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Robert Downey, Jr. Movie Roles 12/15/11 62.13%[9.32/15]        Comments
Starting out as a supporting comedic player, he then made Oscar-nominated splash as a screen legend.
Secret Identities: Superheroes in Film 7/19/11 76.64%[19.16/25]        Comments
Behind every mask, cape or uniform, is a person that's the real character of a superhero.
Spelling Bee 3: Celebrities 7/14/11 69.55%[13.91/20]        Comments
Test your spelling of some tricky celebrity names....and no, we're not talking about Will Smith.
Mothers in the Movies II 5/5/11 66.32%[14.59/22]        Comments
Whether good or bad, mothers have played a prominent role in many movies. How well do you know them?
Spelling Bee 2: Celebrities 3/9/11 56.80%[11.36/20]        Comments
You see their names all the time - on theater marquees, in magazines, at the beginning of that illegally downloaded movie you're watching right now.
Movie Franchise Screenshots II 2/16/11 57.90%[11.58/20]        Comments
You'll see screencaps from a film representing a well-known film franchise. You'll have to identify which specific film the shot is from.
Glee Cast Member Trivia 2/2/11 57.50%[11.50/20]        Comments
Glee has built up a dynamic cast, pulling together young up-and-comers and established veterans. Do you think you know all about the people behind the characters?
Celebrity Eyes 2 2/1/11 65.60%[13.12/20]        Comments
How well do you know celebrity eyes? Most celebrities have distinctive faces, but can you ID the star just by their eyes?
WTS? What the Smudge? Part 2 1/20/11 64.84%[16.21/25]        Comments
Time for more smudge-y goodness all over recognizable (we hope) films. So, take a step back.
Movie Franchise Screenshots 11/18/10 63.30%[12.66/20]        Comments
This may be a lot harder than you think at first. Or maybe a lot easier. We'll have to see. How well do you know Movie Franchise Screenshots?
Movie Vanity Plates 2 11/3/10 63.95%[12.79/20]        Comments
Deciphering the film title, you have to select which of the four names listed starred in the movie.
Movie Posters by Director 9/2/10 68.20%[17.05/25]        Comments
For this quiz, we're combining two of our most popular quiz series - Movie Posters and That's Not My Movie (Directors).
Labor Day: Working in the Movies 9/1/10 56.84%[14.21/25]        Comments
In honor of Labor Day, let's see how well you know Working in the Movies. We'll look at jobs held by movie characters, and test your knowledge of them.
Movie Taglines IV 8/26/10 55.40%[13.85/25]        Comments
Clever marketers still do a great job of summarizing the premise of a film in a laconic phrase or two. Unless you paid close attention to the posters, you probably haven't seen most of these before.
Classic Film Stars 8/25/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
They have fascinated our parents and grandparents as much as they have beguiled us, and they will continue to entice our children and children's children for as long as movies exist
TV Shows by Characters III 8/18/10 68.16%[17.04/25]        Comments
Where would TV shows be without the memorable characters you enjoy every week? We'll give you the names of four characters from a particular series.
Celebrity Eyes 7/29/10 71.10%[14.22/20]        Comments
The eyes have it. Especially celebrity eyes. See how you rate at figuring out which celeb's eyes these are.
People Working Together 4 7/7/10 59.65%[11.93/20]        Comments
You may know your Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire from your Myrna Loy and William Powell, but how well do you know People Working Together, Part 4?
America in the Movies 7/1/10 62.24%[15.56/25]        Comments
For this quiz, we'll consider cinematic representations of the U. S. of A. - history, places, famous citizens, freedom fighter squads populated by puppets.
Fathers in the Movies 6/15/10 43.20%[10.80/25]        Comments
Some would risk death if it kept their children safe. Others were only involved in the conception, and that's about the extent of it.
Who Wrote the Book? 6/10/10 64.72%[16.18/25]        Comments
The Wizard of Oz. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Gone With the Wind. What do all these movies have in common? They're all adapted from books.
Release Dates for Similarly Named Movies 6/2/10 69.55%[13.91/20]        Comments
Many movies have similar sounding titles. Your job is to find the movie that was released in the most recent year.
Studio & Distributor Logos III 5/12/10 79.65%[15.93/20]        Comments
Here's our third and final quiz about the logos you see flashing across the screen at the beginning of every film.
Mothers in the Movies 5/5/10 52.16%[13.04/25]        Comments
Some movie mothers deserve a halo. Others deserve an appointment with Child Protection Services and are the reason therapists stay in business.
Movie Vanity Plates 4/29/10 59.80%[11.96/20]        Comments
You'll see a series of vanity license plates, each of which has initials of a well-known movie. Deciphering the film title, you have to select which of the four names listed starred in the movie.
Showing results 1 - 25 of 101
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