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Survivor: Caramoan Recap, Part 2 5/14/13 73.20%[14.64/20]        Comments
John (OK, Cochran) prevailed in Survivor: Caramoan, completing his zero-to-hero transformation. See how well you know the series of events that lead to this we-just-can't-believe-it-ourselves ending.
Survivor: Caramoan Recap, Part 1 5/10/13 65.00%[13.00/20]        Comments
It's another Fan vs Favorites on the spring 2013 iteration of Survivor. How well do you know the adventures of Reynold, Malcolm, Eddie and Sherri?
Survivor: Philippines Recap Part 2 12/18/12 68.15%[13.63/20]        Comments
Denise brought home the game that was dominated by Malcolm. Lisa's path to self-discovery ran afoul of Abi-Maria's Abi-Maria-ness. See how well you remember Survivor: Philippines.
Survivor: Philippines Recap Part 1 12/17/12 79.40%[15.88/20]        Comments
Malcolm, Lisa, Abi and Denise were some of the Survivor newcomers that battled against returning players Russell, Penner and Skoopin.
Survivor: One World Recap, Part II 5/14/12 70.60%[14.12/20]        Comments
It’s time once again to outwit, outplay and outlast as we welcome the usual cast of egomaniacs, idiots, and suckers, including Jeff Probst.
Survivor: One World Recap, Part I 5/12/12 71.50%[14.30/20]        Comments
Two quizzes, 39 questions, 18 castaways, How Well Do You Know Survivor: One World?
Survivor: South Pacific Recap 12/19/11 69.13%[20.74/30]        Comments
For its 23rd iteration, Survivor brought back two notorious players, and added another pair of polarizing contestants.
Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 2 5/16/11 76.16%[19.04/25]        Comments
Survivor: Redemption Island concluded with the crowning of the best individual to ever play the game.
Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 1 5/11/11 69.08%[17.27/25]        Comments
For its 22nd iteration, Survivor brought back two notorious past players and introduced the added wrinkle of Redemption Island.
Survivor: Nicaragua Recap 12/20/10 74.13%[22.24/30]        Comments
An NFL coach, an amputee, ridiculously expensive shoes and an unwelcome camp fire combined to make this an entertaining, yet curious, season.
Survivor Seasons by Cast 9/13/10 92.05%[18.41/20]        Comments
After 20 seasons, the show still remains an entertaining diversion, though the enjoyability of a given season is largely reducible to the quality of its cast.
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 5/17/10 72.50%[21.75/30]        Comments
Fan favorites and ruthless strategists were brought back for another shot at a Survivor title, and some great television was the result.
Survivor: Samoa 12/21/09 79.00%[23.70/30]        Comments
The past season featured one of the more memorable players in the game's history, and resulted in plenty of hard feelings.
Survivor: Tocantins 5/18/09 69.27%[20.78/30]        Comments
Tocantins produced one of the more deserving champions in the show's runs. It will be remembered, though, for introducing society to one of the most self-deluded nutjobs we've ever met through reality TV.
Survivor: Gabon 12/15/08 74.60%[22.38/30]        Comments
We met an unrepentant pin-up, a certified psycho, a seething cauldron of hate and the worst Olympic champion ever.
Survivor: Micronesia 5/12/08 86.32%[21.58/25]        Comments
We had declarations of love and an unexpected body count, and through it all, girls ruled.
Survivor: China 12/17/07 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
We met a congenial gravedigger, a pro poker player unusually bad a strategy, and a backside that must be blocked from public view at all costs.
Survivor: Fiji 5/16/07 69.68%[17.42/25]        Comments
Our latest Survivor test: After a rather tedious start, the Fiji edition of the show turned rather interesting as it turned toward home.
Showing results 1 - 18 of 18

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