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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 10/9/13 69.97%[20.99/30]        Comments
Revenge of the Sith completes the opening trilogy of the Star Wars saga as Jedis, droids and evil, evil dudes see their fates play out.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 10/3/13 75.33%[18.08/24]        Comments
Jake Lloyd, out! (yay!) Hayden Christensen, in! (boo!) No trilogy is complete without a second part, and...that's the best that many can say about this installment in the continuing Star Wars saga.
Beautiful Creatures 8/13/13 77.80%[23.34/30]        Comments
In 2013, Richard LaGravenese wrote and directed by cinematic version of the popular Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel Beautiful Creatures. There was much rejoicing.
Joy Ride 8/8/13 77.52%[16.28/21]        Comments
Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski star in this early-in-the-millenium thriller. Object lesson: just stay off the damn CB.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 7/31/13 78.68%[19.67/25]        Comments
Take a bunch of zoo animals. Have them join a circus on a trans-continental flight. Set a wicked antagonist on their trail. Voila! Madagascar 3!
Napoleon Dynamite 7/29/13 77.80%[19.45/25]        Comments
If it's hip to be square, well, then, a young lad named Napoleon Dynamite may be the most awesome teen around. Test your knowledge on this 2004 cult classic.
Before Sunset 7/9/13 78.00%[19.50/25]        Comments
Those crazy kids Jess and Celine are at it again in one of the more unexpected sequels you'll get. Yes, there is still a lot of talking in this one. A lot of talkikng.
Rundown, The: 3/5/13 82.43%[24.73/30]        Comments
Dwayne Johnson has his action hero coming out in Peter Berg's jungle-action-comedy The Rundown. Seann William Scott and Rosario Dawson are along for the ride, and Christopher Walken is at his slippery, scummy best.
Death to Smoochy 2/27/13 81.64%[20.41/25]        Comments
A dark comedy, Death to Smoochy has darkness and comedy in spades. See how well you know this odd but cult-appreciated project.
Avengers (Hard Version), The: 11/21/12 71.16%[17.79/25]        Comments
So you think you know The Avengers? Really? Here's a much tougher quiz to test your knowledge of the adventures of Tony, Bruce, Steve, Natasha, and, of course, Erik Selvig.
Avengers (Easy Version), The: 11/15/12 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Delve into the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and their brothers-in-arms. We've kept stuff fairly easy for this quiz, so you should have no problem proving your Avengers acumen.
Runaway Jury 11/7/12 75.10%[15.02/20]        Comments
John Cusack and Gene Hackman are at their best in the 2003 book-to-film adaptation of Grisham's Runaway Jury. Test your knowledge of this cinematic courtroom thriller.
Mist, The: 9/26/12 71.92%[17.98/25]        Comments
Frank Darabont brings Steven King's story of paranoia, the supernatural, and very odd weather to the big screen. As with The Shawshank Redemption, the results are quite surprising.
Replacements, The: 9/6/12 78.72%[19.68/25]        Comments
Never mind why the cheerleaders seem to be on strike, too - let's see how well you know The Replacements.
Hot Fuzz 8/21/12 86.32%[21.58/25]        Comments
Mysterious deaths afflict an English village, and recently promoted Nicholas Angelis hot on the case, as Pegg, Frost and Wright re-team for another great homage/spoof.
Jackass: Number Two 8/15/12 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
In 2002, Johnny Knoxville's MTV project Jackass made it to the big screen. Then, for a long time, nothing of significance happened. Finally, a sequel came along.
Grey, The: 6/26/12 78.20%[19.55/25]        Comments
A plane crash, wintry conditions and an army of inhospitable wolves spell trouble for a band of survivors in The Grey. Liam Neeson continues his run as unlikely action movie hero in this bleak story of survivalism.
Rush Hour 3 5/31/12 67.00%[16.75/25]        Comments
Carter and Lee are back for one more time to complete the Rush Hour trilogy - this time they are mismatched because Lee is old and Carter is fat...
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 4/12/12 74.44%[18.61/25]        Comments
This is an uplifting tale of a quirky idealist's attempts to save his town. The we love it. How well do you know it?
Rocky Balboa 3/25/12 69.00%[17.25/25]        Comments
Three decades after the Rocky saga began, the sixth and final (?) film is Stallone's most personal.
American Pie 2 3/21/12 87.12%[21.78/25]        Comments
You may know the first name of Stiffler's mom, but how well do you know American Pie 2?
Rush Hour 2 3/15/12 74.08%[18.52/25]        Comments
The Rush Hour movies have something for everybody - Jackie Chan’s martial arts skills and stuntwork, Chris Tucker’s trademark humour...
Chicago 3/10/12 68.52%[17.13/25]        Comments
Who says that murder is not art? This quiz is sure to razzle-dazzle you, even if you are made of cellophane.
Crash 3/4/12 60.04%[15.01/25]        Comments
In two days, many lives intersect unknowingly, intertwining to cause chain reactions touching on social and racial themes.
Cold Mountain 2/22/12 66.72%[16.68/25]        Comments
Not the Civil War, not even death can keep these two lovers apart. If you are fighting, stop fighting. If you are marching, stop marching and come back...
Showing results 26 - 50 of 268
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