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Project Runway, Season 13 Recap 10/24/14 84.00%[21.00/25]        Comments
More Project Runway trivia! See how well you know the continuing adventures of Heidi, Tim and the up-and-coming designers.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E04: Face My Enemy 10/23/14 85.00%[17.00/20]        Comments
SHIELD agents race a to secure an important item, but they're not the only dogs in the race.
Simpsons: Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part Two), The: 10/23/14 56.00%[8.40/15]        Comments
It's the conclusion of the whodunnit-est whodunnit that ever whodunnit a whodunnit. Can you remember who shot Mr. Burns?
Simpsons: Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part One), The: 10/16/14 54.73%[8.21/15]        Comments
Test your Simpsons trivia knowledge on this quiz regarding the beginning of the most diabolical two-part who-dunnit to ever hit the airwaves!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E03: Making Friends and Influencing People 10/15/14 90.00%[18.00/20]        Comments
Here's our latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trivia quiz: Agent Coulson and his team must determine how to thwart Hydra as the global terror unleashes menacing new tactics.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E02: Heavy Is the Head 10/9/14 71.90%[14.38/20]        Comments
More Agents of SHIELD trivia, featuring the second episode of the second season.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E01: Shadows 10/3/14 82.85%[16.57/20]        Comments
Our Agents of SHIELD trivia series continues with our look to see how well you know the series' second season premiere.
Simpsons: Bart Gets Famous, The: 10/2/14 57.00%[8.55/15]        Comments
Bart ponders the cost of fame and being saddled with a well-known catch-phrase. See how well you know this trivia quiz on another great Simpsons episode.
Simpsons: Homer and Apu, The: 9/25/14 52.67%[7.90/15]        Comments
Home and Apu, the legendary duo. See how well you know their legendary hijinks!
Sharknado 9/23/14 70.92%[17.73/25]        Comments
It's a trivia quiz on one of the true horrors to ever beset the realm of made-for-TV-movies.
Simpsons: Lisa v. Malibu Stacy, The: 9/18/14 62.13%[9.32/15]        Comments
Lisa's burgeoning feminist worldview comes crashing down around her. A doll is to blame.
American Horror Story: Coven 9/16/14 59.24%[14.81/25]        Comments
Here's a quiz on American Horror Story, with loads of trivia on its third season titled Coven. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and others return for more madcap fun.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 6 Recap 9/4/14 70.16%[17.54/25]        Comments
Most of your favorite (and least favorite) characters return for Sons of Anarchy's sixth season. That doesn't mean they'll live to see the season finale.
Office, S04E03: Launch Party, The: 8/21/14 78.45%[15.69/20]        Comments
This Season 4 episode of The Office has Dwight trying to outsell Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael not being invited to a party, and the genesis of Andy/Angela.
Game of Thrones, Season 4 Recap 8/19/14 84.20%[21.05/25]        Comments
Stannis takes the long way to kingship, Arya journeys with the Hound, Tyrion goes on trial and lots, and lots of characters die. Test your Westeros IQ with our Game of Thrones Season 4 trivia quiz.
Office, S04E02: Dunder Mifflin Infinity, The: 8/14/14 74.15%[14.83/20]        Comments
More Office Season 4 trivia! Pam and Jim's relationship comes to light, Michael learns about ageism, and a replacement cat is presented and rejected.
TV Families, Part II 8/12/14 77.10%[15.42/20]        Comments
Our latest TV quiz concerns the television families that you probably know better than your own.
Office, S04E01: Fun Run, The: 8/7/14 83.15%[16.63/20]        Comments
The Office's fourth season opens with Meredith in the hospital, Andy bleeding and an office romance revealed.
Seinfeld: The Strongbox 7/31/14 74.25%[8.91/12]        Comments
Just call Elaine Lois Loan, as she dates a guy who is either a superhero, broke, married, or any combination thereof.
Seinfeld: The Letter 7/24/14 67.08%[8.05/12]        Comments
More Seinfeld trivia! Jerry's new girlfriend plagiarizes, while a painting of Kramer enters Seinfeld lore.
Seinfeld: The Andrea Doria 7/10/14 69.80%[10.47/15]        Comments
George competes with a survivor of the Andrea Doria for a choice apartment. Also, Newman hasn't been delivering mail, and Elaine receives an insult.
Seinfeld: The Airport 7/3/14 70.42%[8.45/12]        Comments
Jerry meets a model, George meets a convict and Elaine meets with constant frustration in this avaiation-themed episode of Seinfeld.
Seinfeld: The Hamptons 6/26/14 78.40%[11.76/15]        Comments
George's girlfriend goes topless, we learn all about shrinkage, and Elaine receives an off-handed compliment from a hot doctor.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams 6/25/14 64.90%[6.49/10]        Comments
Test your recognition of Game of Thrones actors. Figure out the name represented by the tiles, and match it to the character said actor portrays.
Game of Thrones, S04E10: The Children 6/17/14 95.16%[23.79/25]        Comments
Season 4 comes to a close, which means it will be a long, long time until winter is coming once again.
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