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Kiki's Delivery Service 5/23/18 70.84%[17.71/25]        Comments
Pancakes - check. Cats - check. A witch - check.
My Neighbor Totoro 5/16/18 56.83%[13.64/24]        Comments
I wish I lived next to a very large catlikething!
Last Starfighter, The: 4/25/18 48.67%[11.68/24]        Comments
It's an 80s classic, in as much as it ripped off a slew of other, better films. Still, it's cool remembering how much fun it was to watch for the first time.
Can't Buy Me Love 1/10/18 89.75%[17.95/20]        Comments
Nerdy kid helps his popular crush out of a financial jam, as long as she agrees to be his girlfriend for a month. Will this crazy plan change their lives? All signs point to yes.
Born on the Fourth of July 7/4/17 59.55%[11.91/20]        Comments
Tom Cruise plays Ron Kovic, a man who becomes an unlikely symbol of Vietnam War protest in Oliver Stone's searing biopic.
My Left Foot 3/7/17 45.88%[11.47/25]        Comments
It's the stirring story of an artist with developmental challenges, and proof of DDL's acting genius.
Last Emperor, The: 2/7/17 55.93%[16.78/30]        Comments
Bernardo Bertolucci wrote and directed this sprawling epic, giving audiences a rare look at an arc of Chinese history and the man caught up in it.
Dirty Harry (version 2) 1/31/17 79.56%[19.89/25]        Comments
It's one of Eastwood's signature role, with one of filmdom's most recognizable quotes. Test your knowledge on the original Dirty Harry.
Ghostbusters II 1/11/17 77.77%[24.11/31]        Comments
It's the follow-up to the original 80s smash, which finds the Ghostbusters reunited in a widely-debated sequel.
Full Metal Jacket 11/7/16 45.08%[11.27/25]        Comments
Kubrick's war masterpiece Full Metal Jacket proved that no film, not even Oliver Stone's Platoon, could offer the definitive word on Vietnam.
American Tail, An 8/31/16 59.35%[11.87/20]        Comments
Lost in America, a newly-arrived immigrant mouse must find his family while discovering the strange new land he has arrived in.
Meaning of Life, The: 8/3/16 50.62%[13.16/26]        Comments
And now for something completely different....here's a quiz on the Monty Python epic that will hopefully show you, truly, definitively, The Meaning of Life.
Spaceballs 7/20/16 59.88%[14.97/25]        Comments
It's one of the great comedy spoofs ever. Never mind when then will be now...let's see how well you know Spaceballs.
Great Mouse Detective, The: 7/6/16 64.20%[12.84/20]        Comments
It's one of the products of the period considered to be lesser-Disney, but 1986's The Great Mouse Detective still has its charms.
Lethal Weapon 2 3/22/16 84.93%[25.48/30]        Comments
South Africans, old murders solved, Leo Getz and fast food strategies - all come into play in Lethal Weapon 2.
Running Man, The: 1/6/16 78.57%[23.57/30]        Comments
Drawing from the worlds of game show hosts, professional wrestlers and ex-NFL stars, The Running Man put a cast of colorful villains in the way of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Troop Beverly Hills 9/15/15 83.75%[16.75/20]        Comments
Shelley Long's brief film career basically began and ended with Troop Beverly Hills, a late 80s comedy.
Overboard 8/19/15 90.88%[22.72/25]        Comments
Rich, rude socialite Joanna gets amnesia and winds up living as "Annie", wife of sweaty carpenter Dean.
Three Men and a Baby 4/29/15 80.95%[16.19/20]        Comments
Three NYC bachelors find their lives turned upside down when a baby - the daughter of one of the roommates - is left on their doorstep.
Creepshow 10/28/14 77.88%[19.47/25]        Comments
The horror-comedy Creepshow was helmed by a well-known horror director, written by a world-famous horror author, and starred a handful of famous and soon-to-be-famous stars.
Clue 10/7/14 76.43%[22.93/30]        Comments
Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum and the other Clue characters came to life in this madcap 1980s film which featured various endings shown in different theaters.
Color Purple, The: 8/20/14 83.88%[20.97/25]        Comments
It created Oscars controversy, while launching Whoopi and Oprah to stardom. See how well you remember The Color Purple.
Funny Farm 8/13/14 85.76%[21.44/25]        Comments
What??? George Roy Hill directed Chevy Chase in a late 80s comedy? Indeed, this actually happened! But if you're taking this quiz for Funny Farm, you probably already know that.
Back To The Future Trilogy 4/2/14 58.97%[18.28/31]        Comments
Get ready to go back to the future, and then back to the past, to get back to the present, which is either the future or the past, depending on where you went back to. Got it?
Harlem Nights 2/19/14 86.60%[17.32/20]        Comments
One of Eddie Murphy's last great comedies (?), this late 1980s crime comedy teams Murphy with the great Richard Pryor, the underappreciated Danny Aiello, the sublime Della Reese and.....Jasmine Guy.
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