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Ant-Man 7/3/18 49.96%[12.99/26]        Comments
The MCU took a bit of a detour into somewhat lighter fare with 2015's Ant-Man.
LEGO Batman Movie, The: 9/20/17 75.43%[22.63/30]        Comments
Batman's status as legendary superhero is sharply called into question in the follow-up to the terrifically entertaining The Lego Movie.
Doctor Strange 8/17/17 52.21%[12.53/24]        Comments
Marvel adds yet another character to its cavalcade of stars as Benedict Cumberbatch tries his hand at superhero movies.
Wonder Woman 8/8/17 55.32%[13.83/25]        Comments
DC finally gets a hit superhero movie. Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot in a breakthrough performance deliver a critically and popularly well-received blockbuster.
Mask, The: 8/1/17 55.96%[13.99/25]        Comments
Jim Carrey barely harnesses his manic energy, and Cameron Diaz makes her first big-screen splash in a cinematic version of the comic book title The Mask.
Guardians of the Galaxy 7/19/17 51.67%[12.40/24]        Comments
Marvel struck absolute gold with its most unlikely comic-to-film entrance. Replete with colorful characters, Guardians of the Galaxy took an obscure title and turned it into a new dynamic cornerstone of the MCU.
Captain America: Civil War Cast 5/10/16 61.06%[9.77/16]        Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is THE model for building an interconnected film world. Maybe the secret to its success is that so many of its players have worked together on non-Marvel related films. Let's see how well you know these intersections for the cast of Captain America: Civil War.
Avengers: Age of Ultron, The: 12/1/15 78.50%[23.55/30]        Comments
Downey, Johansson, Ruffalo and Evans reassembled as Mavel tried to recapture the magic that made The Avengers a popular and critical blockbuster.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4/8/14 50.03%[15.51/31]        Comments
With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film project coming soon to a theater near you - or, already having done so - we want to see how well you know these Heroes in a Half Shell
Iron Man Screenshots 5/1/13 88.08%[22.02/25]        Comments
Screenshot quizzes are always popular. Iron Man is always popular. Will an Iron Man Screenshot quiz be popular? All signs point to yes!
Avengers (Hard Version), The: 11/21/12 71.16%[17.79/25]        Comments
So you think you know The Avengers? Really? Here's a much tougher quiz to test your knowledge of the adventures of Tony, Bruce, Steve, Natasha, and, of course, Erik Selvig.
Avengers (Easy Version), The: 11/15/12 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Delve into the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and their brothers-in-arms. We've kept stuff fairly easy for this quiz, so you should have no problem proving your Avengers acumen.
Avengers: Quotes, The: 10/11/12 89.04%[22.26/25]        Comments
The Avengers is arguably the seminal movie of this generation, which is why BOP is doing three different quizzes for it. Today, we start with How Well Do You Know The Avengers Movie Quotes?
Spider-Man Franchise Screenshots 7/3/12 76.00%[19.00/25]        Comments
In a series filled with dazzling visuals, we'll now test your knowledge of some of the films' signature and more obscure scenes.
Men in Black 5/24/12 78.28%[19.57/25]        Comments
The pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made for a well-loved blockbuster that would spawn sequels,...
Thor 5/3/12 77.44%[19.36/25]        Comments
Thor drinks too much, eats too much and fights too much. In short, he is all that is man
Path to The Avengers, The: 5/1/12 81.84%[20.46/25]        Comments
Let's take this opportunity to determine How well do you know The Path to The Avengers.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Cowboys and Aliens 1/10/12 61.80%[15.45/25]        Comments
With Iron Man’s Jon Favreau directing the current James Bond and the one-and-only Indiana Jones, the film plays it straight forward and avoids campiness.
Captain America, Part 2 12/3/11 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
Transformed from a 98-pound weakling into the ultimate freedom fighter, Captain America must save the world from a horrific WWII scourge.
Captain America, Part 1 12/1/11 74.29%[20.80/28]        Comments
Chris Evans fills the boots of Captain America. You may have thought he'd be taller, but how well do you know Captain America?
30 Days of Night 10/27/11 75.12%[18.78/25]        Comments
You may know that when man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself, but how well do you know 30 Days of Night?
X-Men: First Class 9/27/11 65.28%[16.32/25]        Comments
Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time.
Secret Identities: Super Villains in Film 9/13/11 67.92%[16.98/25]        Comments
While Lex Luthor boldly went by Lex Luthor, most of his evil peers went a different route. It's time to see how well you know the real names of super villains.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Evil Exes 8/14/11 84.30%[16.86/20]        Comments
The Evil Exes represent a varied array of abilities, genders and reward tokens. Do you know your Lucas Lee from your Matthew Patel?
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