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Sink your teeth into our collection of 2014 movie trivia. We have a wide array of quizzes on 2014 films, on individual movies like The Lego Movie and Snowpiercer and year-in-review quizzes like 2014 Movie Posters. 2014 saw the return of the 21 Jump Street cops, colorful talking birds from Rio, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, whatever the heck they are. Go for a Non-Stop Ride Along and see if you know Veronica Mars from The Other Woman with our 2014 movie trivia quizzes.
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Honest 2014 Movie Titles 10/22/14 87.65%[17.53/20]        Comments
Here's a chance for you to prove your knowledge of 2014 movies. In this trivia quiz, we offer more accurate suggestions for a title to be inline with what you'll really experience when you watch the movie.
Godzilla (2014) 10/14/14 80.27%[24.08/30]        Comments
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, that one guy from those other movies, star in a 2014 update of Godzilla. Fire up your atomic breath and try your hand at this Godzilla movie trivia quiz.
2014 Movie Posters, Part I 9/24/14 73.65%[14.73/20]        Comments
Trivia on 2014 movie posters: If we give you a bit of the poster, can you figure out which film's poster it comes from?
Edge of Tomorrow 9/17/14 80.59%[23.37/29]        Comments
Groundhog Day jacked up on wartime adrenaline, Edge of Tomorrow, one of 2014's better action movies, is a film for both fans of Tom Cruise, and those who live to see Tom Cruise beaten to a pulp over and over and over.
Other Woman, The: 9/10/14 87.08%[21.77/25]        Comments
Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and that one guy from Game of Thrones team up in the 2014 comedy The Other Woman.
2014 Movie that Starred..., The: 9/2/14 83.20%[16.64/20]        Comments
Even more movie trivia from this year. See if you can match the cast to the film they appeared in.
Divergent 8/28/14 83.77%[25.13/30]        Comments
Looking to follow the same path as the ultra-successful Hunger Games films, Divergent brings us a tale of a female struggling to break through in an oppressive, rigidly-structured society. Sound familiar?
Snowpiercer 8/6/14 84.97%[25.49/30]        Comments
Snowpiercer was released simultaneously on video-on-demand, as well as in a small number of theaters. In the cinema or at home, audiences sank their teeth into this smart action gem.
Bad Words 7/30/14 75.20%[18.80/25]        Comments
Enjoy this trivia quiz on the 2014 movie Bad Words. Guy Trilby is a character you won't soon forget.
Lego Movie, The: 7/15/14 78.50%[23.55/30]        Comments
One of the highlights of early 2014 movies is The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and a host of others.
Pompeii 7/8/14 70.52%[17.63/25]        Comments
Game of Throne's Kit Harrington stars in this action-romance drama about (kinda) the last days of doommed Pompeii.
2014 in Movies: The Story So Far 7/2/14 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
Here's a free fun trivia quiz on 2014 movies. Thus far in the year we had a Chef, The Quiet Ones and The Other Woman. Test your movie IQ on the films to have hit theaters in the first half of the year.
3 Days to Kill 7/1/14 74.48%[18.62/25]        Comments
McG directs Kevin Costner and Amber Heard in 3 Days to Kill, which tries to marry an action thriller with a somewhat ponderous family reconciliation film.
Non-Stop 6/24/14 76.28%[19.07/25]        Comments
Liam Neeson. On a plane. Fighting a terrorist. (Nearly) by himself. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Non-Stop is the film for you!
Veronica Mars 6/19/14 80.10%[24.03/30]        Comments
Kristen Bell reprises her famous girl detective role in this cinematic rendering of the underappreciated television program.
Ride Along 5/27/14 81.04%[20.26/25]        Comments
Kevin Hart is at his hilarious best in Ride Along, playing the undisciplined, in-over-his-head loose wheel to Ice Cube's tough-as-nails cop.
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