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American Horror Story: Asylum 10/8/13 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
American Horror Story returned for a second season with completely new characters (though some of the faces were recognizable) in a creepy new setting.
Big Bang Theory, Season 6 Recap, The: 9/26/13 71.20%[17.80/25]        Comments
Everyone's favorite nerds along with their equally entertaining girlfriends are back for the sixth season of TV's biggest surprise hit of the last decade.
Veep, Season 2 Recap 6/25/13 79.12%[19.78/25]        Comments
Dan, Gary, Gary's psycho girlfriend, Amy and Amy's weird boyfriend that no one remembers all add to the delightful chaos of Veep, Season 2.
Game of Thrones, S03E10: Mhysa 6/12/13 90.90%[18.18/20]        Comments
Game of Thrones' stunning third season draws to an end with a rather contemplative episode. See how well you know the last GoT episode you'll see for quite a while.
Game of Thrones, S03E09: The Rains of Castamere 6/4/13 93.72%[23.43/25]        Comments
So....that happened. Game of Thrones' The Rains of Castameres blew people's minds like few TV episodes ever have. You didn't see it coming, but now see how well you remember it.
Modern Family, Season 4 Recap Part 2 5/24/13 76.46%[21.41/28]        Comments
The Pritchett, Dunphy and Tucker-Pritchett families welcome a new family member and say goodbye to another during the second half of Season 4. How well do you know the spring episodes of Modern Family Season 4?
Game of Thrones, S03E08: Second Sons 5/23/13 81.73%[12.26/15]        Comments
Threats and counter-threats, a royal wedding, complicated family relationships and one hell of a hot/crazy witch all leave their mark on the Second Sons episode.
Game of Thrones, S03E05: Kissed by Fire (v.2) 5/17/13 74.60%[11.19/15]        Comments
Here's another quiz on the Game of Thrones Season 3 episode Kissed by Fire.
Game of Thrones, S03E07: The Bear and the Maiden Fair 5/15/13 84.50%[15.21/18]        Comments
Jon and company are back on the other side of the wall, Jamie's character is complicated further, Tyrion and Shae have a spat and Robb gets big news.
NCIS Season 10 Recap, Part 1 5/14/13 66.58%[15.98/24]        Comments
TV's most popular show barreled into its tenth season. See how well you remember this latest installment of NCIS, lest you earn yourself a smack upside the head.
Survivor: Caramoan Recap, Part 2 5/14/13 73.20%[14.64/20]        Comments
John (OK, Cochran) prevailed in Survivor: Caramoan, completing his zero-to-hero transformation. See how well you know the series of events that lead to this we-just-can't-believe-it-ourselves ending.
Survivor: Caramoan Recap, Part 1 5/10/13 65.00%[13.00/20]        Comments
It's another Fan vs Favorites on the spring 2013 iteration of Survivor. How well do you know the adventures of Reynold, Malcolm, Eddie and Sherri?
Glee, Season 4 Recap Part 2 5/10/13 71.17%[17.08/24]        Comments
A school shooting, a school firing, New York fortunes and a marriage proposal all impact the lives of current and former members of New Directions in Season 4 of Glee.
Amazing Race 22 Recap, The: 5/9/13 77.24%[19.31/25]        Comments
Hockey players, rednecks, OB/GYNs and country singers made up the pallet of around-the-world racers on iteration 22 of The Amazing Race.
Game of Thrones, S03E06: The Climb 5/7/13 80.73%[12.11/15]        Comments
Wildlings are at The Wall, someone comes for Gendry, Littlefinger takes a dark, dark turn and Tyrion and Cersei try to find common ground.
Happy Endings, Season 3 Recap Part 2 5/4/13 77.50%[23.25/30]        Comments
A dead parrot, a shotgun wedding, pranking taken to insane levels and even more kickball - here's a quiz on the spring episodes of Happy Endings, Season 3?
Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Recap Part 2 5/3/13 82.67%[22.32/27]        Comments
The second half of Parks and Rec's fifth season find Leslie Knope and the gang up to their usual well-intended, hilarious shenanigans.
Game of Thrones, S03E05: Kissed by Fire 4/30/13 87.93%[13.19/15]        Comments
Jon Snow gets an offer he can't refuse, Daenerys discovers a leader, Sansa's plans go awry and we meet an odd pair of bathtime buddies.
Project Runway, Season 11 Recap 4/26/13 75.83%[22.75/30]        Comments
Heidi, Nina and Tim return for the 11th season of Project Runway, along with a new fill-in judge and all sorts of fashion hurdles for designer contestants to overcome.
Game of Thrones, S03E04: And Now His Watch Is Ended 4/23/13 89.93%[13.49/15]        Comments
Varys has his vengeance, Theon's escape hits a snag and Daenerys provides a master stroke.
Game of Thrones, S03E03: Walk of Punishment 4/17/13 88.67%[13.30/15]        Comments
Daenerys makes an interesting business proposition. Edmure is a screw-up. Pod receives an interesting gift. And something gets chopped off.
Archer, Season 4 Recap 4/12/13 83.04%[21.59/26]        Comments
Amnesia, cyborgs, papal threats and nerve gas missiles under the sea all affect the lives and fortunes of the ISIS team in the sterling (ha!) fourth season of Archer.
Game of Thrones, S03E02: Dark Wings, Dark Words 4/11/13 80.80%[12.12/15]        Comments
The pieces start to move. Arya meets the Brotherhood, Bran meets new travelers and Sansa courts trouble in Game of Throne's latest episode
Game of Thrones, S03E01: Valar Dohaeris 4/3/13 88.73%[13.31/15]        Comments
Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones is back! And so are our quizzes for each episode of Season 3!
Walking Dead, Season 3 Recap Part 2, The: 4/1/13 66.65%[13.33/20]        Comments
Some survive, some don't. The resolution of The Walking Dead's third season piles up the body count of the undead, but also means doom for some long-standing characters.
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