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Top Chef All-Stars Recap 3/31/11 74.92%[18.73/25]        Comments
Top Chef All-Stars brought together some of the most engaging personalities to have previously appeared on the series. Also, Marcel was invited back.
Top Chef D.C. Recap 9/16/10 70.67%[21.20/30]        Comments
While it took a while for this season to emerge from the shadow of its predecessor, the competition grew increasingly intriguing as the finale approached.
Top Chef Las Vegas 12/10/09 73.73%[22.12/30]        Comments
If High Stakes Quickfires, sibling rivalry, breakfast in bed and Restaurant Wars are your thing, then Top Chef Las Vegas gave you exactly what you were looking for.
Top Chef New York 2/26/09 71.40%[17.85/25]        Comments
The inclusion of rock stars, bridal showers and a scowling Englishman made for some quality television.
Showing results 1 - 4 of 4

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