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Starring the fantastic duo of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, Girlmore Girls found fast and loyal fans on its debut in 2000. These trivia quizzes pay homage to the intelligent, endearing show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Test your knowledge of Luke and Lane, Sookie, Emily and Richard, and, of course, the Lorelais.
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Gilmore Girls, S05E22: A House Is Not a Home 7/27/17 84.06%[13.45/16]        Comments
Rory reacts to her arrest by throwing her future away. Needless to say, Lorelai is not pleased.
Gilmore Girls, S05E21: Blame Booze and Melville 7/20/17 75.00%[11.25/15]        Comments
What will Emily think after reading a magazine article where she's compared to Pol Pot? Let's find out!
Gilmore Girls, S05E20: How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod? 7/13/17 95.27%[14.29/15]        Comments
Lorelai's back at Friday night dinners so she can get to know Logan. Emily reacts accordingly.
Gilmore Girls, S05E19: But I'm a Gilmore! 7/6/17 88.38%[14.14/16]        Comments
Luke, did you put walnuts in your bechamel? Don't lie! Sookie can taste walnuts!
Gilmore Girls, S05E18: To Live and Let Diorama 6/29/17 75.00%[12.00/16]        Comments
Lorelai's professional achievement may come back to bite her in the butt. Learn about "off the record", Lorelai!
Gilmore Girls, S05E17: Pulp Friction 6/22/17 77.31%[12.37/16]        Comments
Lorelai's still freezing out Emily, and Emily's not happy with this.
Gilmore Girls, S05E16: So...Good Talk 6/14/17 78.13%[12.50/16]        Comments
Luke's miserable about the breakup, and the whole town suffers!
Gilmore Girls, S05E15: Jews & Chinese Food 6/7/17 92.00%[13.80/15]        Comments
It's the Stars Hollow Elementary School's production of Fiddler On the Roof - starring *Kirk* in the lead role.
Gilmore Girls, S05E14: Say Something 5/31/17 88.75%[14.20/16]        Comments
Lorelai and Luke split up after the Gilmore vow renewal party. Thanks a lot, Emily!
Gilmore Girls, S05E13: Wedding Bell Blues 5/24/17 79.69%[12.75/16]        Comments
Emily and Richard hold their vow renewal.
Gilmore Girls, S05E12: Come Home 5/18/17 69.33%[10.40/15]        Comments
Emily and Richard reconcile and decide to plan a vow renewal.
Gilmore Girls, S05E11: Women of Questionable Morals 5/10/17 87.80%[13.17/15]        Comments
Lorelai's loving relationship isn't quite as positive during this storm.
Gilmore Girls, S05E10: But Not as Cute as Pushkin 5/3/17 83.40%[12.51/15]        Comments
Lorelai learns about Luke's dark day; Rory hosts a Chilton student.
Gilmore Girls, S05E09: Emily Says Hello 4/26/17 82.67%[12.40/15]        Comments
Emily wants to date again, much to Lorelai's shock and dismay.
Gilmore Girls, S05E08: The Party's Over 4/19/17 89.56%[14.33/16]        Comments
Emily and Richard temporarily join forces to meddle in their unsuspecting granddaughter's love life.
Gilmore Girls, S05E07: You Jump, I Jump, Jack 4/13/17 74.80%[11.22/15]        Comments
Luke has some awkward and uncomfortable encounters with Lorelai's parents while Rory's having a seemingly better experience with the LDB.
Gilmore Girls, S05E06: Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! 4/6/17 75.00%[12.00/16]        Comments
Sookie's acting nutty over some goings on at the inn. Hmm, I wonder why?
Gilmore Girls, S05E05: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin 3/29/17 76.67%[11.50/15]        Comments
The Gilmore girls' double date with their boyfriends goes from bad to worse.
Gilmore Girls, S05E04: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too 3/22/17 85.00%[13.60/16]        Comments
Jackson looks to unseat town selectman Taylor, and most of Stars Hollow is delighted.
Gilmore Girls, S05E03: Written in the Stars 3/15/17 78.13%[12.50/16]        Comments
Luke and Lorelai finally go on a date; Rory clashes with fellow student Logan.
Gilmore Girls, S05E02: A Messenger, Nothing More 3/8/17 84.73%[12.71/15]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory are both dealing with relationships from afar, although one's a lot more promising than the other.
Gilmore Girls, S05E01: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller 3/1/17 75.73%[11.36/15]        Comments
The Gilmore ladies are all dealing with relationship changes, although some of these changes are definitely better than others.
Gilmore Girls, S04E22: Raincoats and Recipes 7/28/16 75.35%[15.07/20]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory both deal with issues of a romantic nature while the Dragonfly staff has it's test run.
Gilmore Girls, S04E21: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights 7/21/16 67.50%[13.50/20]        Comments
Romance is in the air for more than just the bride and groom at Liz and TJ's wedding.
Gilmore Girls, S04E20: Luke Can See Her Face 7/14/16 63.27%[9.49/15]        Comments
Luke realizes Lorelai is the woman for him as the town prepares for a wedding.
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