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Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 3 2/12/13 81.76%[20.44/25]        Comments
For our last Die Hard screenshots go-around, we'll look at the various, creative ways that John McClain sends the bad guys to their dooms.
Die Hard Movies: Fill In The Blanks 2/6/13 59.72%[14.93/25]        Comments
Think you know your Die Hard franchise quotes? Let's see how well you can fill in the blanks with these gems.
Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 2 2/5/13 76.64%[19.16/25]        Comments
Here's another heaping helping of Die Hard screenshots for you to have fun with. And it *will* be fun, oh yes....
Die Hard Movies: Quotes 1/31/13 49.72%[12.43/25]        Comments
Die Hard stands alone as the most quotable action movie franchise. See how well you can ID these quips uttered by John McClane and his buddies.
Die Hard Movies: Screenshots 1 1/31/13 77.48%[19.37/25]        Comments
It's time to test those wits of yours. See how well you can identify some of the dozens of iconic images from the Die Hard movies.
Die Hard Movie Quotes 6/10/09 76.44%[19.11/25]        Comments
Originating from snappy dialog or from one-liner machine John McClane, Die Hard quotes have become a staple of popular culture.
Live Free or Die Hard 3/4/08 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
No one has worn the same film role for two decades as well as Bruce Willis, returning in the fourth Die Hard film.
Die Hard 2 6/26/07 76.52%[19.13/25]        Comments
Subtle, no. Always logically cogent? Not so much. Yet 1990's Die Hard 2 was for the most part successful in continuing the "yippee-kay-yay" legacy of everyman/dynamo John McClane.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 6/26/07 78.08%[19.52/25]        Comments
Jeremy Irons and Samuel L. Jackson were welcome additions to the cast, and the script had fun putting McClane through trial after trial.
Die Hard 8/16/06 73.20%[18.30/25]        Comments
Before 1988, not much happened. Die Hard came along, and Bruce Willis was unleashed upon us. Life has not been quite the same since.
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