How Well Do You Know: Dollhouse, Season 2
A Dollhouse, Season 2 Trivia Quiz
By Jason Lee
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Dollhouse, Season 2 Trivia Quiz

Depending on which Whedonite you talked to, Dollhouse was either brilliant, masterful, compelling television, or a total mess not even worthy enough to be used as torture material for Guantanamo Bay prisoners. It didn't seem like there was much consensus between those two polar opposites. For what it's worth, you can count me in the former column. I thought that the show was classic Joss Whedon: slow to get started, brilliant once it found its footing, and always willing to tackle issues dealing with identity, personal responsibility, collective morality, and (a favorite topic of Joss) what it means to be human in a world that makes very little sense. Love it or hate it, if you stuck with this series all the way, it made you gasp, yell, shudder, and maybe even cry.

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