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RoboCop 2/11/14 83.47%[25.04/30]        Comments
Paul Verhoeven gave us a darkly comedic vision of the future, and Peter Weller did a great job animating a seemingly lifeless android in this crime blockbuster from the late 1980s.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil 10/24/13 74.55%[14.91/20]        Comments
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder teamed up one final time in See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Karate Kid, Part II, The: 5/29/13 77.28%[19.32/25]        Comments
Before Hilary Swank and Jaden Smith took the franchise in strange new directions, The Karate Kid, Part II featured Ralph Macchio reprising his role as Daniel LaRusso under the tutelage of Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi.
Jumpin' Jack Flash 5/2/13 82.40%[20.60/25]        Comments
A forgotten gem from the mid 80s, Whoopi Goldberg continued her string of comedy success in Jumpin' Jack Flash.
Big 4/8/13 78.20%[19.55/25]        Comments
Tom Hanks and Penny Marshall turn in an undeniably sweet film with this late 80s body-switching comedy.
Demolition Man 1/23/13 81.04%[20.26/25]        Comments
One of the explosion-est movies of the decade, Demolition Man delivers on its promise of action, one-liners, and things that go boom. And hey, Sandra Bullock is also along for the ride!
Midnight Run 1/16/13 86.27%[25.88/30]        Comments
An accountant who has stolen from a mobster must stay alive while being transported cross-country by a surly bounty hunter. Midnight Run is one of the great comedies of the late 1980s.
Back to the Future II 1/9/13 81.53%[24.46/30]        Comments
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson reprise their roles in this successful, entertaining sequel to the 80s hallmark time-travel comedy.
Red Dawn (1984) 11/14/12 76.40%[19.10/25]        Comments
A bunch of brat-packers - Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey - take up arms to fight off the Russians in this cheesily classic 1984 film.
Annie 9/27/12 77.70%[15.54/20]        Comments
1982's Annie brought the beloved (don't pretend that it isn't, Mr. Grumpy) stage musical to the screen, starring Albert Finney, Carol Burnette, a cute kid and directed by John Huston (?!??)
Gandhi 8/23/12 52.77%[15.83/30]        Comments
Here's a quiz on one of the more critically acclaimed bio-pics in recent decades. Gandhi won Ben Kingsley an Oscar and featured a number of surprising cameos.
Rocky IV 3/14/12 77.52%[19.38/25]        Comments
It's East versus West during the height of the Cold War. How Well Do You Know Rocky IV?
WarGames 3/6/12 55.70%[11.14/20]        Comments
Remember the Cold War? Neither do we. But WarGames crossed teenager hijinx with the fear of nuclear devastation.
Rocky III 3/3/12 73.72%[18.43/25]        Comments
Rocky becomes the man he defeated, and gets a taste of his own medicine.
Outsiders, The: 3/1/12 83.32%[20.83/25]        Comments
Two rival gangs from different sides of the track clash with deadly consequences. You may never have enough street cred to be a true Greaser...
Burbs (version 2), The: 1/23/12 87.96%[21.99/25]        Comments
You may know that a green sky at night means neighbor take flight, but how well do you know The Burbs?
Little Shop of Horrors 1/22/12 74.28%[18.57/25]        Comments
Feed me Seymour, feed me. This hilarious musical with an all star cast is the revamped version of the 1960 comedy.
Ernest Saves Christmas 12/17/11 58.45%[11.69/20]        Comments
Santa Claus wants to retire and needs to appoint a new Santa before it's too late. Along with helping Santa, Ernest meets a young runaway girl and helps her find her own Christmas spirit.
Three Amigos, The: 12/11/11 77.68%[19.42/25]        Comments
Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin star in the hilarious comedy The Three Amigos. Time for the Amigo salute (you know you know it)
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 11/9/11 72.28%[18.07/25]        Comments
Use the Force to get through this quiz and you will celebrating like an Ewok. How well do you know Return of the Jedi?
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 11/2/11 74.12%[18.53/25]        Comments
Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride with newcomer Roger Rabbit and and all your favorite cartoons. Disney and the Looney Tunes for the first time ever join forces in a story of greed, sex and murder.
Beetlejuice 10/30/11 75.28%[18.82/25]        Comments
Are you ready for the ghost with the most? The warped mind of Tim Burton brings us Beetlejuice. So say it once, say it twice, third times a charm.
Pet Sematary 10/29/11 69.24%[17.31/25]        Comments
The Creed family moves into what their dream house, only to discover that evil lurks in the ground near by. What you own always comes back to you in Pet Sematary.
Dream Team, The: 10/15/11 76.00%[19.00/25]        Comments
Four mental patients leave their asylum to see a ballgame. Only one problem: they've lost their doctor.
Thing, The: 10/13/11 81.37%[24.41/30]        Comments
A suspenseful, freaky, gross-out of a study in paranoia, John Carpenter's The Thing has become a cult hit among horror fans.
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