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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Film) 8/13/11 83.77%[25.13/30]        Comments
Scott Pilgrim's slacker life is turned upside down when he meets Ramona K. Flowers. To win her affection, he is forced to battle seven Evil Exes.
Secret Identities: Superheroes in Film 7/19/11 76.64%[19.16/25]        Comments
Behind every mask, cape or uniform, is a person that's the real character of a superhero.
Losers, The: 6/5/11 82.80%[20.70/25]        Comments
The Losers is an entertaining comic-to-film adaptation about a rough and tumble team betrayed by an evil super-genius.
Red 5/14/11 81.28%[20.32/25]        Comments
Retired black ops agent Frank Moses is targeted by ruthless assailants, leading him to have to leave his quiet life behind and reassemble his former cronies.
Dick Tracy 3/26/11 62.04%[15.51/25]        Comments
Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy brought the 1930's comic strip comes to life with a all-star cast. Who says tough guys can't wear yellow?
Walking Dead, Season 1 Recap, The: 12/6/10 66.20%[16.55/25]        Comments
AMC debuted the The Walking Dead, a comic-to-screen adaptation depicting a small group's struggle for survival in the zombified South.
Iron Man 2 11/10/10 80.90%[24.27/30]        Comments
Following up an instant classic is never easy. Iron Man 2 handled the situation nicely, which is why it has accrued a larger worldwide gross than its predecessor.
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour 8/13/10 89.40%[13.41/15]        Comments
Boy falls in love with girl. Boy finds out girl has seven evil exes that must be defeated. The things we do for love.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe 8/12/10 80.07%[12.01/15]        Comments
You might be the best 24-year-old...ever, but how well do you know Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe?
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together 8/12/10 84.87%[12.73/15]        Comments
Another quiz in the further adventures of quizzical Toronto manchild Scott Pilgrim.
Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness 8/11/10 89.73%[13.46/15]        Comments
Prove you're a romantic video game hero in a fake-vegan bassplayer world.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Book) 8/11/10 76.80%[11.52/15]        Comments
Giving the people what they want, here's another heaping helping of Scott Pilgrim trivia.
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life 8/11/10 86.33%[12.95/15]        Comments
Test yourself on even more Scott Pilgrim trivia - it's what Knives Chau would have wanted.
Blade 7/30/09 75.15%[20.29/27]        Comments
In 1998, Wesley Snipes and Stephen Norrington took a throwaway Marvel comic book character and transformed him into an unbelievably kick ass superhero.
Dark Knight (Part II), The: 7/2/09 82.36%[20.59/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan's dark, complicated tale pitted Gotham's protector against an enigmatic, malevolent foe.
Dark Knight (Part I), The: 6/25/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
You may have seen the movie countless times, but will you be courageous enough to stand up against some tough questions or, like Batman, throw this quiz against a wall to get the answers?
Undercover Brother 6/11/09 82.56%[20.64/25]        Comments
A cracker-jack script and fine comedic performances elevate Malcolm D. Lee's screen version of John Ridley's internet cartoon.
Wanted 3/10/09 66.60%[13.32/20]        Comments
The last weekend of June 2008 saw a head-to-head battle between a sweet-natured, animated love story between robots and a full-on violent action film with loads of effects and gunplay.
Watchmen (The Graphic Novel) 3/5/09 79.08%[19.77/25]        Comments
Beginning in 1986, DC Comics published a 12 issue series from writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons that deconstructed the super-hero mythos. It asked the question "What would our world be like if super-heroes actually existed?"
Iron Man 10/6/08 73.88%[18.47/25]        Comments
Okay people: Iron Man is out on home video now and odds are quite good you have seen it.
300 7/2/08 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
300 has received as much praise as any guy film in recent memory due to its novel visuals and videogame-stylized storyline.
X-Men: The Last Stand 4/9/08 77.68%[17.09/22]        Comments
With new director Brett Ratner aboard, the film centers around a "cure" for mutation and the fate of Jean Grey.
Batman Returns 11/28/07 69.00%[13.80/20]        Comments
A tale of the misunderstood, the vengeful and the heavily-costumed, Tim Burton's Batman Returns was the last decent Batman film for a loooooooong time.
Batman Begins 1/24/07 73.32%[18.33/25]        Comments
Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale breathed much needed new life into a film franchise that had deteriorated into downright silliness.
Hellboy 6/1/06 72.82%[12.38/17]        Comments
Many people have daddy issues. For Hellboy, the problem is a bit more extreme. His papa is the tormentor of mankind, hellbent (no pun intended) on destroying our world.
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