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(500) Days of Summer 5/8/10 75.56%[18.89/25]        Comments
Tom Hansen believes he will not be truly happy until he finds 'the one'. He thinks he's found just this in recent L.A. transplant Summer Finn.
13 Going on 30 4/30/11 84.44%[21.11/25]        Comments
When she magically wakens as her 30 year-old self, she finds that being a grown-up may not be all that it's cracked up to be.
17 Again 12/15/09 74.60%[18.65/25]        Comments
After appearing in a supporting role in Hairspray, he moved on to a headlining role in this teen comedy that is a lot better than you'd probably expect.
21 Jump Street 7/11/12 77.03%[23.11/30]        Comments
2012's 21 Jump Street is an unexpectedly entertaining of the 80s undercover-cops-posing-as-high-schoolers TV show. How well do you know 21 Jump Street?
22 Jump Street 7/22/15 81.68%[20.42/25]        Comments
Jenko and Schmidt enroll in college to help the Jump Street program find the supplier for a designer drug popular on campus.
27 Dresses 1/16/10 76.12%[19.03/25]        Comments
A young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.
30 Rock, Season 1 (Easy) 4/30/09 57.40%[14.35/25]        Comments
30 Rock debuted in 2006 on NBC as the show about a sketch comedy show that wasn't the one with references to The Pirates of Penzance; however, Tina Fey and company emerged the victor.
30 Rock, Season 1 (Hard) 5/2/09 50.36%[12.59/25]        Comments
Prepare for your mind grapes to be squeezed. You may look like a solid gold candy bar, but how well do you *really* know the first season of 30 Rock?
30 Rock: Season Four 5/25/10 79.24%[19.81/25]        Comments
Jack inherits a pet peacock from his former boss, Liz falls for an Englishman named Wesley Snipes and the building's 12:30a janitor demands the 11:30p shift -- echoing NBC's late night fiasco.
40-Year-Old Virgin, The: 5/30/07 79.12%[19.78/25]        Comments
The comic team included Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, and Elizabeth Banks.
50 First Dates 2/5/15 80.70%[18.56/23]        Comments
A man with commitment issues finds himself falling for a woman with no short-term memory, who can't remember him the next day. He goes about trying to make her fall in love with him again every day.
About a Boy 4/9/09 66.72%[16.68/25]        Comments
Weaving through a duel narrative comparing the stories of a man who still behaves as a child and a child that is forced to be a man, this 2002 British comedy is an extremely compelling film.
Adaptation. 6/2/08 66.08%[16.52/25]        Comments
It is a film essentially about that very thing -- an adaptation. In this case, a book -- Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief.
Addams Family, The: 1/9/11 71.92%[17.98/25]        Comments
The cinematic version of the TV classic introduced a new generation to the morbid world of the Addamses, complete with a walking hand and real Cousin Itt.
Adventures in Babysitting 8/27/11 81.44%[20.36/25]        Comments
This movie may make you think seriously about investing in a nanny cam. How well do you know Adventures in Babysitting?
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The: 7/17/06 66.28%[16.57/25]        Comments
You call yourself a fan of the lost, lamented series, but How Well Do You Know The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.?
Airplane! 8/20/09 70.40%[17.60/25]        Comments
It’s been almost 30 years, but the classic comedy Airplane! still remains one of the funniest and most influential American spoofs ever made.
Aladdin 8/12/09 73.58%[17.66/24]        Comments
The number one film of 1992, with over 500 million dollars in worldwide box-office, was Aladdin.
Almost Famous 7/29/09 72.44%[18.11/25]        Comments
It was in the fall of 2000 that Cameron Crowe platformed the release of his near autobiographical account of growing up a music journalist in the mid-seventies.
Alpha House, Season 1 1/14/14 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Forgoing the meanspiritedness you might expect, Alpha House used gentle but shrewd humor to poke fun on the Washington, DC political process during its freshman season.
Alpha House, Season 2 11/18/14 72.00%[18.00/25]        Comments
John Goodman and Clark Johnson lead a fantastic cast in the second season of Alpha House, the hilarious and smart political satire produced by Amazon.
Amelie 4/8/10 75.53%[22.66/30]        Comments
Unlike most congenitally introverted people these days, she rejects the Internet in favour of anonymous meddling.
American Pie 7/20/05 73.00%[14.60/20]        Comments
Ah, horny teenagers. Back in the innocent days of 1999, the Weitz brothers gave us this surprisingly sweet look at friendship and sexual frustration.
American Pie 2 3/21/12 87.12%[21.78/25]        Comments
You may know the first name of Stiffler's mom, but how well do you know American Pie 2?
American President: Quotes, The: 2/14/13 77.28%[19.32/25]        Comments
From Andrew Shepherd to Lewis Rothschild, from Leo Solomon to Leon Kodak, let's see if you know the still-recognizable quotes from The American President.
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