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Game of Thrones, S07E07: The Dragon and the Wolf 8/30/17 83.75%[16.75/20]        Comments
And so we come to the end of the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. Very few players remain on the chess board - will we lose more in this season finale? You may know Jon Snow's real name, but how well do you know Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf?
Game of Thrones, S07E06: Beyond the Wall 8/22/17 91.52%[19.22/21]        Comments
Brave men are heading out beyond the wall. How many will return? If only Cersei wasn't such a jerkface, maybe people could be doing something about their White Walker problem. How well do you know Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 6: Beyond the Wall?
Game of Thrones, S07E05: Eastwatch 8/14/17 88.12%[14.98/17]        Comments
Is Winter here yet? Is Winter here yet? Is Winter here yet? You may know the answer to this question, but how well do you know Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5: Eastwatch?
Game of Thrones, S07E04: The Spoils of War 8/8/17 92.70%[18.54/20]        Comments
With Lady Olenna and the Sandsnakes off the board, the game is now down to a few remaining players. You may be able to take Brienne on in a duel, but how well do you know Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War?
Game of Thrones, S07E03: The Queen's Justice 7/31/17 91.93%[13.79/15]        Comments
Evil to the North. Evil to the South. Winter has arrived. Jon Snow's visiting Dragonstone (and his aunt - though he doesn't know that). And Euron, that Jack Sparrow wannabe is wreaking havoc with all kinds of plots and plans. Of course you watched The Queen's Justice. How well do you know it?
Game of Thrones, S07E02: Stormborn 7/26/17 86.30%[17.26/20]        Comments
A battle at sea rages while a sweet romance comes to fruition. Also: your Hot Pie moment!
Game of Thrones, S07E01: Dragonstone 7/17/17 93.13%[13.97/15]        Comments
Winter is here. With the debut of Season 7, we're only two shortened seasons away from a big finish. Who will prevail? The Lannisters, the Starks, the Targaryens, or the Night King? Episode 1, "Dragonstone," does a lot of table setting. How well do you know it?
Game of Thrones, Season 6 Recap 7/11/17 75.80%[18.95/25]        Comments
Lots and lots of characters meet their doom, while those that remain brace against the upcoming winds of winter in Game of Thrones' sixth season.
Game of Thrones, S06E10: The Winds of Winter 6/28/16 95.44%[17.18/18]        Comments
Sadly, here is the final episode quiz for Game of Thrones' remarkable sixth season.
Game of Thrones, S06E09: The Battle of the Bastards 6/21/16 92.33%[13.85/15]        Comments
Bolton vs Snow. There's gonna be some fightin'.
Game of Thrones, S06E08: No One 6/14/16 91.60%[13.74/15]        Comments
The Cleganes continue to re-emerge. There's a reunion, a decision about identity and a destruction of another of Cersei's plans.
Game of Thrones, S06E07: The Broken Man 6/9/16 87.07%[13.06/15]        Comments
An old face returns. A secret message is conveyed. And Theon is told to man the heck up.
Game of Thrones, S06E06: Blood of My Blood 5/31/16 84.82%[14.42/17]        Comments
Daenerys displays power. Bran runs for his life. A long-lost figure returns. And more!
Game of Thrones, S06E05: The Door 5/26/16 92.40%[13.86/15]        Comments
It's an episode that will be remembered years after its airing, and offers one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series' run.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams III 5/18/16 66.70%[6.67/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Game of Thrones, S06E04: Book of the Stranger 5/17/16 85.56%[13.69/16]        Comments
The breaker of chains breaks her chains, at least one semi-major character is killed off and Brienne reminds everyone she is really, really, really tall in Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger.
Game of Thrones, S06E03: Oathbreaker 5/11/16 84.11%[15.14/18]        Comments
The third episode of Game of Thrones' sixth season sees a major awakening and two long-lost characters resurface, apparently a bit worse for wear.
Game of Thrones, S06E02: Home 5/3/16 88.47%[13.27/15]        Comments
We finally catch up with Bran. House Bolton gets re-shuffled. Tyrion discovers a new talent.
Game of Thrones, S06E01: The Red Woman 4/26/16 88.33%[13.25/15]        Comments
Game of Thrones' sixth season starts with an episode that both sets all the pieces on the board and starts to move them.
Game of Thrones, Season 5 Quotes 4/20/16 70.45%[14.09/20]        Comments
Who said what to whom? And what exactly was said? Here's yet another fine Game of Thrones quiz for your enjoyment.
Game of Thrones, Season 5 Recap 4/13/16 67.20%[16.80/25]        Comments
Storm clouds conclude gathering and start to break in Game of Thrones' fifth season. From Mereen to Hardhome, let's see how well you remember this epic season
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams II 7/15/15 71.70%[7.17/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Game of Thrones, S05E10: Mother's Mercy 6/17/15 93.62%[19.66/21]        Comments
Season 5 closes on Game of Thrones. It does not go quietly.
Game of Thrones, S05E09: The Dance of Dragons 6/9/15 88.73%[13.31/15]        Comments
There's a lot of fire. And mayhem in the snow. And an unwelcome guest for Arya. Here's our trivia quiz on Game of Thrones Season 5's penultimate episode.
Game of Thrones, S05E08: Hardhome 6/2/15 87.27%[13.09/15]        Comments
Jon arrives at his destination. Two primary characters bond. Sansa lets loose. All hell breaks loose.
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