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Annie Hall 2/15/17 60.44%[15.11/25]        Comments
It's Woody Allen's signature work, and one of the enduring comedies of the 1970s.
Carrie (1976) 10/11/16 56.22%[12.93/23]        Comments
One of - if not the best - Stephen King adaptation for screen, it made everyone rethink the many, many horrible things that can happen at the prom.
Hills Have Eyes (1977), The: 3/11/14 58.32%[11.08/19]        Comments
Before breaking it big, big, big with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven had a few notable entries in the slasher-horror genre. A Hill Have Eyes is such an entry, later to be remade several decades later.
Zombi 2 10/29/13 55.00%[11.00/20]        Comments
Sure, zombie movies are all the rage now, but this Italian film helped to blaze the trail way back in the early 1970s. See how well you remember this one.
Smokey and the Bandit 4/17/13 62.64%[15.66/25]        Comments
The Bandit's on the run, and he's not gonna let ole Smokey catch him, no sir. See how well you know this rip-roarin' pedal-to-the-metal classic from the 1970s.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The: 10/27/12 56.48%[14.12/25]        Comments
Horror cinema got one of its first prototypical villains in 1974's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's time to test your knowledge of this horror classic.
Rocky II 2/25/12 74.08%[18.52/25]        Comments
All the main cast members returned to reprise their roles in a story about a club boxer who shocked everyone and went the distance with the world heavyweight champion.
Rocky (Version 2) 2/18/12 72.08%[18.02/25]        Comments
In 1975, Sylvester Stallone was nearly broke, an actor with a handful of minor roles such as stud, thug, and mafioso. By the end of 1976, he was internationally famous, the star of the highest grossing movie of the year, and an Oscar nominee.
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 8/24/11 74.00%[22.20/30]        Comments
What is there to say about Star Wars, one of the most famous Sci-Fi movies ever. George Lucas brought the movie to filmgoers in 1977 and it became a worldwide sensation...
Dirty Harry 3/8/11 78.04%[19.51/25]        Comments
There is the law, and there is Harry Callahan. Clint Eastwood achieved icon status as the Police Inspector...
Animal House 12/8/10 72.32%[18.08/25]        Comments
"Animal House" has been what every high schooler has wanted his college life to be like.
Spy Who Loved Me, The: 8/1/10 73.80%[18.45/25]        Comments
After The Man With The Golden Gun flopped, there was unanimous agreement it was too wacky and over-the-top. So what did producers do?
Blazing Saddles 7/28/10 66.80%[20.04/30]        Comments
One of Brooks' funniest films, it satirizes both the Western genre of films and racial prejudices.
Grease 7/14/10 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
Grease introduced America to Olivia Newton-John, continued John Travolta's rise in Hollywood, and spawned numerous musical hits, a sequel, and more recently, a sing-a-long.
Life of Brian, The: 7/8/10 73.00%[21.90/30]        Comments
After a series of adventures and mishaps, young Brian Cohen is proclaimed Messiah. Things do seriously downhill from there.
Apocalypse Now Redux 4/27/10 78.67%[23.60/30]        Comments
In what is still the definitive film about the Vietnam War, Colonel Kurtz has gone poo-flinging bugnuts crazy and it’s up to skinny Captain Willard to eliminate the problem.
Live and Let Die 4/15/10 81.88%[20.47/25]        Comments
Roger Moore made his Bond debut in Live and Let Die, and played a different type of Bond – one with a touch of the upper crust, who was always ready with a smirk.
Godfather, Part II (Second Part), The: 3/10/10 83.08%[20.77/25]        Comments
Michael and Vito are threatened by an older generation of criminals, but only one of them feels satisfied by their eventual triumph.
Godfather, Part II (First Part), The: 3/9/10 78.08%[19.52/25]        Comments
The saga of the Corleone family continues with Michael facing bigger stakes and closer betrayal.
Godfather (Second Part), The: 3/3/10 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
It allowed gangsters to be sympathetic, criminals to be heroes and villains to get away with only emotional consequences.
Godfather (First Part), The: 3/2/10 75.32%[18.83/25]        Comments
Coppola turned a story about an Italian-American family into a story about capitalism and the American dream – and arguably the greatest movie ever.
Diamonds Are Forever 12/17/09 79.72%[19.93/25]        Comments
Sean Connery returns to the role of Bond in Diamonds Are Forever to seduce women, perform outrageous stunts and trade quips with Blofeld.
Rocky Horror Picture Show 5/13/09 65.84%[16.46/25]        Comments
It's the biggest cult movie of all time. It's singularly responsible for the continued prominence of midnight screenings. It's been in one continued theatrical run (more or less) for over 30 years.
Moonraker 3/24/09 74.64%[18.66/25]        Comments
It features no less than two boat chases, laser battles, trips to Venice and Rio, a fight with a snake, the return of Jaws and more!
Sting, The: 9/29/08 79.04%[19.76/25]        Comments
George Roy Hill's Oscar winning The Sting marked the second time the actors worked together. A story of con upon con, the movie delights with its style and its complicated scheme of revenge.
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