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Game of Thrones, S05E07: The Gift 5/27/15 89.30%[17.86/20]        Comments
Karma catches up with at least one key Game of Thrones character. Also, being in prison is sometimes more than it's cracked up to be.
Game of Thrones, S05E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken 5/19/15 84.00%[12.60/15]        Comments
If you managed to forget that Game of Thrones can get *dark*, here is the episode to remind you of that very fact.
Game of Thrones, S05E05: Kill the Boy 5/14/15 84.95%[16.99/20]        Comments
Jorah takes a boat ride, Ramsay's position is reconsidered, Sansa is reunited and Jon launches a rather unpopular plan.
Game of Thrones, S05E04: Sons of the Harpy 5/5/15 83.67%[12.55/15]        Comments
We had one word in reaction to the end of this episode: NoooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOO!
Game of Thrones, S05E03: High Sparrow 4/30/15 90.00%[13.50/15]        Comments
More about the Sparrows, Margaery's manipulations, and Jon Snow's not f*&@#ing around any more.
Game of Thrones, S05E02: The House of Black and White 4/21/15 89.87%[13.48/15]        Comments
Arya arrive, Pod falls off his horse, Brienne gets rejected and the Nights Watch goes a-voting.
Game of Thrones, S05E01: The Wars to Come 4/16/15 91.40%[13.71/15]        Comments
Game of Thrones is back! Game of Thrones is back! See how well you remember the greatly-anticipated premiere of Game of Throne's fifth season.
Game of Thrones, Season 4 Quotes 3/25/15 71.60%[17.90/25]        Comments
Think you are a Game of Thrones expert? Try our trivia quiz on the dialog, one-liners, off-the-cuff remarks and other quotes from the series' fourth season.
Game of Thrones, Season 4 Recap 8/19/14 81.64%[20.41/25]        Comments
Stannis takes the long way to kingship, Arya journeys with the Hound, Tyrion goes on trial and lots, and lots of characters die. Test your Westeros IQ with our Game of Thrones Season 4 trivia quiz.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams 6/25/14 63.20%[6.32/10]        Comments
Test your recognition of Game of Thrones actors. Figure out the name represented by the tiles, and match it to the character said actor portrays.
Game of Thrones, S04E10: The Children 6/17/14 94.88%[23.72/25]        Comments
Season 4 comes to a close, which means it will be a long, long time until winter is coming once again.
Game of Thrones, S04E09: The Watchers on the Wall 6/10/14 85.58%[16.26/19]        Comments
It's a unique episode of Game of Thrones, with the program devoted entirely to happenings in one location.
Game of Thrones, S04E08: The Mountain and the Viper 6/3/14 91.11%[16.40/18]        Comments
It's one of those Game of Thrones episodes that people will be talking about for....quite some time.
Game of Thrones, S04E07: Mockingbird 5/20/14 82.78%[14.90/18]        Comments
Tyrion finds a champion, no one listens to Jon Snow and The Hound gets all melancholy.
Game of Thrones, S04E06: The Laws of Gods and Men 5/13/14 91.00%[13.65/15]        Comments
Justice, in one form or another, nears. Meanwhile, Stannis takes a trip to the bank.
Game of Thrones, S04E05: First of His Name 5/6/14 90.60%[13.59/15]        Comments
There's action beyond the wall, in the Vale, on the road and overlooking Meereen in the latest Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones, S04E04: Oathkeeper 4/29/14 89.10%[17.82/20]        Comments
We finally get a good look at Casa de White Walker in the latest Game of Thrones episode. Woohoo!
Game of Thrones, S04E03: Breaker of Chains 4/22/14 89.60%[13.44/15]        Comments
Hmmm, something important happened on last week's Game of Thrones, if I could only remember what it was....oh yeah! Anyhoo, we return to Westeros to see what whacky adventures everyone enjoys this week.
Game of Thrones, S04E02: The Lion and the Rose 4/15/14 93.80%[18.76/20]        Comments
It will surely be talked about for the rest of the season, as The Lion and the Rose brought about events with far-reaching implications.
Game of Thrones, S04E01: Two Swords 4/10/14 88.93%[13.34/15]        Comments
There's this little show called Game of Thrones. Perhaps you've heard of it? Now? You sure? Anyway, then, this quiz isn't for you....but it is for the millions and millions of loyal viewers who eagerly anticipated the cultural phenomenon's fourth season.
Game of Thrones, Season 3 Recap 4/3/14 66.97%[20.09/30]        Comments
Jon beyond The Wall, Dany and the Unsullied, the Red Wedding and Bran getting down with his warg self.
Game of Thrones, Season 3 Quotes 3/19/14 65.91%[15.16/23]        Comments
Tyrion, Tywin, Jon Snow and Davos all let their words do their talking in Game of Thrones' third season. Wait, what? never mind, just enjoy the quiz.
Game of Thrones, S01E10: Fire and Blood 10/2/13 77.93%[11.69/15]        Comments
The Starks are devastated. The news is even worse for Daenerys. And Jon Snow almost makes a big, big mistake. Here's our quiz on the final episode of Game of Thrones, Season 1.
Game of Thrones, S01E09: Baelor 9/25/13 80.35%[16.07/20]        Comments
Robb is on the move, Drogo is on his deathbed, Ned is still incarcerated and Tyrion is off to war.
Game of Thrones, S01E08: The Pointy End 9/11/13 78.67%[11.80/15]        Comments
War breaks out over the Seven Kingdoms as Robb mobilizes southward. We learn more about the White Walkers, as a major character receives a seemingly innocuous injury.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 81
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