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(500) Days of Summer 5/8/10 75.56%[18.89/25]        Comments
Tom Hansen believes he will not be truly happy until he finds 'the one'. He thinks he's found just this in recent L.A. transplant Summer Finn.
Baghead 8/15/09 74.67%[11.20/15]        Comments
Jay and Mark Duplass followed up The Puffy Chair with Baghead, a thriller-comedy (thromedy?) about a group of four friends who spend the weekend in a cabin to craft an idea for a movie.
Broken Flowers 12/2/08 63.30%[12.66/20]        Comments
Broken Flowers, released in 2005 and from writer-director Jim Jarmusch, was the final movie in Murray's mini Renaissance.
Dan in Real Life 10/11/09 87.24%[21.81/25]        Comments
A vacation with his family and a sudden, complicated romance might just push him over the edge in this indie charmer.
Igby Goes Down 1/15/11 67.65%[13.53/20]        Comments
He's got everything he could ever want, including a cut-throat older brother, a passive-aggressive mother, and a godfather who wants only the best for him.
Little Miss Sunshine 5/11/11 79.04%[19.76/25]        Comments
A story of an extremely dysfunctional family's desperate journey to a child beauty pageant, the film combined dark humor with surprising sweetness.
O Brother Where Art Thou? 6/16/11 73.24%[18.31/25]        Comments
Like Cora, you're probably just lookin' for answers. You may know to never trust a Hogwallop...
Rushmore 3/17/11 71.35%[14.27/20]        Comments
Wes Anderson is a genius director. There is no denying this, even if one isn't always quite prepared for his off brand sense of wry humor.
Squid and the Whale, The: 12/11/08 67.28%[16.82/25]        Comments
A critical darling, Noah Baumbach's 2005 drama The Squid and the Whale tells his semi-autobiographical story of growing up with divorced parents in Brooklyn.
Teeth 4/10/10 50.05%[10.51/21]        Comments
Teeth is a horror/black comedy about a young woman who has a certain....unique anatomical feature that presents challenges for her and any romantic suitors.
Showing results 1 - 10 of 10

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