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Firefly Quotes, Part IV 1/24/13 80.76%[20.19/25]        Comments
Quotes and quips from Mal, Inara, Shepard, Jayne and...oh, what the hell, Simon complete our quiz series on Firefly quotes.
Firefly Quotes, Part III 1/15/13 82.72%[20.68/25]        Comments
We're going back to the mine of Firefly for another whole bunch of quotes for you to test your noodle on.
Firefly Quotes, Part II 9/20/12 86.04%[21.51/25]        Comments
It's Firefly's 10th anniversary. Let's all celebrate with this trivia on who said what in different episodes.
Firefly Quotes, Part I 9/18/12 82.36%[20.59/25]        Comments
We love Firefly. We love quote quizzes. Put the two together, and you have a Firefly Quotes quiz, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the show.
Firefly Episode 13: Heart of Gold 4/10/08 85.00%[12.75/15]        Comments
Mal rides to the rescue of Inara's companion friend, who stands threatened by the local badguy.
Firefly Episode 14: Objects in Space 4/10/08 81.60%[12.24/15]        Comments
Sob. Here it is, the last episode of Firefly that we'll ever ever ever get.
Firefly Episode 12: The Message 4/9/08 86.40%[12.96/15]        Comments
Firefly's ante-penultimate episode brings us a Browncoat, who holds odd secrets and new dangers.
Firefly Episode 11: Trash 4/8/08 85.60%[12.84/15]        Comments
More Saffron. Yay! More Mal nudity. Boo! Prove you're a Firefly maven.
Firefly Episode 10: War Stories 4/7/08 89.67%[13.45/15]        Comments
Wash is a little jealous of the Mal-Zoe relationship. Trouble is in store. River acts strangely. See how well you remember this Firefly installment.
Firefly Episode 09: Ariel 4/4/08 87.00%[13.05/15]        Comments
Ariel, the 9th episode of Firefly, follows Mal and his wacky crew on another set of adventures that guessed it, wacky!
Firefly Episode 08: Out of Gas 4/3/08 87.93%[13.19/15]        Comments
Here's more trivia, this time on the eighth episode of Firefly's all-too-short run.
Firefly Episode 07: Jaynestown 4/2/08 89.80%[13.47/15]        Comments
The gang visits a crappy town where Jayne is a hero. Not everyone is happy...including, eventually, Jayne.
Firefly Episode 06: Our Mrs. Reynolds 4/1/08 88.33%[13.25/15]        Comments
The bride Saffron is not quite as she seems. Christina Hendricks makes her break-through performance in Our Mrs. Reynolds.
Firefly Episode 05: Safe 2/5/08 87.80%[13.17/15]        Comments
Safe sees the crew involved with some cattle smuggling and River accused of witchcraft. Test your Firefly IQ recall.
Firefly Episode 04: Shindig 2/4/08 79.80%[11.97/15]        Comments
Even more Firefly trivia for fans of the Whedonverse.
Firefly Episode 03: Bushwhacked 2/1/08 81.60%[12.24/15]        Comments
We finds the crew getting into all sorts of trouble when the come across a seemingly abandoned ship.
Firefly Episode 02: The Train Job 1/31/08 85.20%[12.78/15]        Comments
Firefly Episode 2 finds the Serenity crew commissioned for a job thatisn't as straight-forward as it seems.
Firefly Episode 01: Serenity 1/30/08 83.63%[25.09/30]        Comments
Firefly. We love it. You love it. Today's outing is Serenity and since it's double-sized, there are 30 questions.
Serenity 9/20/06 83.68%[20.92/25]        Comments
Few screenplays in recent memory combine the wit and intelligence Joss Whedon displays in this, the best sci-fi action flick since The Matrix.
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