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2005: The Year in Movies 1/11/06 54.60%[13.65/25]        Comments
It was a year of Ice Princesses, Traveling Pants and Constant Gardening; of 2046, 5x2 and 9 Songs.
2006: The Year in Movies 1/17/07 64.07%[19.22/30]        Comments
Once again, mutants left their mark while penguins stole the show. Ugandan dictators and Eastern European journalists were in vogue.
2006: The Year in Pop Culture 1/10/07 51.83%[15.55/30]        Comments
Celebrity babies were born, hearts were broken, and underwear was all too often treated as optional.
2006-07 Television Season 5/28/07 49.40%[12.35/25]        Comments
We are left to sift through the wreckage of Daybreak, while Heroes and Ugly Betty remain standing triumphant. How well do you know the 2006-07 television season?
2007: The Year in Movies 1/16/08 65.17%[19.55/30]        Comments
Chipmunks proved mightier than an Underdog. Fierce People met the Coward Robert Ford, while The Comebacks went Gone Baby Gone.
2007: The Year in Pop Culture 1/9/08 48.50%[14.55/30]        Comments
The world of popular culture continued to spiral dangerously out of control. Still, it was all vastly entertaining.
2008 Academy Awards, The: 2/25/08 71.90%[21.57/30]        Comments
The evening featured the inspired (bringing Marketa Irglova back for her speech) and the insipid (Cameron Diaz ditzily stumbling over "cinematography").
2008: The Year in Film Part I 1/7/09 64.72%[16.18/25]        Comments
The Year in Film quizzes are always among the most popular that we run. We draw from box office, awards, records, themes and other areas of cinema.
2008: The Year in Film Part II 1/9/09 68.28%[17.07/25]        Comments
If you know your House Bunny from your Beverly Hills Chihuahua, your Rambo from your Son of Rambow, you should be ready to prove how well you know 2008: The Year in Film.
2008: The Year in Pop Culture II 1/8/09 61.04%[15.26/25]        Comments
Celebs, gaming, books, comics, stupid baby names....all are fair game. The past year in popular culture did its best to pummel you senseless.
2008: The Year in Pop Culture Part I 1/6/09 58.60%[14.65/25]        Comments
Here's your chance for payback. How well do you know: 2008: The Year in Pop Culture?
2009 : The Year in Movies Part I 1/5/10 66.40%[19.92/30]        Comments
We Imagine That your were probably quite Taken with the world of films during the last year....provided that, at the very least, you Saw VI. Ready? Away We Go!
2009 : The Year in Movies Part II 1/7/10 69.07%[20.72/30]        Comments
9 and Nine, The Uninvited and The Unborn, Brothers and Motherhood: here's a review on the past year in film, presented in a pleasing quiz format.
2009: The Year in Music 1/9/10 46.76%[11.69/25]        Comments
From Kanye's "I'ma let you finish" to the summer death of the King of Pop, 2009 was a wild year in the industry.
2009: The Year in Pop Culture 1/6/10 53.10%[15.93/30]        Comments
Disgraced pageant winners, verbal beatdowns, unusual body art and celebrity pets all went into the pop culture stew.
Academy Awards 2/20/07 64.96%[16.24/25]        Comments
Do you have Oscar Fever! Me too! Unless it has something to do with that tick that bit me last week.....no, I'm pretty sure it's Oscar Fever!
Academy Awards II 2/20/08 62.80%[15.70/25]        Comments
With Hollywood's biggest night just around the corner, we thought you'd like to once again test your mettle on Oscars trivia, past and present.
Academy Awards III 2/18/09 62.83%[18.85/30]        Comments
From nominees to winners, from foreign language films to animated features, from record holders to Oscar trends, everything is fair game in this quiz.
Actors and Their Roles 3/24/08 74.20%[18.55/25]        Comments
We'll give you four first names of characters, you tell us the actor/actress who played those roles. What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic.
Actors and Their Roles II 10/7/09 66.96%[16.74/25]        Comments
What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic. Many times the character names are title roles.
Actresses and Their Roles 4/8/09 62.28%[15.57/25]        Comments
You know their faces, you know their names. Do you know their roles? We'll give you the names of four roles played by famous film actresses.
Actresses and Their Roles II 4/21/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
We'll give you the names of four roles played by famous film actresses. Can you match the actress with the women they played?
America in the Movies 7/1/10 62.24%[15.56/25]        Comments
For this quiz, we'll consider cinematic representations of the U. S. of A. - history, places, famous citizens, freedom fighter squads populated by puppets.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes 4/16/09 68.45%[13.69/20]        Comments
As a tribute to Arnie, I made this quiz containing lines from almost every movie he was in.
Baseball (in the) Movies 4/2/09 70.80%[17.70/25]        Comments
Even when the film isn't chiefly about the game, baseball can provide a classic frame of reference for a movie.
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