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Gilmore Girls, S03E14: Swan Song 10/8/15 69.12%[11.75/17]        Comments
Rory introduces Jess to Emily over Friday night dinner, with less-than-stellar results.
Gilmore Girls, S03E13: Dear Emily and Richard 10/1/15 66.67%[10.00/15]        Comments
The birth of Christopher's new baby (Rory's sister) causes Lorelai to think about the events leading up to Rory's birth.
Gilmore Girls, S03E12: Lorelai Out of Water 9/24/15 68.75%[11.00/16]        Comments
Lorelai learns how to fish after being invited on a fishing trip with the man she's started seeing, and the Rory/Paris feud heats up.
Gilmore Girls, S03E11: I Solemnly Swear 9/17/15 63.33%[9.50/15]        Comments
A scheming classmate causes problems between Rory and Paris, and Lorelai meets an interesting man while out with Sookie.
Gilmore Girls, S03E10: That'll Do, Pig 9/10/15 77.78%[14.00/18]        Comments
Rory's disappointed when Jess refuses to go to the Winter Carnival with her, and the Gilmore clan deals with an unexpected guest at Richard's birthday dinner.
Gilmore Girls, S03E09: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving 9/3/15 73.55%[14.71/20]        Comments
The Gilmore girls try to find enough time in the day and room in their stomachs to attend four Thanksgiving Day dinners.
Gilmore Girls, S03E08: Let the Games Begin 8/27/15 69.88%[11.88/17]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai take a tour of Yale with Richard and Emily, and Rory and Jess begin their relationship.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 8 8/25/15 97.50%[19.50/20]        Comments
The despicable antics of the Paddy's gang continues during Season 8.
Gilmore Girls, S03E07: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? 8/20/15 88.75%[17.75/20]        Comments
Relationships are tested during Stars Hollow's annual 24-hour dance marathon.
Gilmore Girls, S03E06: Take the Deviled Eggs... 8/13/15 85.69%[13.71/16]        Comments
Lorelai and Rory attend Sherry's baby shower, and Luke ships around to find out what Jess is up to - and how he has enough money for a major purchase.
Gilmore Girls, S03E05: Eight O'Clock at the Oasis 8/6/15 79.20%[11.88/15]        Comments
Lorelai meets a man at an auction; she and Rory feel obligated to help a new neighbor while he's out of town.
Descendants 8/4/15 86.56%[21.64/25]        Comments
Disney's Descendants aired in the summer of 2015 to huge ratings. Disney's next-big-thing Dove Cameron leads a capable cast that looks at the lives of the offspring of Disney villains.
Gilmore Girls, S03E04: One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes 7/29/15 67.06%[11.40/17]        Comments
Lorelai's business speech and presentation at Stars Hollow High goes off the rails when she's blindsided by questions from curious teenagers.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7 7/28/15 74.35%[19.33/26]        Comments
The Paddy's Pub crew is up to their usual, horrible antics.
Gilmore Girls, S03E03: Application Anxiety 7/23/15 67.24%[11.43/17]        Comments
Rory and Lorelai visit a Harvard alumnus and his family to get an idea of whether she is truly Harvard material.
Gilmore Girls, S03E02: Haunted Leg 7/16/15 65.93%[9.89/15]        Comments
Emily and Lorelai are barely on civil terms after Lorelai's news that she and Chris are no longer together, and Rory is dealing with the "mean girls" at Chilton.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams II 7/15/15 66.90%[6.69/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Gilmore Girls, S03E01: Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days 7/9/15 76.83%[13.83/18]        Comments
Rory returns home from a summer in D.C. and Lorelai worries about how to tell her parents that she's no longer with Christopher.
Veep, Season 4 Recap 6/25/15 69.60%[17.40/25]        Comments
Staff comes and goes and comes back, Selina tends to matters in the Middle East and Jonah gets unceremoniously groped. Here's your trivia quiz on Veep, Season 4.
Game of Thrones, S05E10: Mother's Mercy 6/17/15 94.00%[19.74/21]        Comments
Season 5 closes on Game of Thrones. It does not go quietly.
Silicon Valley, Season 2 Recap 6/16/15 85.33%[25.60/30]        Comments
An energy drink, a internet radio mogul, a sports drink and a newly-appendaged primate are all highlights of Silicon Valley, Season 2. Here's a trivia quiz.
Game of Thrones, S05E08: Hardhome 6/2/15 87.33%[13.10/15]        Comments
Jon arrives at his destination. Two primary characters bond. Sansa lets loose. All hell breaks loose.
Game of Thrones, S05E07: The Gift 5/27/15 89.55%[17.91/20]        Comments
Karma catches up with at least one key Game of Thrones character. Also, being in prison is sometimes more than it's cracked up to be.
Game of Thrones, S05E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken 5/19/15 83.13%[12.47/15]        Comments
If you managed to forget that Game of Thrones can get *dark*, here is the episode to remind you of that very fact.
Game of Thrones, S05E05: Kill the Boy 5/14/15 84.80%[16.96/20]        Comments
Jorah takes a boat ride, Ramsay's position is reconsidered, Sansa is reunited and Jon launches a rather unpopular plan.
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