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Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E01: Pilot 1/20/15 79.45%[15.89/20]        Comments
In January 2015, Marvel yet again extended its pop culture influence by debuting a mini-series surrounding yet another figure from its deep, deep catalog.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E02: Bridge and Tunnel 1/20/15 91.05%[18.21/20]        Comments
Peggy has no home for the moment, but there's a plethora of nitromem. So, everything balances out (sorta)....Here's a quiz on Agent Carter's second episode!
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E03: Time and Tide 1/28/15 83.35%[16.67/20]        Comments
Answers are found, secrets are revealed and the SSR team suffers a loss. Stay vigilant.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E04: The Blitzkrieg Button 2/4/15 85.00%[17.00/20]        Comments
Trust is violated, clues are found, and true natures are revealed.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E05: The Iron Ceiling 2/18/15 81.90%[16.38/20]        Comments
Old friends help out, secrets are shared, secrets are discovered, and Dottie gets creepier.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E06: A Sin to Err 3/4/15 82.80%[16.56/20]        Comments
Agent Carter is on the run from the SSR and Dottie the crazy assassin. Leviathan has a man inside the SSR.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E07: Snafu 3/11/15 81.55%[16.31/20]        Comments
Leviathan makes its move, Carter comes clean and Chief Dooley makes a fateful decision.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E08: Valediction 3/18/15 82.04%[18.87/23]        Comments
Stark is back. Leviathan is on the attack. Time is of the essence. Will Carter and the SSR be able to save the day?
Showing results 1 - 8 of 8

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