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Actresses and Their Roles II 4/21/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
We'll give you the names of four roles played by famous film actresses. Can you match the actress with the women they played?
Pixelated Movie Scenes 3/24/10 65.76%[16.44/25]        Comments
We've collected 25 famous screencaps from well-known movies, and blown up the pixels in each. We did this with our last movie poster quiz, and it was greeted with joy and fanfare.
John and/or Joan Cusack Movies 3/18/10 61.16%[15.29/25]        Comments
Portraying characters that are both down-to-earth and just slightly offbeat, John and Joan appear alongside each other frequently.
Who Died? Part IV 2/24/10 57.36%[14.34/25]        Comments
The rules here are simple. We are going to discuss 25 movies. You will be given a list of names. Pick out which character died during the film.
Presidents in the Movies 2/14/10 53.76%[13.44/25]        Comments
They're heroes, they're villains. They lead us to victory, they mortgage the soul of the country, they sit idly by while history is made around them.
Movie Quotes V 1/27/10 60.12%[15.03/25]        Comments
Who's up for another movie quotes quiz? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
Memorable Movie Character Names II 1/13/10 64.44%[16.11/25]        Comments
Often, just being given the name of a single character will be enough to identify a movie. Other times, a the name of a movie character's name will ring a bell./
2009: The Year in Music 1/9/10 46.76%[11.69/25]        Comments
From Kanye's "I'ma let you finish" to the summer death of the King of Pop, 2009 was a wild year in the industry.
2009 : The Year in Movies Part II 1/7/10 69.07%[20.72/30]        Comments
9 and Nine, The Uninvited and The Unborn, Brothers and Motherhood: here's a review on the past year in film, presented in a pleasing quiz format.
2009: The Year in Pop Culture 1/6/10 53.10%[15.93/30]        Comments
Disgraced pageant winners, verbal beatdowns, unusual body art and celebrity pets all went into the pop culture stew.
2009 : The Year in Movies Part I 1/5/10 66.40%[19.92/30]        Comments
We Imagine That your were probably quite Taken with the world of films during the last year....provided that, at the very least, you Saw VI. Ready? Away We Go!
Rocky Movie Quotes 11/19/09 65.16%[16.29/25]        Comments
The Rocky films hold a number of quotable lines. Some are instantly recognizable, some are more difficult to place.
Movie Taglines III 11/18/09 51.88%[12.97/25]        Comments
More movie taglines. Test your knowledge on them before forgetting them completely.
Unusual Movie Titles 10/14/09 61.36%[15.34/25]        Comments
Movies have been the most circuitously absurd titles. Just trying to recall the exact one has become excruciatingly difficult, and we're here to prove that point.
Actors and Their Roles II 10/7/09 66.96%[16.74/25]        Comments
What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic. Many times the character names are title roles.
Sports Movie Coaches 9/30/09 63.16%[15.79/25]        Comments
We'll test your knowledge of these larger-than-life characters. Given the name of the coach, can you name the film he was in?
Studio & Distributor Logos II 9/23/09 74.45%[14.89/20]        Comments
Our initial Studio & Distributor Logos quiz surprised us by becoming one of our most popular ever. Finally kowtowing to public demand, we now unveil a second edition of the quiz
Luke and/or Owen Wilson Movies 9/15/09 60.16%[15.04/25]        Comments
Brothers Luke and Owen first appeared on the scene in the mid-1990s, and they've been carving out their own individual career paths ever since.
Box Office Trivia: Summer 2009 9/8/09 59.04%[14.76/25]        Comments
It's about time you step up to the plate and show that you have been paying attention. The focus this time is the Summer of 2009.
Movie Posters VII 9/2/09 78.12%[19.53/25]        Comments
For our seventh edition, we decided to try a different approach. We've taken (fairly) well-known movie posters and blown their pixels way up.
Memorable Movie Character Names 7/22/09 59.80%[14.95/25]        Comments
Often, just being given the name of a single character will be enough to identify a movie. Other times, a the name of a movie character's name will ring a bell, but you'll have a hard time putting your finger on the exact source.
Movie Taglines II 7/8/09 56.84%[14.21/25]        Comments
Win friends and impress your enemies with your knowledge of movie taglines.
Bill Paxton and/or Pullman Movies 6/4/09 59.92%[14.98/25]        Comments
Two hard-working, accomplished actors who can both inhabit a variety of roles...and who are mistaken for one another with unfortunate regularly. We'll run down a list of films for you.
Basketball (in the) Movies 6/2/09 63.16%[15.79/25]        Comments
Hoosiers. White Men Can't Jump. Juwanna Mann. Basketball has provided the backdrop for some of the most memorable movie-watching experiences we've enjoyed.
Box Office Trivia III 5/28/09 49.68%[12.42/25]        Comments
Box office has been the inspiration for the most popular quizzes we've ever run. Here's edition number three for your enjoyment.
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