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2005: The Year in Movies 1/11/06 54.60%[13.65/25]        Comments
It was a year of Ice Princesses, Traveling Pants and Constant Gardening; of 2046, 5x2 and 9 Songs.
2006: The Year in Pop Culture 1/10/07 51.83%[15.55/30]        Comments
Celebrity babies were born, hearts were broken, and underwear was all too often treated as optional.
2006-07 Television Season 5/28/07 49.40%[12.35/25]        Comments
We are left to sift through the wreckage of Daybreak, while Heroes and Ugly Betty remain standing triumphant. How well do you know the 2006-07 television season?
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The: 7/17/06 66.28%[16.57/25]        Comments
You call yourself a fan of the lost, lamented series, but How Well Do You Know The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.?
Apollo 13 11/9/06 60.75%[12.15/20]        Comments
The dramatic retelling of the Apollo 13 space mission is one of the finest movies of the 1990s.
Bourne Identity, The: 7/6/05 58.20%[14.55/25]        Comments
The Bourne Identity is one of the most popular films of the 2000s. It's also one of the top-selling DVDs of all-time.
Box Office Trivia 12/21/08 39.04%[9.76/25]        Comments
It became one of our most popular quizzes ever, and the original is still taken years after its publication. See how well you know this very first set of box office trivia.
Box Office Trivia II 3/4/09 48.76%[12.19/25]        Comments
It's about time you step up to the plate and show that you have been paying attention. All questions are based upon North American box office unless stipulated otherwise and we are not factoring in box office inflation.
Box Office Trivia III 5/28/09 49.68%[12.42/25]        Comments
Box office has been the inspiration for the most popular quizzes we've ever run. Here's edition number three for your enjoyment.
Chinatown 5/3/07 54.30%[10.86/20]        Comments
Today Chinatown is rightly lauded as a masterpiece of American cinema. The modern film noir is a fond ode to classic noir films such as The Maltese Falcon and features some terrific acting.
Flash Gordon 8/8/07 53.96%[13.49/25]        Comments
It's the ultimate guilty pleasure that you don't have to feel guilty about watching again and again.
Halloween 10/19/05 58.70%[11.74/20]        Comments
From the creepy theme music, to the stunning closing shots, this scares even die-hard horror fans.
High Fidelity 5/18/05 52.30%[10.46/20]        Comments
With some hilarious scenes in the record shop, and an abundance of outrageous top 5 lists, even those who aren't music lovers should appreciate this great film.
Movie Vanity Plates 4/29/10 59.80%[11.96/20]        Comments
You'll see a series of vanity license plates, each of which has initials of a well-known movie. Deciphering the film title, you have to select which of the four names listed starred in the movie.
People Working Together 11/17/08 41.20%[8.24/20]        Comments
We'll give you two actors, you have to pick the film in which they both appeared.
People Working Together 4 7/7/10 59.65%[11.93/20]        Comments
You may know your Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire from your Myrna Loy and William Powell, but how well do you know People Working Together, Part 4?
Pretty in Pink 11/14/07 58.64%[14.66/25]        Comments
Think you're over missing your own Prom? Think again. Here we bring you a quiz that makes the pain of being dumped of being dumped on Prom night. Poor Molly Ringwald.
Rear Window 6/9/05 62.93%[9.44/15]        Comments
Hitchcock at his very best, Rear Window stars Jimmy Stewart, a wheelchair-bound man who thinks he has witnessed a murderthrough his apartment window.
Simpsons, Season 2, The: 1/25/06 49.23%[10.83/22]        Comments
Dancin' Homer, General Sherman, the Truckosaurus, and plenty of other outrageous and drunken moments, the Simpsons are always there to make us laugh.
Simpsons, Season 3, The: 6/14/06 51.00%[12.24/24]        Comments
Timmy O'Toole, the Leftorium, the return of Sideshow Bob, and plenty of other outrageous and drunken moments, the Simpsons are always there to make us laugh.
Simpsons, Season 5, The: 7/25/07 60.18%[13.24/22]        Comments
The Simpsons Movie is upon us. In celebration of this momentous occasion, we take a look back at the classic era of The Simpsons with season 5, which brought us things like the Be Sharps, The Thompsons and more!
Sleepy Hollow 10/17/07 54.92%[13.73/25]        Comments
Helping us to celebrate Halloween with just the right amount of history and gore, the only flaw we can find with the film is its title. Sleepy Hollow?
Sneakers 3/28/07 61.24%[15.31/25]        Comments
The ensemble features actors Redford, Kingsley, Poitier, and Strathairn. It's all about the, How Well Do You Know "Sneakers"?
Some Kind of Wonderful 4/4/07 59.45%[11.89/20]        Comments
Some Kind of Wonderful is not just another formulaic 1980's teen movie -- it added heart and chemistry to its formula.
Stand By Me 7/18/07 62.72%[15.68/25]        Comments
Do you deserve a leech on your junk or a group of friend's who won't make fun of you for passing out when you find it? Test your Stand by Me IQ.
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