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(500) Days of Summer 5/8/10 75.56%[18.89/25]        Comments
Tom Hansen believes he will not be truly happy until he finds 'the one'. He thinks he's found just this in recent L.A. transplant Summer Finn.
24: The Final Season 5/25/10 78.63%[18.87/24]        Comments
Jack is the lone voice of reason and truth as goes from saving the day at the request of the President to being hunted on orders of the President to prevent him from uncovering a conspiracy that threatens a peace deal.
300 7/2/08 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
300 has received as much praise as any guy film in recent memory due to its novel visuals and videogame-stylized storyline.
About a Boy 4/9/09 66.72%[16.68/25]        Comments
Weaving through a duel narrative comparing the stories of a man who still behaves as a child and a child that is forced to be a man, this 2002 British comedy is an extremely compelling film.
Air Force One 2/16/09 69.96%[17.49/25]        Comments
Starring as US President James Marshall, Ford did his best John McClane as he attempted to thwart a band of terrorists led by Gary Oldman.
Almost Famous 7/29/09 72.44%[18.11/25]        Comments
It was in the fall of 2000 that Cameron Crowe platformed the release of his near autobiographical account of growing up a music journalist in the mid-seventies.
Amadeus 10/14/10 67.80%[20.34/30]        Comments
Salieri feels that by placing musical brilliance in a crude farting Mozart, God is just rubbing his nose in it, so he concocts a plan for revenge.
American Beauty 11/18/08 68.96%[17.24/25]        Comments
Long before Alan Ball brought us True Blood and amazed audiences with his ambitious Six Feet Under, the screenwriter took Hollywood by storm in penning 1999's American Beauty.
American History X 7/2/11 68.60%[17.15/25]        Comments
American History X is a powerful story of a man's hope for redemption and quest to live with out hate. How well do you know American History X?
American President, The: 2/16/06 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
In 1995, Rob Reiner, Michael Douglas and Annette Bening teamed up on a charming, if highly idealized, look at a sitting President's search for love.
American Sniper 6/3/15 66.07%[19.82/30]        Comments
Eastwood, Cooper and Miller combine talents on American Sniper, the early 2015 biopic film on a doomed, bedeviled US solider. Here's trivia to see how well you know the film.
Apocalypse Now Redux 4/27/10 78.50%[23.55/30]        Comments
In what is still the definitive film about the Vietnam War, Colonel Kurtz has gone poo-flinging bugnuts crazy and it’s up to skinny Captain Willard to eliminate the problem.
Apollo 13 11/9/06 60.75%[12.15/20]        Comments
The dramatic retelling of the Apollo 13 space mission is one of the finest movies of the 1990s.
Argo 2/26/13 58.30%[17.49/30]        Comments
A story of a fake movie used as a vehicle to rescue Americans in real danger, Argo won Best Picture at the 2102 Academy Awards.
Backdraft 7/13/11 81.24%[20.31/25]        Comments
Backdraft takes you right into the flames and puts you in the hot seat, as two brothers battle their ways through fires and each other to find a mad arsonist on the loose.
Before Sunrise 7/2/13 81.40%[20.35/25]        Comments
Yes, it's the film that started it all! Test your knowledge on the movie that gave us all the adventures of Jesse and Celine!
Begin Again 7/7/15 74.52%[18.63/25]        Comments
Dan and Gretta, both down on their luck, find their lives changing after they collaborate on recording an album.
Ben-Hur 9/7/16 55.09%[18.18/33]        Comments
A film classic that received an unnecessary, and unsuccessful remake....how do you know the original Ben-Hur?
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 1/17/17 42.88%[10.72/25]        Comments
It's one of the straaaaaangest Best Picture Oscars ever. See how well you know this hilarious, if trippy, Michael Keaton flick.
Black Hawk Down 6/24/09 64.40%[16.10/25]        Comments
Black Hawk Down is a gritty film that depicts the best and worst of modern warfare with intense realism.
Black Swan 4/4/18 54.92%[13.18/24]        Comments
Darren Aronofsky gets weiiiirrrrrd (I know, right?) in this mind-bending, identity-questioning drama.
Blair Witch Project, The: 10/16/08 77.90%[15.58/20]        Comments
Setting the standard for low-budget, shaky-cam horror movies, the Blair Witch project is one of the great indie film success stories of all time.
Blind Side, The: 5/18/10 70.00%[21.00/30]        Comments
Sandra Bullock won theOscar for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy and her family take in Michael Oher, a troubled teen who just about everyone has given up on.
Book of Eli, The: 10/6/10 73.52%[18.38/25]        Comments
Denzel Washington starred as Eli, a journeyman carrying a much sought-after book, as well as a secret or two.
Born on the Fourth of July 7/4/17 59.90%[11.98/20]        Comments
Tom Cruise plays Ron Kovic, a man who becomes an unlikely symbol of Vietnam War protest in Oliver Stone's searing biopic.
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