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Here is a collection of trivia quizzes on your favorite horror movies. Horror movies have been a staple of cinema for decades. From timeless entries like Dracula and Frankenstein to the neo-classics like Pyscho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to new mainstays like Scream and Paranormal Activity, audiences love beings scared. You either admit to getting thrilled by a good frightfest or begrudgingly watch through cracks in your fingers, but everyone is drawn to a good horror movie.
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Paranormal Activity 3 8/29/12 80.20%[20.05/25]        Comments
We see the doomed sisters Kristi and Katie in their childhood. Guess what? Strange paranormal happenings plagued their younger years as well.
Psycho 4/18/12 66.27%[19.88/30]        Comments
Some of my men hopefully sent their wives to take the quiz. The women emerged badly shaken but still vigorously vocal.
Walking Dead, Season 2 Recap Part 2, The: 3/19/12 76.80%[15.36/20]        Comments
The winter episodes of The Walking Dead's second season begin just after tragedy has struck at Hershel's farm.
Burbs (version 2), The: 1/23/12 87.92%[21.98/25]        Comments
You may know that a green sky at night means neighbor take flight, but how well do you know The Burbs?
Roommate, The: 1/15/12 79.92%[19.98/25]        Comments
Will it be a good match, or will there be hurt feelings, obsessive stalking and severe bodily injury? What do you think?
American Horror Story: Season 1 Recap 1/6/12 56.00%[14.00/25]        Comments
Subtle, it wasn't. But if you can appreciate television at its almost-completely-off-the rails freakiest, the American Horror Story's first season was for you.
Walking Dead, Season 2 Recap Part 1, The: 11/28/11 80.00%[16.00/20]        Comments
As soon as we finish lowering you down into the well, let's see how well you know The Walking Dead, Season 2?
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XII, The: 10/31/11 70.87%[10.63/15]        Comments
Homer falls afoul of a gypsy curse, and Bart and Lisa go to wizarding school and the Simpsons trust every aspect of their lives to a giant computer.
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XI, The: 10/31/11 65.13%[9.77/15]        Comments
My horoscope: “Today you will die... and you may get a compliment from an attractive co-worker.” That’s unusually specific for a horoscope, so let’s check my wife’s horoscope.
Simpsons: Treehouse of Terror X, The: 10/31/11 54.93%[8.24/15]        Comments
Now, please welcome your hosts -- if you haven't been probed by these two, you haven't been probed -- Kang and Kodos!
Beetlejuice 10/30/11 75.24%[18.81/25]        Comments
Are you ready for the ghost with the most? The warped mind of Tim Burton brings us Beetlejuice. So say it once, say it twice, third times a charm.
Pet Sematary 10/29/11 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
The Creed family moves into what their dream house, only to discover that evil lurks in the ground near by. What you own always comes back to you in Pet Sematary.
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IX, The: 10/28/11 63.73%[9.56/15]        Comments
Snake takes over Homer’s body, Bart and Lisa become trapped in a cartoon and Maggie’s secret parentage is revealed.
30 Days of Night 10/27/11 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
You may know that when man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself, but how well do you know 30 Days of Night?
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VIII, The: 10/27/11 68.07%[10.21/15]        Comments
Thanks to my prudent editing, this Treehouse of Horror quiz has been rated TV-G! This means there will be no raunchy NBC-style sex, or senseless CBS-style violence.
Jeepers Creepers 10/26/11 76.40%[19.10/25]        Comments
Jeepers Creepers introduced cinema to a new archvillain. You may know better than to be lowered down a putrid chute, but how well do you know Jeepers Creepers?
Scream 4 10/25/11 83.92%[20.98/25]        Comments
In Wes Craven's fourth installment of the Scream franchise, an adult Sidney seems to live up to her Angel of Death moniker and a new generation pay the price for her return.
Insidious 10/23/11 71.88%[17.97/25]        Comments
The Exorcist meets Poltergeist in this 2011 fright fest. There is no way out. Be quiet. They will hear you.
I Am Legend 10/20/11 75.11%[20.28/27]        Comments
An adaptation of Richard Matheson's fantastic novella, I Am Legend follows one of the few survivors of a worldwide epidemic.
From Dusk Til Dawn 10/19/11 83.70%[22.60/27]        Comments
Two bank-robbing brothers kidnap a family and flee to Mexico, where the stumble into a bar inhabited by vampires.
Paranormal Activity 2 10/18/11 75.90%[22.77/30]        Comments
Camera footage once again catch doors swinging open and spooky noises as a doomed family suffer through a haunting.
Thing, The: 10/13/11 81.53%[24.46/30]        Comments
A suspenseful, freaky, gross-out of a study in paranoia, John Carpenter's The Thing has become a cult hit among horror fans.
Se7en 10/1/11 65.00%[16.25/25]        Comments
Are you prepared to go into the mind of a madman, while avoiding the seven deadly sins?
Burbs, The: 9/3/11 86.72%[21.68/25]        Comments
Green sky at night... neighbors take flight. You may have know to keep lame-o's out of your yard, but how well do you know The Burbs?
Fright Night 8/18/11 82.28%[20.57/25]        Comments
Soon, Charley Brewster and his friends are in a fight for their lives.
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