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Die Hard 8/16/06 73.20%[18.30/25]        Comments
Before 1988, not much happened. Die Hard came along, and Bruce Willis was unleashed upon us. Life has not been quite the same since.
Die Hard 2 6/26/07 77.00%[19.25/25]        Comments
Subtle, no. Always logically cogent? Not so much. Yet 1990's Die Hard 2 was for the most part successful in continuing the "yippee-kay-yay" legacy of everyman/dynamo John McClane.
Die Hard Movie Quotes 6/10/09 76.44%[19.11/25]        Comments
Originating from snappy dialog or from one-liner machine John McClane, Die Hard quotes have become a staple of popular culture.
Die Hard Movies: Fill In The Blanks 2/6/13 59.72%[14.93/25]        Comments
Think you know your Die Hard franchise quotes? Let's see how well you can fill in the blanks with these gems.
Die Hard Movies: Quotes 1/31/13 49.72%[12.43/25]        Comments
Die Hard stands alone as the most quotable action movie franchise. See how well you can ID these quips uttered by John McClane and his buddies.
Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 1 1/31/13 77.48%[19.37/25]        Comments
It's time to test those wits of yours. See how well you can identify some of the dozens of iconic images from the Die Hard movies.
Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 2 2/5/13 77.16%[19.29/25]        Comments
Here's another heaping helping of Die Hard screenshots for you to have fun with. And it *will* be fun, oh yes....
Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 3 2/12/13 81.68%[20.42/25]        Comments
For our last Die Hard screenshots go-around, we'll look at the various, creative ways that John McClain sends the bad guys to their dooms.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 6/26/07 78.20%[19.55/25]        Comments
Jeremy Irons and Samuel L. Jackson were welcome additions to the cast, and the script had fun putting McClane through trial after trial.
Live Free or Die Hard 3/4/08 79.56%[19.89/25]        Comments
No one has worn the same film role for two decades as well as Bruce Willis, returning in the fourth Die Hard film.
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