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Eddie the Eagle 8/2/16 72.97%[21.89/30]        Comments
Hugh Jackman co-stars in this uplifting 2016 film about and endearingly awkward Brit who takes up ski jumping in pursuit of Olympic glory.
Field of Dreams 7/13/05 68.56%[17.14/25]        Comments
The poignance of this story arcs through multiple tales of greatness: There is the grace of an athlete who gave up the chance at fame in order to be a doctor.
Fighter, The: 5/3/11 73.44%[18.36/25]        Comments
He has to struggle with expectations, his own limitations and competing influences of his girlfriend, his handlers and his family.
Football (in the) Movies 9/9/09 62.84%[15.71/25]        Comments
From sublime to silly, from Gayle Sayers to Bobby Boucher, football has been prominently featured in Hollywood films for decades.
For Love of the Game 6/2/10 74.64%[18.66/25]        Comments
As the curtain closes on his career, aging pitcher Billy Chapel recalls his time in baseball and the love of his life as he almost unwittingly pitches a perfect game.
Friday Night Lights 5/6/10 69.84%[17.46/25]        Comments
When the adaptation of H. G. Bissinger's book Friday Night Lights came to the big screen, we didn't know what we were in for.
Friday Night Lights, Season 1 10/27/09 69.12%[17.28/25]        Comments
If Matt Saracen, Eric Taylor, Tyra Collete and Tim Riggins hold a special place in your heart, you are familiar with Friday Night Lights, an absolute gem of a television series.
Friday Night Lights, Season 1: Pilot 10/21/09 76.65%[15.33/20]        Comments
In putting together a quiz for the balance of Season 1, I realized how much groundwork for the rest of the series was laid in that one episode.
Friday Night Lights, Season 3 4/14/09 83.36%[20.84/25]        Comments
Beloved characters moved on to better things, while change continued to blow through the lives of the Taylors, Garritys, Collettes and Rigginses.
Friday Night Lights, Season 4 8/9/10 81.80%[20.45/25]        Comments
Gone or moving on were several series favorites, replaced by a new slate of terrific young talent.
Hoosiers 4/6/09 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper all give wonderful performance in this, one of the great sports movies.
Jerry Maguire 2/10/11 64.92%[16.23/25]        Comments
A sports agent with a guilty conscience writes a mission statement that forever changes his life.
Karate Kid (2010), The: 12/18/10 73.20%[21.96/30]        Comments
This version moved the action to China and brought updated the 1984 story for a new generation of fans.
Karate Kid, The: 6/8/10 70.57%[21.17/30]        Comments
A teenage boy, thrashed frequently by karate-wielding badasses, learns karate from a quite old maintenance man.
League Of Their Own, A 11/9/10 79.28%[19.82/25]        Comments
Based on a true story, when the boys go off to fight in the war, the girls stay home and play ball.
Major League 7/13/05 76.44%[19.11/25]        Comments
So put on your jock strap and protective cup and let's find out how well do you know Major League?
March Madness 3/16/10 41.73%[12.52/30]        Comments
The NCAA tournament is a glorious series of human interest stories merging into one spectacular competition where fame is just a single buzzer beater away.
Million Dollar Baby 2/23/11 43.50%[11.31/26]        Comments
Maggie seeks out the toughest trainer around - a man who is looking for forgiveness. Go 26 rounds to see how well you know Million Dollar Baby.
MLB Mascots 3/30/11 60.25%[12.05/20]        Comments
Major League Baseball mascots run the gamut from the classic to the slightly goofy. But how well do you know the names of the mascots?
Moneyball 3/8/12 68.32%[17.08/25]        Comments
Nobody reinvents baseball. Right? Moneyball follows the attempt by Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane to do just that.
Natural, The: 7/13/09 74.67%[22.40/30]        Comments
Since its 1984 debut, The Natural has stood as one of the best baseball movies - and sports movies - of all time.
NBA Draft Trivia 6/23/09 56.88%[14.22/25]        Comments
It's not quite the spectacle of the NFL Draft. Yet each year, the NBA Draft adds an entertaining distraction to the sports calendar.
NBA Mascots 10/21/10 67.15%[13.43/20]        Comments
They're the (mostly) amazingly athletic and (sometimes) oddly costumed mascots of the National Basketball Association.
Necessary Roughness 9/28/05 79.13%[11.87/15]        Comments
Character development and an intelligent script keep the film from devolving into plucky-underdogs-make-good banality.
NFL Cheerleaders 9/16/09 68.90%[6.89/10]        Comments
Now that the NFL season is underway, iIthe league's cheerleaders. In particular, we'll test your ability to identify cheerleaders according to their team's division.
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