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Heat 7/26/06 80.73%[24.22/30]        Comments
Featuring great performances, including those of two Oscar winners, and one of the signature cinematic action sequences, Heat grabs you by the throat in its first scenes and holds you.
Home Alone 12/22/09 67.05%[13.41/20]        Comments
Home Alone gave us the iconic image of Macaulay Culkin holding his hands to his face and screaming bloody murder.
Home for the Holidays 11/27/10 69.81%[18.15/26]        Comments
You may know opinions are like...well, you know what.... but how well do you know Home for the Holidays?
Honeymoon in Vegas 9/7/10 71.80%[14.36/20]        Comments
On her deathbed, Jack Singer's (Nicolas Cage) mother makes him promise he will never get married - and dies immediately after he refuses to agree to her last request.
House Party 5/15/11 70.96%[17.74/25]        Comments
Kid and Play were one of the coolest duos in the 90's. Their comedy House Party was filled with great music and fantastic dance moves.
Hudson Hawk 3/26/13 71.00%[21.30/30]        Comments
It's probably the Razzie winner for Worst Movie that has the biggest and most sustained cult following. Test your knowledge on this Bruce Willis underground classic.
Hunt for Red October, The: 2/4/09 79.30%[15.86/20]        Comments
Jack Ryan, was introduced to the screen in The Hunt for Red October, in which he has to convince everyone that a Soviet submarine captain is trying to defect to America.
I Know What You Did Last Summer 10/19/10 78.82%[17.34/22]        Comments
In I Know What You Did Last Summer, a group of foolish teens takes a drunken escapade that leads to their car crashing into a dude.
In the Line of Fire 2/18/08 84.44%[21.11/25]        Comments
Wolfgang Petersen delivers some great cat-and-mouse in this taut 1993 thriller. You may know things about pigeons, but how well do you know In the Line of Fire?
Indecent Proposal 9/6/16 71.45%[14.29/20]        Comments
A film about a semi-sordid love triangle stirred debate among movie-goers in early 1993. How well do you remember Indecent Proposal?
Independence Day 7/4/07 79.88%[19.97/25]        Comments
Should Earth be invaded, mankind - the drunken, the nerdy, the politically impotent and Harry Connick, Jr. - will band together to tan the hides of any invading cosmic bastards.
Inside Man 7/27/11 78.64%[19.66/25]        Comments
Denzel Washington and Clive Owen star as a police detective and a criminal mastermind. What begins as an apparent bank heist turns into....something more complicated.
Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles 10/27/05 68.55%[13.71/20]        Comments
Long before impregnating Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise was simply an actor; one of those guys who just guaranteed a movie was going to get a lot of attention regardless of its subject matter.
Iron Giant, The: 5/16/05 61.70%[12.34/20]        Comments
Our love of The Iron Giant has grown to legendary proportions by now. Before the world was introduced to Brad Bird's genius in The Incredibles, we were already celebrating his earlier success.
It Could Happen to You 9/29/15 78.15%[15.63/20]        Comments
Police officer Charlie and waitress Yvonne become friends - and possibly more - after a promise and a winning lottery ticket results in a $2,000,000 tip.
Jackie Brown 6/28/12 77.16%[19.29/25]        Comments
Pam Grier brings her Foxy Brown persona back, this time as Jackie Brown.
James and the Giant Peach 11/10/16 54.00%[10.80/20]        Comments
Roald Dahl's grippingly imaginative book comes to the big screen in a terrifically animated film. Enjoy this quiz on James and the Giant Peach.
Jerry Maguire 2/10/11 64.92%[16.23/25]        Comments
A sports agent with a guilty conscience writes a mission statement that forever changes his life.
Joe Vs The Volcano 10/2/10 82.48%[20.62/25]        Comments
Meet Joe, the saddest downtrodden man you'll ever meet. He hates his boss, hates his job and really hates his life. All that is about to change when Joe hears he's going to die.
Jumanji 12/11/10 66.80%[16.70/25]        Comments
Lions, monkeys and elephants... and that's not the half of it. Deadly plants, quick sand and monsoons...Jumanji is certainly no Candyland.
Jurassic Park 9/30/10 75.50%[22.65/30]        Comments
Spielberg's adaptation of the Michael Crichton cautionary tale thrilled audiences with realistic-looking dinosaurs rampaging across the screen.
L.A. Confidential 5/16/05 76.33%[11.45/15]        Comments
We still remember L.A. Confidential as one of the better films of the 1990s, launching the careers of Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe.
L.A. Story 6/23/05 80.45%[16.09/20]        Comments
Steve Martin's last great comedy (apologies to Bowfinger), L.A. story makes us forget all of the claptrap he's put out for the last decade.
Last Boy Scout, The: 3/14/07 80.73%[12.11/15]        Comments
After the release of Die Hard, Willis attempted to leverage his success as a combination of everyman and badass into the type of roles audiences wouldn't accept until Jack Bauer's era.
League Of Their Own, A 11/9/10 79.24%[19.81/25]        Comments
Based on a true story, when the boys go off to fight in the war, the girls stay home and play ball.
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