25]        Comments
Fun at the Golden Globes, hot chicks, shirtless dudes, daytime TV pole dancing and odd choices for movie franchises.
1/15/16-1/21/16 1/22/16 62.40%[6.24/10]        Comments
A TV legend passes on, race and the Oscars, Friends reunion news and Jennifer Lawrence finds some backing.
1/16/09-1/22/09 1/22/09 68.68%[17.17/25]        Comments
A dead robot, a chastity pledge, an Italian vampire and 99 desirable women.
1/16/15-1/22/15 1/23/15 58.92%[7.07/12]        Comments
Marvel stars bet on the Big Game, a band reunites to call it quits, a tabloid tries to end toplessness and an actor bounces a cheerleader.
1/17/14-1/23/14 1/24/14 70.10%[7.01/10]        Comments
Crime doesn't pay, the PGA ties it up and a musical marriage splits ....all in the last seven days in celebrity trivia.
1/17/20-1/23/20 1/23/20 61.30%[6.13/10]        Comments
A movie house is renamed, an Oscar winner is mocked, a Python dies and a monkey is interviewed. Pop culture recap quiz.
1/18/08-1/24/08 1/24/08 61.32%[15.33/25]        Comments
Oscar nominations, surprising philanthropy, birthday orgies and a free Kiefer. Oh, and what's this? Tasteful nudity.
1/18/13-1/24/13 1/25/13 73.60%[7.36/10]        Comments
An actor warns a celebrity, a singer scandalizes children, a baby is born and Amazon adapts a horror favorite.
1/18/19-1/24/19 1/24/19 67.80%[6.78/10]        Comments
Academy Award pics, inspiration for an Oscar winner, a music festival fallout and a double nominee, in our weekly pop culture quiz
1/19/18-1/25/18 1/26/18 72.92%[8.75/12]        Comments
An engagement, a reimagined sitcom, Oscars history and more in our weekly pop culture review.
1/2/09-1/8/09 1/9/09 66.30%[13.26/20]        Comments
Rock star lawsuits, questionable PR campaigns, dictator's offspring and the best and worst in movies.
1/2/15-1/8/15 1/9/15 68.70%[6.87/10]        Comments
A rocker/actress engagement, co-starring hosts, a classic TV death and celebrity Apprenticeship all highlight our latest 2015 entertainment/celebrity recap quiz.
Showing results 1 - 25 of 694
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