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Princess Mononoke 5/8/18 61.20%[15.30/25]        Comments
Ghibli. With wolves.
Liar Liar 3/28/18 57.08%[14.27/25]        Comments
The end of the peak of Jim Carrey's career came in this uproarious late 90s comedy
Mask, The: 8/1/17 56.28%[14.07/25]        Comments
Jim Carrey barely harnesses his manic energy, and Cameron Diaz makes her first big-screen splash in a cinematic version of the comic book title The Mask.
Mulan 6/6/17 73.24%[18.31/25]        Comments
Mulan brings to the screen an adaptation of an ancient Chinese story.
Schindler's List 1/24/17 46.00%[13.80/30]        Comments
It's Spielberg's striking portrait of a factory owner caught up in the atrocities of the Holocaust.
James and the Giant Peach 11/10/16 44.40%[8.88/20]        Comments
Roald Dahl's grippingly imaginative book comes to the big screen in a terrifically animated film. Enjoy this quiz on James and the Giant Peach.
Bulworth 11/1/16 50.75%[8.12/16]        Comments
At the time, it seemed a portrait of politics going far off the rails. Today, it seems rather tame.
Indecent Proposal 9/6/16 74.50%[14.90/20]        Comments
A film about a semi-sordid love triangle stirred debate among movie-goers in early 1993. How well do you remember Indecent Proposal?
Ed Wood 8/18/16 58.24%[14.56/25]        Comments
A rather unlikely biopic, Burton and Depp nevertheless began their collaboration with 1994's Ed Wood.
Sleeping with the Enemy 4/12/16 84.55%[16.91/20]        Comments
Julia Roberts stars in the early '90s slasher-that-pretends-it-isn't-really-a-slasher
Full Monty, The: 3/8/16 73.92%[18.48/25]        Comments
Before there was a Magic Mike, there was The Full Monty. Six unemployed friends are in need of some serious cash. They decide to put on a strip tease, daring to go all-the-way bare.
Dangerous Minds 3/2/16 78.95%[15.79/20]        Comments
We *dare* you to take this quiz without hearing Coolio in your head!
Enemy of the State 2/24/16 76.30%[22.89/30]        Comments
In the 80s, Rockwell sang he always felt like someone was watching him. In the late 90s, Tony Scott and Will Smith showed this to be true.
True Lies 2/18/16 76.03%[22.81/30]        Comments
If you know that a wet suit will perfectly cover your tuxedo and that Persian antiquities are the perfect cover for nuclear devices, then you will have no problem with our True Lies quiz.
Runaway Bride 2/11/16 77.70%[15.54/20]        Comments
A reporter finds himself in an unusual predicament when he falls for the subject of his story - a woman who can commit only until it's time to say "I do".
Sleepless in Seattle 2/9/16 73.25%[14.65/20]        Comments
A young boy tries to find his widowed father a new wife after making his father's story known across the country. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in this critical and commercial hit.
Coneheads, The: 1/13/16 82.25%[16.45/20]        Comments
More successful that It's Pat, less successful than Wayne's World, The Coneheads marked another attempt to bring a Saturday Night Live sketch to the big screen.
It Could Happen to You 9/29/15 78.00%[15.60/20]        Comments
Police officer Charlie and waitress Yvonne become friends - and possibly more - after a promise and a winning lottery ticket results in a $2,000,000 tip.
Life 9/8/15 85.68%[21.42/25]        Comments
Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy star in this dark-ish comedy about two men trying to find the positive in a series of overwhelmingly brutal turns of events.
Leap of Faith 8/18/15 72.10%[14.42/20]        Comments
Steve Martin stars in the early 90's drama about a traveling, scamming faith healer who gets more than he bargains for in a small Kansas town.
Bodyguard, The: 6/30/15 72.70%[14.54/20]        Comments
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston teamed up for 1992's The Bodyguard. Perhaps you have heard of it.
Cutting Edge, The: 2/10/15 78.40%[19.60/25]        Comments
If you're a sucker for early 90's sorta-sports/rom-com movies, The Cutting Edge is for you!
What Dreams May Come 1/29/15 59.80%[14.95/25]        Comments
Given his ultimate fate, Robin Williams' What Dreams May Come is particularly haunting. Here's a quiz on this meditation on the afterlife.
EdTV 1/21/15 82.04%[20.51/25]        Comments
A regular joe is thrust into national stardom when he agrees to allow a TV network total access to his life in this bitingly funny late 90s comedy. Here's your EdTV trivia quiz.
Virtuosity 1/15/15 79.75%[15.95/20]        Comments
It's Denzel vs Russell, Washington vs Crowe in this sci-fi thriller from the 1990s.
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