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2001: A Space Odyssey 2/28/17 52.68%[13.17/25]        Comments
It's one of the undeniable classics in both science fiction and all of cinema. Its footprint is still evident in films today. And it's a reminder that computers will in fact one day kill us all.
Adjustment Bureau (Version 2), The: 5/15/12 80.80%[20.20/25]        Comments
The Adjustment Bureau is a clever science fiction love story about two people whom fate attempts to keep apart.
Adjustment Bureau, The: 8/4/11 74.88%[18.72/25]        Comments
Do well enough on this quiz, and we won't have to call The Chairman for an authorization for reset. How well do you know The Adjustment Bureau?
Alien 10/3/07 70.60%[14.12/20]        Comments
It's hard to believe it's been nearly thirty years since Alien burst through chests and onto the scene, spawning countless nightmares, sequels, and ripoffs.
Aliens 5/3/05 65.65%[13.13/20]        Comments
Before he wussed out with Titanic, James Cameron made Aliens, which along with his Terminator movies set the benchmark for sci-fi/action films.
Armageddon 11/20/08 77.10%[23.13/30]        Comments
When a ginormous asteroid is coming straight for Earth and there's only 18 days until all life on our planet ends, what do you do?
Avatar 5/26/10 69.36%[17.34/25]        Comments
State of the art 3D visual effects helped propel James Cameron's latest epic blockbuster to beat some punk named James Cameron for the number one film of all time.
Back to the Future 7/3/10 75.57%[22.67/30]        Comments
Christopher Lloyd and Crispin Glover give great comedic performances in the story of a teen inadvertently who rewrites his future when he travels several decades through time.
Back to the Future II 1/9/13 81.50%[24.45/30]        Comments
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson reprise their roles in this successful, entertaining sequel to the 80s hallmark time-travel comedy.
Back To The Future Trilogy 4/2/14 58.84%[18.24/31]        Comments
Get ready to go back to the future, and then back to the past, to get back to the present, which is either the future or the past, depending on where you went back to. Got it?
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 12/2/10 59.48%[14.87/25]        Comments
Giving us such catch phrases as "Be excellent to each other", "Bogus!" and "Party on, dude!", Bill and Ted's was a comedy classic from whichever decade it was released in.
Blade Runner 10/13/09 78.30%[15.66/20]        Comments
Blade Runner is a cult classic with a devoted fan base. Test your Replicant IQ with this quiz on Deckard and his buddies.
Book of Eli, The: 10/6/10 73.52%[18.38/25]        Comments
Denzel Washington starred as Eli, a journeyman carrying a much sought-after book, as well as a secret or two.
Children of Men 10/15/08 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
The movie earned high placement in several of the categories in our sister site awards, and garnered top three positioning for Best Picture of the year. We weren't the only ones mesmerized by its genius, either.
Chronicle 7/19/12 85.26%[23.02/27]        Comments
Three teens gain superhuman abilities in Chronicle. Will one of them go mad with his new power and launch a campaign of death and terror? Perhaps!
Cloverfield 10/8/08 79.00%[19.75/25]        Comments
You didn't just watch this movie. You experienced it in a tangible way. Cloverfield broke the fourth wall and made the viewer feel like an integral part of the crisis.
Congo 9/24/13 80.90%[16.18/20]        Comments
Michael Crichton's jungle-set sci-fi book was a surprise hit back in 1995, bringing in more than $150 million at the box office.
Cowboys and Aliens 1/10/12 61.80%[15.45/25]        Comments
With Iron Man’s Jon Favreau directing the current James Bond and the one-and-only Indiana Jones, the film plays it straight forward and avoids campiness.
Deep Blue Sea 6/22/10 76.36%[19.09/25]        Comments
It's the story of an aquatic laboratory research team and the sharks that terrorize them. You may have creative theories on the best way to electrocute a shark...
District 9 8/14/10 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
A rather hapless bureaucrat named Wikus van de Merwe works as a liaison to the species when things go.....wrong.
Divergent 8/28/14 84.33%[25.30/30]        Comments
Looking to follow the same path as the ultra-successful Hunger Games films, Divergent brings us a tale of a female struggling to break through in an oppressive, rigidly-structured society. Sound familiar?
Doctor Who, Season 1 8/21/10 69.60%[17.40/25]        Comments
Bold, fun and energetic, the first season of New Who regenerated the venerable franchise, and it felt like it had never been away.
Doctor Who, Season 5 8/14/10 76.96%[19.24/25]        Comments
Matt Smith made a huge splash as a new, jittery and professorial Doctor, Karen Gillan gave fanboys everywhere a new beauty to moon over, and new showrunner Steven Moffat steered the show through a series that ranks as one revived series' best.
Doctor Who, Season 6, Part 1 6/14/11 79.10%[16.61/21]        Comments
Doctor Who returned for a fun half-season of memory-wiping aliens, mysterious pregnancies, and creepy flesh monsters.
Doctor Who: Blink 10/31/10 81.11%[14.60/18]        Comments
This program had a good bit of fun with time travel while introducing a set of frighteningly freaky evil beings.
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