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13 Going on 30 4/30/11 84.36%[21.09/25]        Comments
When she magically wakens as her 30 year-old self, she finds that being a grown-up may not be all that it's cracked up to be.
17 Again 12/15/09 74.64%[18.66/25]        Comments
After appearing in a supporting role in Hairspray, he moved on to a headlining role in this teen comedy that is a lot better than you'd probably expect.
27 Dresses 1/16/10 76.12%[19.03/25]        Comments
A young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.
28 Days Later 10/23/08 77.92%[19.48/25]        Comments
Plodding, stumbling zombies are so 1970s Romero. Fast, vicious zombies are the new sexy. 28 Days Later was the Danny Boyle horror thriller that gave us this epiphany.
28 Weeks Later 10/28/08 69.00%[17.25/25]        Comments
28 Weeks Later starts with a shocking sequence of cowardice and betrayal and never lets up on the surprises.
300 7/2/08 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
300 has received as much praise as any guy film in recent memory due to its novel visuals and videogame-stylized storyline.
40-Year-Old Virgin, The: 5/30/07 79.12%[19.78/25]        Comments
The comic team included Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, and Elizabeth Banks.
50 First Dates 2/5/15 80.48%[18.51/23]        Comments
A man with commitment issues finds himself falling for a woman with no short-term memory, who can't remember him the next day. He goes about trying to make her fall in love with him again every day.
About a Boy 4/9/09 66.80%[16.70/25]        Comments
Weaving through a duel narrative comparing the stories of a man who still behaves as a child and a child that is forced to be a man, this 2002 British comedy is an extremely compelling film.
Adaptation. 6/2/08 65.56%[16.39/25]        Comments
It is a film essentially about that very thing -- an adaptation. In this case, a book -- Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief.
Adventureland 11/22/09 78.05%[15.61/20]        Comments
Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg as an awkward college grad who rashly accepts a job at a lowly Pennsylvanian amusement park. Kristen Stewart also stars, but don't necessarily let that be a turn-off.
Almost Famous 7/29/09 72.48%[18.12/25]        Comments
It was in the fall of 2000 that Cameron Crowe platformed the release of his near autobiographical account of growing up a music journalist in the mid-seventies.
Amelie 4/8/10 75.77%[22.73/30]        Comments
Unlike most congenitally introverted people these days, she rejects the Internet in favour of anonymous meddling.
American Pie 2 3/21/12 87.12%[21.78/25]        Comments
You may know the first name of Stiffler's mom, but how well do you know American Pie 2?
Anchorman 8/2/06 79.04%[19.76/25]        Comments
There was a time, a time before cable. When the local anchorman reigned supreme. When people believed everything they heard on TV.
Aquamarine 7/11/16 71.88%[17.97/25]        Comments
Alice Hoffman's book got adapted into a film in 2006, introducing the world to Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and JoJo Levesque.
Austin Powers in Goldmember 3/10/11 71.43%[21.43/30]        Comments
When you have a super-spy father, catching Dr Evil and being knighted isn’t enough to resolve your overwhelming daddy issues.
Avatar 5/26/10 69.32%[17.33/25]        Comments
State of the art 3D visual effects helped propel James Cameron's latest epic blockbuster to beat some punk named James Cameron for the number one film of all time.
Avengers (Easy Version), The: 11/15/12 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Delve into the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and their brothers-in-arms. We've kept stuff fairly easy for this quiz, so you should have no problem proving your Avengers acumen.
Avengers (Hard Version), The: 11/21/12 71.16%[17.79/25]        Comments
So you think you know The Avengers? Really? Here's a much tougher quiz to test your knowledge of the adventures of Tony, Bruce, Steve, Natasha, and, of course, Erik Selvig.
Bad Santa 12/21/10 64.77%[14.25/22]        Comments
A vulgar, alcoholic, thieving Santa and his elf partner-in-crime, a boy who is apparently a glutton for punishment, and a woman who really likes, um, "quality time" with Santa Claus - such is the story of Bad Santa.
Baghead 8/15/09 74.67%[11.20/15]        Comments
Jay and Mark Duplass followed up The Puffy Chair with Baghead, a thriller-comedy (thromedy?) about a group of four friends who spend the weekend in a cabin to craft an idea for a movie.
Bandslam 1/12/16 84.27%[25.28/30]        Comments
Featuring some of the great performance piece in music films of late, Bandslam is an infectiously charming high school film.
Batman Begins 1/24/07 73.32%[18.33/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale breathed much needed new life into a film franchise that had deteriorated into downright silliness.
Beautiful Creatures 8/13/13 77.17%[23.15/30]        Comments
In 2013, Richard LaGravenese wrote and directed by cinematic version of the popular Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel Beautiful Creatures. There was much rejoicing.
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