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Here is a collection of trivia quizzes on your favorite horror movies. Horror movies have been a staple of cinema for decades. From timeless entries like Dracula and Frankenstein to the neo-classics like Pyscho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to new mainstays like Scream and Paranormal Activity, audiences love beings scared. You either admit to getting thrilled by a good frightfest or begrudgingly watch through cracks in your fingers, but everyone is drawn to a good horror movie.
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Conjuring, The: 10/31/13 79.83%[23.95/30]        Comments
James Wan further proved himself to be the master of modern popular horror with the rather unexpected hit of a Rhode Island family terrified by demonic spirits haunting their home.
Coraline 10/20/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
Artistically gorgeous, mildly horrific, Henry Selick's screen adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book Coraline was one of 2009's cinematic gems.
Crazies (2010), The: 10/21/10 67.60%[13.52/20]        Comments
Part horror, part action-thriller, The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as a cop who suspects something's fishy in his small Iowan town.
Creepshow 10/28/14 77.52%[19.38/25]        Comments
The horror-comedy Creepshow was helmed by a well-known horror director, written by a world-famous horror author, and starred a handful of famous and soon-to-be-famous stars.
Dawn of the Dead 8/18/09 81.16%[20.29/25]        Comments
Zack Snyder's update of the cinematic undead added velocity to the brain-munchers, and in so doing touched off one of the great debates in film history.
Deep Blue Sea 6/22/10 76.36%[19.09/25]        Comments
It's the story of an aquatic laboratory research team and the sharks that terrorize them. You may have creative theories on the best way to electrocute a shark...
Descent, The: 10/27/10 67.88%[16.97/25]        Comments
Grisly, thrilling, entertaining, this was one of the best horror films of the 2000s. Test your knowledge on this cinematic shocker.
Doctor Who: Blink 10/31/10 81.11%[14.60/18]        Comments
This program had a good bit of fun with time travel while introducing a set of frighteningly freaky evil beings.
Drag Me to Hell 10/27/09 68.48%[17.12/25]        Comments
Sam Raimi took a sabbatical from all that Spider-Man business to write and direct Drag Me to Hell, the filmmaker's first horrorsince Army of Darkness.
Evil Dead (2013) 10/22/13 75.83%[22.75/30]        Comments
An updated reboot? A rebooted update? Whichever it was, 2013's Evil Dead went back to the beginning and thrilled moviegoers with frights and just a hint or two of gore.
Evil Dead, The: 10/9/07 75.32%[18.83/25]        Comments
Back in 1981, a group of friends thought they'd try their hand at making a horror film on a shoestring budget. Perhaps you've heard of them.
Exorcist, The: 10/31/07 74.64%[18.66/25]        Comments
It forced us to re-examine our outlook on faith and pure evil. It taught us that pea-soup vomit is really cool. It reminded us that falling down really, really long flights of stairs is not a good idea.
Fallen 9/9/14 68.00%[13.60/20]        Comments
Denzel Washington battles Evil From Beyond the Grave. John Goodman is along for the ride...that may be a good thing, or not.
Final Destination 8/27/09 74.54%[19.38/26]        Comments
But the people behind Final Destination burnished the sub-genre by making their killer Death itself, as relentless as any Jason and twice as inventive.
Final Destination Franchise Screenshots 8/10/11 88.65%[17.73/20]        Comments
Death has chased the cast of Final Destination franchise to their untimely demise with increased gore as the series has progressed.
Firestarter 1/16/11 66.08%[16.52/25]        Comments
Drew Barrymore plays a cute little girl with bad-ass, rather explosive powers. See how well you know this King adaptation.
Friday the 13th 7/15/09 77.20%[19.30/25]        Comments
Friday the 13th was released in 1980, spawning a masterfully never-ending franchise and cementing the early '80s as slasher film heaven.
Friday the 13th (2009) 5/2/10 76.09%[17.50/23]        Comments
Friday the 13th had a makeover of its own two years later in a movie that reimagines the franchise's first four chapters.
Fright Night 8/18/11 82.32%[20.58/25]        Comments
Soon, Charley Brewster and his friends are in a fight for their lives.
From Dusk Til Dawn 10/19/11 83.70%[22.60/27]        Comments
Two bank-robbing brothers kidnap a family and flee to Mexico, where the stumble into a bar inhabited by vampires.
Godzilla (2014) 10/14/14 80.20%[24.06/30]        Comments
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, that one guy from those other movies, star in a 2014 update of Godzilla. Fire up your atomic breath and try your hand at this Godzilla movie trivia quiz.
Gremlins 7/15/10 65.43%[19.63/30]        Comments
They're mean and green, and out of control. But let's be honest - everyone still wanted a Gizmo.
Halloween 10/19/05 58.70%[11.74/20]        Comments
From the creepy theme music, to the stunning closing shots, this scares even die-hard horror fans.
Halloween (2007) 10/31/09 80.80%[16.16/20]        Comments
Rob Zombie breathed new life in the Halloween franchise by reverting the series back for an origins story in 2007.
Halloween II (2009) 4/20/10 75.16%[18.79/25]        Comments
Rob Zombie's sequel to his 2007 Halloween reboot is gruesome. Michael has upped his game since the last time we saw him.
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