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Game of Thrones, S04E05: First of His Name 5/6/14 90.40%[13.56/15]        Comments
There's action beyond the wall, in the Vale, on the road and overlooking Meereen in the latest Game of Thrones.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E06: FZZT 5/1/14 81.95%[16.39/20]        Comments
Our beloved Agent Simmons has become infected. The team is left to find a cure.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E04: Eye Spy 5/1/14 75.90%[15.18/20]        Comments
An operative returns from the dead. Agent Phil Coulson should know a thing or two about that....
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E05: Girl in the Flower Dress 5/1/14 74.35%[14.87/20]        Comments
Centipede kidnapping! Skye secrets! This episode has it all!
Game of Thrones, S04E04: Oathkeeper 4/29/14 88.60%[17.72/20]        Comments
We finally get a good look at Casa de White Walker in the latest Game of Thrones episode. Woohoo!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E03: The Asset 4/24/14 78.80%[15.76/20]        Comments
The team must protect the asset. Never mind who or what the asset is. It just needs protecting.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E02: 0-8-4 4/24/14 74.95%[14.99/20]        Comments
If you know the 411 on an 0-8-4, then you probably know all about the second episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E01: Pilot 4/24/14 83.90%[16.78/20]        Comments
Fresh off the huge box office success of The Avengers, Marvels rolled out a new television series.
Game of Thrones, S04E03: Breaker of Chains 4/22/14 89.47%[13.42/15]        Comments
Hmmm, something important happened on last week's Game of Thrones, if I could only remember what it was....oh yeah! Anyhoo, we return to Westeros to see what whacky adventures everyone enjoys this week.
Game of Thrones, S04E02: The Lion and the Rose 4/15/14 93.65%[18.73/20]        Comments
It will surely be talked about for the rest of the season, as The Lion and the Rose brought about events with far-reaching implications.
Under the Gunn, Season 1 Recap 4/11/14 63.48%[17.14/27]        Comments
Tim Gunn's show brought back Project Runway veterans Mondo, Anya and Nick to head up teams of aspiring fashion designers.
Game of Thrones, S04E01: Two Swords 4/10/14 89.00%[13.35/15]        Comments
There's this little show called Game of Thrones. Perhaps you've heard of it? Now? You sure? Anyway, then, this quiz isn't for you....but it is for the millions and millions of loyal viewers who eagerly anticipated the cultural phenomenon's fourth season.
Justified, Season 5 Recap 4/9/14 67.44%[16.86/25]        Comments
Wendy Crowe and Alison Brander complicate Raylan Givens' life, but that's nothing compared to the potential harm done to his relationship with his boss.
Walking Dead, Season 4 Part 2 Recap, The: 4/1/14 66.88%[16.72/25]        Comments
Rick, Darryl, Carol and the others seek refuge in the woods, abandoned homes and a funeral parlor, as The Walking Dead's fourth season scatters the survivors before ultimately drawing them back together.
Alpha House, Season 1 1/14/14 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Forgoing the meanspiritedness you might expect, Alpha House used gentle but shrewd humor to poke fun on the Washington, DC political process during its freshman season.
Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 Recap 1/12/14 74.42%[19.35/26]        Comments
Christopher, Seth Aaron, Irina and Ari all return to Project Runaway, all trying to prove themselves the cream of the crop among the best of the show's past participants.
Walking Dead, Season 4 Recap Part 1, The: 12/2/13 65.52%[16.38/25]        Comments
Rats, sickness, survivalists and a heel turn by one of their own spells new danger for the residents of the prison in the fourth season of The Walking Dead.
Project Runway, Season 12 Recap 10/18/13 73.00%[18.98/26]        Comments
Designers go camping! Designers make history! Designers contend with spilled beverages! Project Runway has been around for a dozen season, and yet continues to serve up fresh challenges for its competitors.
Showing results 26 - 43 of 43
Previous Results

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