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Big Hero 6, Part 2 3/12/15 83.26%[19.15/23]        Comments
Callaghan and Krei, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Baymax and hairrrrry-baby. Prove you're a Big Hero 6 know-it-all with even more trivia questions.
Big Hero 6, Part 1 3/10/15 83.12%[20.78/25]        Comments
Big Hero 6 was a big success at the box office in late 2014. If the film is any indication, Marvel's stamp on Disney will produce great things in the future.
Brave 1/13/15 80.88%[20.22/25]        Comments
Brave gets plenty of mileage out of its plucky young heroine, its colorful highland setting and its rich mother-daughter relationship. Here's a trivia quiz on this Pixar treat.
Simpsons: Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part Two), The: 10/23/14 60.73%[9.11/15]        Comments
It's the conclusion of the whodunnit-est whodunnit that ever whodunnit a whodunnit. Can you remember who shot Mr. Burns?
Simpsons: Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part One), The: 10/16/14 57.33%[8.60/15]        Comments
Test your Simpsons trivia knowledge on this quiz regarding the beginning of the most diabolical two-part who-dunnit to ever hit the airwaves!
Simpsons: Bart Gets Famous, The: 10/2/14 53.40%[8.01/15]        Comments
Bart ponders the cost of fame and being saddled with a well-known catch-phrase. See how well you know this trivia quiz on another great Simpsons episode.
Simpsons: Homer and Apu, The: 9/25/14 49.67%[7.45/15]        Comments
Home and Apu, the legendary duo. See how well you know their legendary hijinks!
Simpsons: Lisa v. Malibu Stacy, The: 9/18/14 62.13%[9.32/15]        Comments
Lisa's burgeoning feminist worldview comes crashing down around her. A doll is to blame.
Lego Movie, The: 7/15/14 77.60%[23.28/30]        Comments
One of the highlights of early 2014 movies is The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and a host of others.
Frozen 4/23/14 81.40%[20.35/25]        Comments
Anna joins forces with Kristoff and Olaf to find her sister, Queen Elsa, who has put Arendelle in an eternal winter. How well do you know Frozen?
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 1/21/14 72.64%[18.16/25]        Comments
It did well at living up to the irrepressible, creative spirit of the original. Bill Hader, James Caan and Anna Farris reprise their roles in this 2013 sequel.
Despicable Me 2 1/7/14 80.43%[24.13/30]        Comments
Despicable Me 2 stormed the box office to run away with the crown of biggest animated film of 2013
Rise of the Guardians 11/26/13 91.68%[22.92/25]        Comments
Tooth, Sandy, Bunny and North. You may know them by other names, but together, along with Jack Frost, they must defeat the threat that is Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians.
Monsters University 11/19/13 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
Monsters University take Pixar's beloved Mike and Sulley back several years to when they were college kids just trying to become scarers. Test your knowledge of this 2013 Pixar comedy.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 7/31/13 80.12%[20.03/25]        Comments
Take a bunch of zoo animals. Have them join a circus on a trans-continental flight. Set a wicked antagonist on their trail. Voila! Madagascar 3!
Pixar Feature That....., The: 6/19/13 71.13%[21.34/30]        Comments
From Toy Story to Toy Story 3, from Brave to A Bug's Life, here's a chance to prove your mettle on Pixar trivia.
Wreck-It Ralph, Part 2 6/11/13 75.72%[18.93/25]        Comments
It's the world of Surge Protector, Major Hologram, Sour Bill and Candlehead. See how well you really know Wreck-It Ralph.
Puss in Boots 6/6/13 78.32%[19.58/25]        Comments
Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis and Guillermo del Toro add their vocal talents to the clever and colorful DreamWorks film Puss in Boots.
Wreck-It Ralph, Part 1 6/5/13 87.96%[21.99/25]        Comments
Ralph is not satisfied with his life as a Wrecker, so he bounces from game to game to map out a new identity. Test your knowledge of this new Disney classic.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 22: The 30% Iron Chef 5/8/13 76.00%[11.40/15]        Comments
Ready for some interplanetary gastronomy? Bender ventures into the kitchen in the final episode of Futurama's third season.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 21: Future Stock 5/2/13 74.13%[11.12/15]        Comments
Great ready to go back to the awesomest decade ever, as the Planet Express crew gets a load of the 80s!
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 20: Godfellas 4/24/13 74.00%[11.10/15]        Comments
Ready to get all theological? Bender seeks answers and ultimate truths as he is thrust face-to-face (well, not literally) to the divine.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 19: Roswell That Ends Well 4/18/13 70.13%[10.52/15]        Comments
It's time travel time, so let's go back to 1947, a much simpler...wait, complex? who knows. .....time.
Archer, Season 4 Recap 4/12/13 83.19%[21.63/26]        Comments
Amnesia, cyborgs, papal threats and nerve gas missiles under the sea all affect the lives and fortunes of the ISIS team in the sterling (ha!) fourth season of Archer.
Futurama, Season 3 Episode 18: Anthology of Interest II 4/4/13 73.40%[11.01/15]        Comments
It's kid of like a clip show, but of things that never happened - and yet, might yet. Or something like that. Here's another heaping helping of Futurama trivia.
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