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Here's our catalog of Celebrity Trivia - quizzes dedicated to individual TV/Movies stars, as well as tests groups of actors, actresses and directors. Also, check out This Is So Last Week, our weekly entertainment, celebrity and pop culture quiz. We also have hundreds of other trivia quizzes on Movies, TV, Sports and Music.

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2009: The Year in Megan Fox 1/11/10 61.08%[15.27/25]        Comments
The controversial star of Transformers 2, the body behind Jennifer's Body, few entertainment figures had a bigger year in 2009 than Megan Fox.
2010: Celebrities In Memoriam 1/1/11 64.55%[12.91/20]        Comments
This year we said farewell to child stars, Hollywood legends and small-screen stars, as well as many others.
2010: The Year in Katy Perry 12/30/10 65.36%[16.34/25]        Comments
Whether you were a fan or detractor, whether you dig her music or are just mesmerized by her omnipresent cleavage, it was hard not to notice her.
2011: Celebrities In Memoriam 12/31/11 59.45%[11.89/20]        Comments
This year we said goodbye to entertainment's finest. How well do you know the celebrities who passed away in 2011?
2011: The Year in Charlie Sheen 1/7/12 48.67%[7.30/15]        Comments
Sheen went from the highest paid TV actor to media spectacle to touring maven and back to employed TV star in a matter of less than a year.
2011: The Year in Kate Upton 12/28/11 53.93%[8.09/15]        Comments
Few supermodels have become an instant celebrity or created as widespread sensation as this blond bombshell did in 2011.
2011: The Year in Lady Gaga 1/1/12 49.48%[13.36/27]        Comments
Lady Gaga's transcendent career continued to blaze throughout 2011. Tthe world was indeed her stage.
2011: The Year in Pop Culture, Part I 12/27/11 50.28%[12.57/25]        Comments
A royal wedding and unintended nudity. A murder trial and a groundbreaking children's book.
2011: The Year in Pop Culture, Part II 12/30/11 49.08%[12.27/25]        Comments
You may know your business school supermodel from your canceled Wonder Woman, but how well do you know 2011: The Year in Pop Culture
2012: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/31/12 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
As part of our year in review quizzes, we test your knowledge on the singers, actors, directors and other famous names we lost during 2012.
2012: The Year in Celebrity Trainwrecks 12/26/12 64.24%[16.06/25]        Comments
Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes. Tracy Morgan. Along with other famous names, these celebs had a year to forget in 2012.
2012: The Year in Pop Culture, Part 2 12/30/12 55.50%[11.10/20]        Comments
Muppets, iconic endangered foods, attitudinal Olympians and controversial famous people make up our final quiz on 2012 entertainment and celebrity news.
2013 Movie That Starred....., The: 11/5/13 83.10%[16.62/20]        Comments
We're going to hurl a list of cast members your way. Think fast, can you figure out which 2013 movie each belongs to?
2013 Movie That Starred....Part II, The: 12/3/13 85.40%[21.35/25]        Comments
Jodie and George. Ben, Robert and Gwyneth. Paul, Dwayne and Vin. This quiz on sets of actors who have appeared in 2013 films probably won't be as easy as what we've outlined here.
2013: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/31/13 72.70%[14.54/20]        Comments
Test your knowledge of entertainers we lost in 2013.
2013: The Year in Pop Culture Part 2 12/23/13 58.50%[11.70/20]        Comments
BOP loves pop culture the way that Miley Cyrus loves attention. We have tracked an entire year of headlines just for quizzes. Enjoy Part II today, and demonstrate that you know obscure stuff about 50 Shades of Grey, Family Guy and royal babies.
2013: The Year in Pop Culture Part 3 12/28/13 51.35%[10.27/20]        Comments
Cable television was where the action was in 2013. Heisenberg's era ended, people ate up all the zombies (or is it the other way around?) and a bunch of hicks became media icons.
2014: Celebrities In Memoriam 1/1/15 68.74%[15.81/23]        Comments
How well do you know the celebrities who we said goodbye to in 2014?
2014: The Year in Celebrity, Entertainment and Pop Culture, Part 1 12/10/14 58.40%[14.60/25]        Comments
From movie stars to TV stars, from video games to online sex scandals, 2014 was a funny, disturbing, awkward and encouraging news. Here's your chance to test your IQ on entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news.
2014: The Year in Celebrity, Entertainment and Pop Culture, Part 2 12/23/14 60.48%[15.12/25]        Comments
Here's more on the craziness that was 2014 in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news and events.
2015: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/30/15 65.55%[13.11/20]        Comments
How well do you know the Hollywood elite who left us in 2015?
2015: The Year in Pop Culture, Part 2 12/16/15 52.35%[10.47/20]        Comments
Celebrity women in the news, a band's very eventful year, a near catastrophe on The Simpsons and a long awaited victory round out our quiz on 2015 entertainment, celebrity and pop culture trivia.
2016 Movie That Starred..., The: 7/13/16 71.85%[14.37/20]        Comments
We'll name a handful of actors that appeared in a 2016 film, you just have to pick the right movie that matches the cast.
2017: Celebrities in Memoriam 1/2/18 70.25%[14.05/20]        Comments
How well do you know the celebrities who took their final curtain calls in 2017?
Actor and Actress Real Names 3/23/11 68.95%[13.79/20]        Comments
We're going to test your knowledge of birth names for several stars. Pay attention to the wording of the questions, as we've sprinkled some hints here and there.
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