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Here's our catalog of Celebrity Trivia - quizzes dedicated to individual TV/Movies stars, as well as tests groups of actors, actresses and directors. Also, check out This Is So Last Week, our weekly entertainment, celebrity and pop culture quiz. We also have hundreds of other trivia quizzes on Movies, TV, Sports and Music.

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McDermott/Mulroney/Everett Movies 8/1/13 59.95%[11.99/20]        Comments
Rupert. Dermot. Dylan. You know their names - kind of. You're vaguely familiar with the movies they star in. Let's see if you can sort through this riddle and ID the film each appeared in.
Male Leads in Chick Flicks II 7/16/13 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
Sort through the different options and pick out the man who starred in the given rom-com. You've heard of all these movies. You've seen most of them - hell, all of them, right? - so this should be no problem.
Director by Photo 6/26/13 71.00%[14.20/20]        Comments
You like fun movie quizzes, right? Here's a fun movie quiz. Match the director's photo to the movie that belongs in his/her CV. Ready? Go!
Celebrity Eyes 4 3/12/13 74.85%[14.97/20]        Comments
We'll show you a set of famous peepers. Can you correctly identify the star that belongs to the given pairs of eyes?
Male Leads in Chick Flicks 2/13/13 74.24%[18.56/25]        Comments
So you think you know your romantic comedies/dramas? We'll list a film and ask you to identify the male lead in each.
2012: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/31/12 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
As part of our year in review quizzes, we test your knowledge on the singers, actors, directors and other famous names we lost during 2012.
2012: The Year in Pop Culture, Part 2 12/30/12 55.50%[11.10/20]        Comments
Muppets, iconic endangered foods, attitudinal Olympians and controversial famous people make up our final quiz on 2012 entertainment and celebrity news.
2012: The Year in Celebrity Trainwrecks 12/26/12 64.24%[16.06/25]        Comments
Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes. Tracy Morgan. Along with other famous names, these celebs had a year to forget in 2012.
Katy Perry: Part of Me 12/4/12 67.60%[16.90/25]        Comments
From her childhood upbringing to her ascendency to pop superstardom, from her sense of humor to her marital heartbreak, Katy Perry: Part of Me lets the audience get to know Katy Perry on a very personal level.
That's Not My Movie (Actresses Edition III) 11/29/12 69.95%[13.99/20]        Comments
Twenty actresses listed. Four choices given for each. Can you pick the film that the actress didn't appear in?
Common Movie Title Roles II 9/25/12 71.87%[10.78/15]        Comments
You may know your Blade from your Passenger 57, your Happy Gilmore from your Wedding Singer and your Scorpion King from your Tooth Fairy, but how well do you know Common Title Roles?
That's Not My Movie (Actors Edition III) 8/22/12 64.44%[16.11/25]        Comments
More actor trivia. Four films are listed. Can you identify the one that said actor did not appear in?
Female Leads in Film 8/1/12 64.12%[16.03/25]        Comments
We are going to prove it by listing a bunch of $100 million movies and a few in the top 250 on IMDB. All we ask of you is to name the lead actress in the film. We think you will be shocked by how difficult this is...
Common Movie Title Roles 7/25/12 76.07%[11.41/15]        Comments
We'll give you a film whose title role was played by a notable actor/actress. Then, from the four film choices listed, you'll have to pick the movie whose title role was played by the same person.
Celebrity Smiles 3 7/24/12 65.20%[13.04/20]        Comments
Grins, grimaces, maybe even a sneer or two.....can you make the right mouth match?
Tom Cruise Movie Roles 7/2/12 74.20%[14.84/20]        Comments
It’s time to see how well you know the film roles of one Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.
Who's That Guest Star? Friends Edition 5/10/12 82.72%[20.68/25]        Comments
Do you remember which start played which bit part? How well do you know Friends Guest Stars?
Advertising Spokespeople 5/8/12 65.88%[10.54/16]        Comments
Try your hand at matching up these spokespeople with the products they are selling.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Hunger Games Cast Trivia, The: 3/20/12 61.18%[13.46/22]        Comments
Sitcom stars, superhero villains and Oscar nominees make up its ensemble. You may their names and faces...
Celebrity Eyes 3 3/7/12 71.85%[14.37/20]        Comments
Most celebrities have distinctive faces, but can you ID the star just by their eyes?
Spelling Bee 5: Celebrities 1/25/12 60.20%[12.04/20]        Comments
For every Will Smith, there's a M. Night Shyamalan. How well do can you navigate the spelling of some of the more challenging celebrity names?
ThreesiesThree 1/12/12 41.05%[8.21/20]        Comments
Volume 3 of perhaps the toughest series ever quizzes we've ever written.
2011: The Year in Charlie Sheen 1/7/12 48.67%[7.30/15]        Comments
Sheen went from the highest paid TV actor to media spectacle to touring maven and back to employed TV star in a matter of less than a year.
2011: The Year in Lady Gaga 1/1/12 49.48%[13.36/27]        Comments
Lady Gaga's transcendent career continued to blaze throughout 2011. Tthe world was indeed her stage.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 122
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