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Here is a collection of trivia quizzes on your favorite horror movies. Horror movies have been a staple of cinema for decades. From timeless entries like Dracula and Frankenstein to the neo-classics like Pyscho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to new mainstays like Scream and Paranormal Activity, audiences love beings scared. You either admit to getting thrilled by a good frightfest or begrudgingly watch through cracks in your fingers, but everyone is drawn to a good horror movie.
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10 Cloverfield Lane 10/25/16 73.00%[17.52/24]        Comments
Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman are both outstanding as residents of a bunker in the 2016 thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane.
28 Days Later 10/23/08 77.92%[19.48/25]        Comments
Plodding, stumbling zombies are so 1970s Romero. Fast, vicious zombies are the new sexy. 28 Days Later was the Danny Boyle horror thriller that gave us this epiphany.
28 Weeks Later 10/28/08 69.00%[17.25/25]        Comments
28 Weeks Later starts with a shocking sequence of cowardice and betrayal and never lets up on the surprises.
30 Days of Night 10/27/11 75.12%[18.78/25]        Comments
You may know that when man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself, but how well do you know 30 Days of Night?
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 10/31/12 66.64%[16.66/25]        Comments
Abraham Lincoln - emancipator, supreme stateman....vampire hunter? Sure, why not? An entertaining alternative history satire was made into a 2012 action-horror film.
Alien 10/3/07 70.60%[14.12/20]        Comments
It's hard to believe it's been nearly thirty years since Alien burst through chests and onto the scene, spawning countless nightmares, sequels, and ripoffs.
Aliens 5/3/05 65.65%[13.13/20]        Comments
Before he wussed out with Titanic, James Cameron made Aliens, which along with his Terminator movies set the benchmark for sci-fi/action films.
American Horror Story: Asylum 10/8/13 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
American Horror Story returned for a second season with completely new characters (though some of the faces were recognizable) in a creepy new setting.
American Horror Story: Coven 9/16/14 61.92%[15.48/25]        Comments
Here's a quiz on American Horror Story, with loads of trivia on its third season titled Coven. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and others return for more madcap fun.
American Horror Story: Freak Show 1/22/15 76.36%[19.09/25]        Comments
American Horror Story found yet another creepy setting for its latest installment. In what was perhaps its most humanistic season yet, themes of revenge and acceptance, togetherness and abandonment were explored.
American Horror Story: Season 1 Recap 1/6/12 56.00%[14.00/25]        Comments
Subtle, it wasn't. But if you can appreciate television at its almost-completely-off-the rails freakiest, the American Horror Story's first season was for you.
American Horror Story: Season 1 Recap (Version 2) 10/1/13 68.80%[17.20/25]        Comments
Rubber Man fever took the nation by storm in 2011, as American Horror Story burst onto the television landscape. Jessica Lange certainly approved.
Beetlejuice 10/30/11 75.24%[18.81/25]        Comments
Are you ready for the ghost with the most? The warped mind of Tim Burton brings us Beetlejuice. So say it once, say it twice, third times a charm.
Black Swan 4/4/18 53.87%[12.93/24]        Comments
Darren Aronofsky gets weiiiirrrrrd (I know, right?) in this mind-bending, identity-questioning drama.
Blade 7/30/09 75.15%[20.29/27]        Comments
In 1998, Wesley Snipes and Stephen Norrington took a throwaway Marvel comic book character and transformed him into an unbelievably kick ass superhero.
Blair Witch Project, The: 10/16/08 77.90%[15.58/20]        Comments
Setting the standard for low-budget, shaky-cam horror movies, the Blair Witch project is one of the great indie film success stories of all time.
Burbs (version 2), The: 1/23/12 87.92%[21.98/25]        Comments
You may know that a green sky at night means neighbor take flight, but how well do you know The Burbs?
Burbs, The: 9/3/11 86.72%[21.68/25]        Comments
Green sky at night... neighbors take flight. You may have know to keep lame-o's out of your yard, but how well do you know The Burbs?
Cabin in the Woods: Easy Version, The: 10/8/12 83.76%[20.94/25]        Comments
The Cabin in the Woods is somehow a movie that celebrates the tired staples of the horror genre while simultaneously mocking them. How Well Do You Know The Cabin in the Woods?
Cabin in the Woods: Hard Version, The: 10/8/12 70.60%[17.65/25]        Comments
As with all Joss Whedon projects, The Cabin in the Woods can be enjoyed on several levels, and it includes lots of winks and nods and smaller bits you'll enjoy on repeat viewings. Let's see how deeply you know this horror/comedy fusion.
Cape Fear 3/3/11 55.28%[13.82/25]        Comments
Robert De Niro is icily effective as an ex-con out for revenge against a the family of a lawyer who did him wrong.
Carrie (1976) 10/11/16 55.22%[12.70/23]        Comments
One of - if not the best - Stephen King adaptation for screen, it made everyone rethink the many, many horrible things that can happen at the prom.
Chernobyl Diaries 10/30/13 76.92%[19.23/25]        Comments
There were no real dairies to speak of, but nevertheless, the team behind Paranormal Activity made pretty good bank with this tale of doomed tourists visiting the infamous Russian site.
Cloverfield 10/8/08 78.88%[19.72/25]        Comments
You didn't just watch this movie. You experienced it in a tangible way. Cloverfield broke the fourth wall and made the viewer feel like an integral part of the crisis.
Conjuring 2, The: 10/27/16 82.24%[20.56/25]        Comments
The team behind The Conjuring returned in 2016 to offer a new adventure for moviegoers' favorite ghost-busters.
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