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Almost Famous 7/29/09 72.44%[18.11/25]        Comments
It was in the fall of 2000 that Cameron Crowe platformed the release of his near autobiographical account of growing up a music journalist in the mid-seventies.
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 41.67%[10.00/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
Anchors Aweigh 9/27/16 42.84%[10.71/25]        Comments
It's the all-singing, all-dancing classic from the 40s starring Kelly and Sinatra. How well do you know Anchors Aweigh?
Annie 9/27/12 77.70%[15.54/20]        Comments
1982's Annie brought the beloved (don't pretend that it isn't, Mr. Grumpy) stage musical to the screen, starring Albert Finney, Carol Burnette, a cute kid and directed by John Huston (?!??)
Bandslam 1/12/16 81.90%[24.57/30]        Comments
Featuring some of the great performance piece in music films of late, Bandslam is an infectiously charming high school film.
Beauty and the Beast (2017) 5/2/17 74.12%[18.53/25]        Comments
The live action version of Disney's 25+ year old animated classic introduces a new generation to Belle, Beast and the enchanted castle.
Begin Again 7/7/15 74.52%[18.63/25]        Comments
Dan and Gretta, both down on their luck, find their lives changing after they collaborate on recording an album.
Blues Brothers, Part I, The: 5/11/10 77.92%[19.48/25]        Comments
After you finish eating your four whole fried chickens and a coke, why not see how well you know The Blues Brothers?
Blues Brothers, Part II, The: 5/12/10 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
The Blues Brothers was a rowdy ride filled with great music and abundant automotive carnage.
Chicago 3/10/12 68.44%[17.11/25]        Comments
Who says that murder is not art? This quiz is sure to razzle-dazzle you, even if you are made of cellophane.
Descendants 2 6/20/18 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
The follow-up to Disney Channel's smash film finds Mal and her friends running up against the offspring of one of Disney's great villains.
Dirty Dancing 3/19/09 75.80%[18.95/25]        Comments
Dirty Dancing cemented Patrick Swayze's status as a movie star, and positioned Jennifer Grey for a level of fame that only ill-advised rhinoplasty could deny.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Easier) 2/16/10 92.50%[18.50/20]        Comments
Here's an easier set of questions on Whedon's filling-the-hours project, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Harder) 2/21/10 83.76%[20.94/25]        Comments
With the entertainment industry paralyzed by the writers' strike a few years ago, Joss Whedon created a three-part web series to fill the idle hours.
Empire Records 9/24/08 85.12%[21.28/25]        Comments
The employees of an independent record store deal with love, suicide, shoplifters, theft and a washed-up rock star.
Footloose 10/13/11 76.32%[19.08/25]        Comments
Ren moves from (question 25) to small town (question 1) where he finds that (question 5) has been banned.
Footloose 10/11/11 79.36%[19.84/25]        Comments
Footloose launched the career of Kevin Bacon, who has spent the past two decades trying (unsuccessfully) to get the world to forget about it.
Glee Cast Member Trivia 2/2/11 57.50%[11.50/20]        Comments
Glee has built up a dynamic cast, pulling together young up-and-comers and established veterans. Do you think you know all about the people behind the characters?
Glee, Season 1 6/9/10 79.15%[15.83/20]        Comments
Sure, the show had its share of silly story lines (*fakepregnancycough*), but it had more than enough moments both touching and funny.
Glee, Season 1 - Musical Numbers by Episode 8/18/10 76.00%[15.20/20]        Comments
The hallmark of Glee, the Fox surprise hit of 2009-10, was its musical numbers. The goal of this quiz will be able to identify episodes by the songs performed therein
Glee, Season 2 Part 1 12/8/10 73.40%[18.35/25]        Comments
From Rocky Horror to Britney Spears, the show continued to visit all corners of the pop culture map.
Glee, Season 2 Part 2 5/24/11 81.93%[24.58/30]        Comments
The second half of Glee's second season followed New Directions' lumbering journey through Regionals and toward Nationals.
Glee, Season 4 Recap Part 2 5/10/13 71.13%[17.07/24]        Comments
A school shooting, a school firing, New York fortunes and a marriage proposal all impact the lives of current and former members of New Directions in Season 4 of Glee.
Glee: Music from Season 2 8/23/11 68.40%[17.10/25]        Comments
You may know the importance of arriving at Nationals with a set list firmly in hand and well rehearsed, but how well do you know Glee: Music from Season 2?
Glee: Music from Season 3 9/12/12 76.04%[19.01/25]        Comments
Glee's third season brought a new wave a music from the throats of New Directions and other parties. See how well you know the songs and tunes from Glee Season 3.
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