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NCIS Season 10 Recap, Part 1 5/14/13 66.58%[15.98/24]        Comments
TV's most popular show barreled into its tenth season. See how well you remember this latest installment of NCIS, lest you earn yourself a smack upside the head.
NCIS, Season 9 Recap Part 2 5/31/12 63.20%[15.80/25]        Comments
The second half of Season 9 saw the development of an epic story arc involving domestic terrorist Harper Dearing. We also met Gibbs' new lady friend Dr. Ryan...
NCIS, Season 9 Recap Part 1 5/17/12 72.08%[18.02/25]        Comments
We met McGee's grandmother, Abby's brother, Tony's ex-fiancee, and Ziva punched her almost-fiance in the face.
NCIS, Season 8 Recap Part 2 5/20/11 73.32%[16.13/22]        Comments
The first half of Season 8 was big and bold, starting with Gibbs facing possible murder charges in Mexico
NCIS, Season 8 Recap Part 1 5/15/11 63.95%[13.43/21]        Comments
Relive the Gibbs-flavored justice-bringing head-slap that was NCIS, Season 8.
NCIS: The All-Gibbs Quiz 1/12/11 73.21%[17.57/24]        Comments
Serial killers on death row ask for him by name. International terrorists hold grudges against him.
Ultimate NCIS Character Trivia 9/19/10 67.00%[16.75/25]        Comments
You know how Gibbs takes his coffee, what affectionate nicknames Abby gives to her lab equipment, why DiNozzo hates the Civil War..
NCIS: Season 7 5/26/10 64.24%[16.06/25]        Comments
The season opened big with a dramatic rescue in Somalia, then we met an array of new characters including child geniuses, fathers, a ex-Mother-in-law, Coast Guard investigators, a famous madam, and a sleazy lawyer.
Showing results 1 - 8 of 8

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