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30 Days of Night 10/27/11 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
You may know that when man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself, but how well do you know 30 Days of Night?
300 7/2/08 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
300 has received as much praise as any guy film in recent memory due to its novel visuals and videogame-stylized storyline.
Ant-Man 7/3/18 50.12%[13.03/26]        Comments
The MCU took a bit of a detour into somewhat lighter fare with 2015's Ant-Man.
Avengers (Easy Version), The: 11/15/12 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Delve into the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and their brothers-in-arms. We've kept stuff fairly easy for this quiz, so you should have no problem proving your Avengers acumen.
Avengers (Hard Version), The: 11/21/12 71.20%[17.80/25]        Comments
So you think you know The Avengers? Really? Here's a much tougher quiz to test your knowledge of the adventures of Tony, Bruce, Steve, Natasha, and, of course, Erik Selvig.
Avengers: Age of Ultron, The: 12/1/15 78.47%[23.54/30]        Comments
Downey, Johansson, Ruffalo and Evans reassembled as Mavel tried to recapture the magic that made The Avengers a popular and critical blockbuster.
Avengers: Quotes, The: 10/11/12 89.04%[22.26/25]        Comments
The Avengers is arguably the seminal movie of this generation, which is why BOP is doing three different quizzes for it. Today, we start with How Well Do You Know The Avengers Movie Quotes?
Batman 7/27/05 70.90%[14.18/20]        Comments
Director Tim Burton stunned movie aficionados when he selected Michael Keaton to portray the Dark Knight.
Batman Begins 1/24/07 73.32%[18.33/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale breathed much needed new life into a film franchise that had deteriorated into downright silliness.
Batman Returns 11/28/07 69.00%[13.80/20]        Comments
A tale of the misunderstood, the vengeful and the heavily-costumed, Tim Burton's Batman Returns was the last decent Batman film for a loooooooong time.
Blade 7/30/09 75.15%[20.29/27]        Comments
In 1998, Wesley Snipes and Stephen Norrington took a throwaway Marvel comic book character and transformed him into an unbelievably kick ass superhero.
Captain America, Part 1 12/1/11 74.29%[20.80/28]        Comments
Chris Evans fills the boots of Captain America. You may have thought he'd be taller, but how well do you know Captain America?
Captain America, Part 2 12/3/11 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
Transformed from a 98-pound weakling into the ultimate freedom fighter, Captain America must save the world from a horrific WWII scourge.
Captain America: Civil War Cast 5/10/16 61.12%[9.78/16]        Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is THE model for building an interconnected film world. Maybe the secret to its success is that so many of its players have worked together on non-Marvel related films. Let's see how well you know these intersections for the cast of Captain America: Civil War.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Constantine 8/10/05 82.35%[16.47/20]        Comments
Constantine was one of the more unlikely comic-to-film projects, and may have proven that Keanu Reeves is still a box office draw, after all.
Cowboys and Aliens 1/10/12 61.80%[15.45/25]        Comments
With Iron Man’s Jon Favreau directing the current James Bond and the one-and-only Indiana Jones, the film plays it straight forward and avoids campiness.
Dark Knight (Part I), The: 6/25/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
You may have seen the movie countless times, but will you be courageous enough to stand up against some tough questions or, like Batman, throw this quiz against a wall to get the answers?
Dark Knight (Part II), The: 7/2/09 82.36%[20.59/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan's dark, complicated tale pitted Gotham's protector against an enigmatic, malevolent foe.
Dick Tracy 3/26/11 62.04%[15.51/25]        Comments
Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy brought the 1930's comic strip comes to life with a all-star cast. Who says tough guys can't wear yellow?
Doctor Strange 8/17/17 52.29%[12.55/24]        Comments
Marvel adds yet another character to its cavalcade of stars as Benedict Cumberbatch tries his hand at superhero movies.
Guardians of the Galaxy 7/19/17 51.92%[12.46/24]        Comments
Marvel struck absolute gold with its most unlikely comic-to-film entrance. Replete with colorful characters, Guardians of the Galaxy took an obscure title and turned it into a new dynamic cornerstone of the MCU.
Hellboy 6/1/06 72.82%[12.38/17]        Comments
Many people have daddy issues. For Hellboy, the problem is a bit more extreme. His papa is the tormentor of mankind, hellbent (no pun intended) on destroying our world.
Iron Man 10/6/08 73.88%[18.47/25]        Comments
Okay people: Iron Man is out on home video now and odds are quite good you have seen it.
Iron Man 2 11/10/10 80.90%[24.27/30]        Comments
Following up an instant classic is never easy. Iron Man 2 handled the situation nicely, which is why it has accrued a larger worldwide gross than its predecessor.
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