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Color Purple, The: 8/20/14 84.00%[21.00/25]        Comments
It created Oscars controversy, while launching Whoopi and Oprah to stardom. See how well you remember The Color Purple.
Covert Affairs Season 2 Recap, Part 1 11/1/11 78.56%[19.64/25]        Comments
Covert Affairs Season 2 follows the adventures of Annie Walker. Dispatched on missions, Annie must pursue her assignments while trying to keep her cover at home
Covert Affairs, Season 1 Recap 9/15/10 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
A mysterious incident from her past propels young CIA trainee Annie Walker headlong into some serious spying in the freshman season of Covert Affairs.
Crash 3/4/12 60.00%[15.00/25]        Comments
In two days, many lives intersect unknowingly, intertwining to cause chain reactions touching on social and racial themes.
Crown, Season 1, The: 4/11/17 62.52%[15.63/25]        Comments
The Crown won awards and popular acclaim with its first season. See how well you know this historical drama.
Da Vinci Code, The: 5/14/09 69.93%[20.98/30]        Comments
Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was one of the literary landmarks of the early 2000s. Amid a great deal of pre-release controversy, Columbia Pictures released a film version of the work in 2006.
Damages, Season 3 4/20/10 85.27%[25.58/30]        Comments
Damage's third season had all of the twists, double-crosses and solid performances for which the season is known.
Damages, Season Two: Part I 5/3/09 78.25%[15.65/20]        Comments
Coupled with excellent writing material to boot, Damages' sophomore season was nothing short of a complete actors' orgy.
Damages, Season Two: Part II 5/9/09 80.35%[16.07/20]        Comments
To dub the second-year cast of FX's Damages as simply "all star" would be the understatement of the year. You've got Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt.
Dan in Real Life 10/11/09 87.24%[21.81/25]        Comments
A vacation with his family and a sudden, complicated romance might just push him over the edge in this indie charmer.
Dangerous Minds 3/2/16 79.95%[15.99/20]        Comments
We *dare* you to take this quiz without hearing Coolio in your head!
Dark Knight (Part I), The: 6/25/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
You may have seen the movie countless times, but will you be courageous enough to stand up against some tough questions or, like Batman, throw this quiz against a wall to get the answers?
Dark Knight (Part II), The: 7/2/09 82.36%[20.59/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan's dark, complicated tale pitted Gotham's protector against an enigmatic, malevolent foe.
Dave 11/5/08 83.28%[20.82/25]        Comments
The Oscar-nominated screenplay gets you to cheer for an average Joe who makes good on his opportunity to do good.
Dear John 2/5/11 83.40%[16.68/20]        Comments
Their love and relationship is put to the test over the years by various factors, including long distance, military obligations, and family.
Departed, The: 2/27/11 82.36%[20.59/25]        Comments
Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning crime saga deals with identity, deceit, paranoia and loyalty.
Descendants, The: 4/17/12 73.64%[18.41/25]        Comments
This bittersweet tale of an embattled real estate developer/soon to be widower is an honest, moving tale of the nature of family.
Devil Wears Prada, The: 7/14/15 83.48%[20.87/25]        Comments
Anne Hathaway holds her own against screen legend Meryl Streep in the film adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. Strap on your Jimmy Choos and see how well you remember this movie.
Dexter, Season One: Part I 2/3/09 68.92%[17.23/25]        Comments
Showtime seriously upped its original programming game over the past couple of years. Dexter remains one of the more intriguing TV anti-heroes in recent years.
Dexter, Season One: Part II 2/5/09 69.36%[17.34/25]        Comments
One series the network has to thank for putting it on the pay cable map is Dexter, whose first season is based on Jeff Lindsay's 2004 novel about a serial killer who murders for "good".
Dexter, Season Two: Part I 3/15/09 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Season two saw Dexter Morgan running around like a chicken with its head cut off when treasure hunters discover his life's work on the ocean floor.
Dexter, Season Two: Part II 3/22/09 90.04%[22.51/25]        Comments
Alongside Weeds, Dexter is one of Showtime's handful of hit programs that are held responsible for increasing the pay cabler's viewership levels.
Dexter: Season Four 12/16/09 83.00%[20.75/25]        Comments
Among other things, we saw him bludgeon a man to death, coax a woman to commit suicide by plummeting to the ground and, well, his bare backside.
Dexter: Season Three 8/23/09 85.52%[21.38/25]        Comments
The third season of Showtime's Dexter has the serial killer butting heads with the fantastic Jimmy Smits, who nails his role as Miami's ADA.
Dirty Dancing 3/19/09 75.80%[18.95/25]        Comments
Dirty Dancing cemented Patrick Swayze's status as a movie star, and positioned Jennifer Grey for a level of fame that only ill-advised rhinoplasty could deny.
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