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Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams 6/25/14 62.60%[6.26/10]        Comments
Test your recognition of Game of Thrones actors. Figure out the name represented by the tiles, and match it to the character said actor portrays.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams II 7/15/15 72.00%[7.20/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams III 5/18/16 66.70%[6.67/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Game of Thrones, S01E01: Winter Is Coming 7/22/13 85.10%[17.02/20]        Comments
Behold the episode that started the phenomenon. In the pilot for Game of Thrones, Tyrion had super-blonde hair, Khaleesi was just the weak twin sister and nobody hated Catelyn yet. Behold how much has changed while proving how much you remember about the first episode of the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the 2000s.
Game of Thrones, S01E02: The Kingsroad 7/24/13 85.90%[17.18/20]        Comments
We've met the Starks and discovered direwolves. The king has arrived with a job in mind for our hero. Cersei and Jaime Lannister have proven to be treacherous. And Viserys is willing to trade his sister's virtue for an army that might help him win back the throne. A lot was packed into that first episode - can the second keep up?
Game of Thrones, S01E03: Lord Snow 8/7/13 76.93%[11.54/15]        Comments
Life on The Wall is a bitch. Ned meets the Small Council, as Catelyn and Littlefinger reunite. See how well you can remember this early Game of Thrones episode.
Game of Thrones, S01E04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things 8/15/13 90.20%[13.53/15]        Comments
A fateful phrase, Ned's search, Littlefinger's slipperiness and the emergence of Sam all figure into Game of Thrones: Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things
Game of Thrones, S01E06: A Golden Crown 8/28/13 76.07%[11.41/15]        Comments
We meet Osha, Bronn sees some action, Ned continues to complicate matters and a key character is most decidedly dispatched.
Game of Thrones, S01E07: You Win or You Die 9/3/13 81.80%[12.27/15]        Comments
We don't see Catelyn, Tyrion, Sansa or Arya, but there's a slew (ha!) of plotting and machinations in Game of Thrones' critical seventh episode.
Game of Thrones, S01E08: The Pointy End 9/11/13 78.40%[11.76/15]        Comments
War breaks out over the Seven Kingdoms as Robb mobilizes southward. We learn more about the White Walkers, as a major character receives a seemingly innocuous injury.
Game of Thrones, S01E09: Baelor 9/25/13 80.65%[16.13/20]        Comments
Robb is on the move, Drogo is on his deathbed, Ned is still incarcerated and Tyrion is off to war.
Game of Thrones, S01E10: Fire and Blood 10/2/13 78.07%[11.71/15]        Comments
The Starks are devastated. The news is even worse for Daenerys. And Jon Snow almost makes a big, big mistake. Here's our quiz on the final episode of Game of Thrones, Season 1.
Game of Thrones, S02E01: The North Remembers 4/24/12 89.60%[13.44/15]        Comments
With the beginning of Season Two, the intrigue continues and new characters show up to complicate things even more.
Game of Thrones, S02E02: The Night Lands 4/25/12 87.47%[13.12/15]        Comments
Daenerys is wandering in the desert, Arya is pretending to be a boy, and Jon Snow is hanging out at the home of a man with very strange proclivities.
Game of Thrones, S02E03: What Is Dead May Never Die 4/26/12 87.80%[13.17/15]        Comments
Also, have you noticed there's a lot of sex and violence on this show? No? It's just me.
Game of Thrones, S02E04: Garden of Bones 4/28/12 87.47%[13.12/15]        Comments
We've lost count of how many kings we're up to now, but with the arrival of Episode 4 we're left to wonder how Arya and her friends will fare now that they've been taken captive.
Game of Thrones, S02E05: The Ghost of Harrenhal 5/1/12 90.40%[13.56/15]        Comments
It has to make more sense than the smoke creature on Lost. How well do you know Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 5 - "The Ghost of Harrenhal"?
Game of Thrones, S02E06: The Old Gods and the New 5/10/12 90.13%[13.52/15]        Comments
Arya is now a cupbearer, Jon is way out past the wall, and Daenerys is making new friends in Qarth.
Game of Thrones, S02E07: A Man Without Honor 5/18/12 86.73%[13.01/15]        Comments
Jon Snow is wandering around, hobbit-like, and Arya is too close to Lannisters for comfort.
Game of Thrones, S02E08: The Prince of Winterfell 5/22/12 88.53%[13.28/15]        Comments
Robb crushes on the pretty girl, Daenerys demands her dragons, Theon does...whatever it is he does.
Game of Thrones, S02E09: Blackwater 5/30/12 90.20%[22.55/25]        Comments
You may hope that Joffrey dies in a horrible act of violence, but How Well Do You Know 'Blackwater'?
Game of Thrones, S02E10: Valar Morghulis 6/8/12 89.48%[22.37/25]        Comments
You've watched the entire second season of Game of Thrones, but how well do you know the season finale, "Valar Morghulis"?
Game of Thrones, S03E01: Valar Dohaeris 4/3/13 88.47%[13.27/15]        Comments
Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones is back! And so are our quizzes for each episode of Season 3!
Game of Thrones, S03E02: Dark Wings, Dark Words 4/11/13 81.60%[12.24/15]        Comments
The pieces start to move. Arya meets the Brotherhood, Bran meets new travelers and Sansa courts trouble in Game of Throne's latest episode
Game of Thrones, S03E03: Walk of Punishment 4/17/13 88.67%[13.30/15]        Comments
Daenerys makes an interesting business proposition. Edmure is a screw-up. Pod receives an interesting gift. And something gets chopped off.
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