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Boyz n the Hood 11/5/11 75.05%[15.01/20]        Comments
Either they don't know, don't show or don't care what's going on in the hood. . Written and directed by John Singleton, this film delivers a powerful message.
Braveheart 8/25/09 75.08%[18.77/25]        Comments
The historical epic was brought back into fashion in 1995 by Braveheart, which despite moments of unintentional hilarity, scored five Academy awards.
Braveheart (Version 2) 11/9/09 74.55%[14.91/20]        Comments
Once upon a time, Mel Gibson was a respected Hollywood star. No, really - we looked it up.
Breaking Bad: Season One 12/6/09 77.96%[19.49/25]        Comments
Its first season may be slim -- just seven episodes -- but the storyline and casts' acting abilities, especially that of Bryan Cranston.
Breaking Bad: Season Three 6/20/10 76.08%[19.02/25]        Comments
For 13 straight weeks, Vince Gilligan and his team of writers thrilled us with a relentless story arc that escalated in danger for the lead characters.
Breaking Bad: Season Two 3/21/10 81.32%[20.33/25]        Comments
Walt and Jesse get kidnapped, then cook 38 pounds of meth. One of their men gets arrested, and another is killed.
Brokeback Mountain 2/12/11 79.76%[19.94/25]        Comments
Ang Lee's 2005 drama about a complicated 20-year relationship between a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, was adapted from the Annie Proulx short story of the same name.
Broken Flowers 12/2/08 63.30%[12.66/20]        Comments
Broken Flowers, released in 2005 and from writer-director Jim Jarmusch, was the final movie in Murray's mini Renaissance.
Cape Fear 3/3/11 55.28%[13.82/25]        Comments
Robert De Niro is icily effective as an ex-con out for revenge against a the family of a lawyer who did him wrong.
Casablanca 6/30/06 66.60%[16.65/25]        Comments
With a stellar cast and a story that just somehow managed to come together as if by magic, it is one of the greatest products to ever emerge from American cinema.
Casino Royale 11/12/08 71.40%[17.85/25]        Comments
The Bond franchise returned in 2006 with Daniel Craig playing a brash, arrogant version of Bond who is new to the service and doesn't realize how much he has to learn about life, love and misogyny.
Catch Me If You Can 10/4/17 81.20%[24.36/30]        Comments
Steven Spielberg leads Tom Hanks, Leo DiCaprio and a surprisingly large cast of recognizable faces in one of the most intriguing biopics of recent years.
Charlie St. Cloud 7/24/11 70.96%[17.74/25]        Comments
Charlie St. Cloud is inseparable from his younger brother Sam. That holds true even after Sam dies in a tragic accident.
Chef 6/22/16 74.15%[14.83/20]        Comments
An unhappy man finds a different line of work - and a better relationship with his family - after losing his job as an award-winning chef.
Children of Men 10/15/08 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
The movie earned high placement in several of the categories in our sister site awards, and garnered top three positioning for Best Picture of the year. We weren't the only ones mesmerized by its genius, either.
Chinatown 5/3/07 54.30%[10.86/20]        Comments
Today Chinatown is rightly lauded as a masterpiece of American cinema. The modern film noir is a fond ode to classic noir films such as The Maltese Falcon and features some terrific acting.
Cider House Rules, The: 4/23/11 54.48%[13.62/25]        Comments
Homer Wells is ready to leave the only way of life he's ever known, to experience the outside world.
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
Closer, Season 6 Recap, The: 9/14/10 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
Sanchez adopted a boy (sort of), Flynn and Provenza dated stewardesses (sort of), and Brenda had aspirations to become Chief of Police (sort of).
Closer, Season 7 Recap Part 1, The: 9/13/11 82.28%[20.57/25]        Comments
You may regret ever hearing the name Shootin' Newton, but how well do you know The Closer, Season 7?
Closer, Season 7 Recap Part 2, The: 8/14/12 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
In The Closer's final episodes, Brenda Leigh Johnson must deal with personal tragedy, professional consequences and a menacing nemesis.
Closer: Season Five, The: 8/25/09 76.27%[19.83/26]        Comments
From the passing of Kitty to the lift that Provenza got from having a girlfriend, The Closer's fifth season proved as gripping and entertaining as usual.
Cobra 5/23/11 78.15%[15.63/20]        Comments
In Cobra, Sylvester Stallone plays - get this! - a grizzled cop who plays by his own set of rules. Really!
Cold Mountain 2/22/12 66.72%[16.68/25]        Comments
Not the Civil War, not even death can keep these two lovers apart. If you are fighting, stop fighting. If you are marching, stop marching and come back...
Cold Souls 3/13/10 72.00%[18.00/25]        Comments
Sophie Barthes' Charlie Kaufman-esque debut feature film, Cold Souls, is an interesting journey through a world where one company develops the ability to extract souls from humans.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 341
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