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Benny & Joon 4/16/13 89.52%[22.38/25]        Comments
Johnny Depp shows impeccable comedic timing in the sweet sleeper hit Benny and Joon.
Hudson Hawk 3/26/13 71.53%[21.46/30]        Comments
It's probably the Razzie winner for Worst Movie that has the biggest and most sustained cult following. Test your knowledge on this Bruce Willis underground classic.
Six Degrees of Separation 3/13/13 77.15%[15.43/20]        Comments
It was Will Smith's first dramatic role and proof that the Fresh Prince could actually act. See how well you know this dramatic stage-to-screen offering.
White Men Can't Jump 1/10/13 79.32%[19.83/25]        Comments
One of the surprise sports comedies of the 1990s came in the form of White Men Can't Jump. The surprisingly effective teaming of Snipes and Harrelson got lots of laughs and turned a critical eye toward the competitive male ego.
Green Mile, The: 9/5/12 66.50%[19.95/30]        Comments
It was a perfect storm of being in the middle of Tom Hanks’ box office hot streak, an incredible, star-making turn by Michael Clarke Duncan and the story of death row guards learning humanity and witnessing miracles at the hands of a wrongly convicted man.
Mermaids 8/16/12 77.28%[19.32/25]        Comments
You may have never thought of majoring in town tramp, but how well do you know Mermaids?
New Jack City 8/9/12 88.00%[17.60/20]        Comments
You may or may not know whether or not you are your brother's keeper, but how well do you know New Jack City?
Time to Kill, A 7/10/12 65.36%[16.34/25]        Comments
A Time to Kill is the story of a vigilante father who kills to avenge daughter, and a young lawyer desperately trying to see that justice prevails.
Jackie Brown 6/28/12 77.68%[19.42/25]        Comments
Pam Grier brings her Foxy Brown persona back, this time as Jackie Brown.
Men in Black 5/24/12 79.00%[19.75/25]        Comments
The pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made for a well-loved blockbuster that would spawn sequels,...
Talented Mr. Ripley, The: 4/10/12 68.23%[20.47/30]        Comments
Gifted. Intelligent. Beautiful. Tender. Sensitive. Haunted. Passionate.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 4/3/12 88.20%[22.05/25]        Comments
The last Star Trek journey with Spock and Kirk until the reboot where 40 years magically vanished from their faces.
Rocky V 3/18/12 74.96%[18.74/25]        Comments
Rocky takes on a hungry young fighter named Tommy Gunn and deals with the dirty side of boxing in this fifth movie in the series.
Rush Hour 2/28/12 73.44%[18.36/25]        Comments
The fastest hands in the East meet the biggest mouth in the West. How Well Do You Know Rush Hour?
You've Got Mail 2/14/12 89.64%[22.41/25]        Comments
Made at the relative dawn of the internet age, You've Got Mail is one of the more popular rom-coms to come out of the 90s.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 2/8/12 73.88%[18.47/25]        Comments
Trade federations, pod races, a truly bad-ass Sith and one of the more irritating screen characters ever created made for ferocious debate.
Ref, The: 12/10/11 81.04%[20.26/25]        Comments
Unfortunately, Gus chose the wrong family to hold hostage. Christmas Eve is going to be hell with this bickering family, and now Gus has to play referee.
Pulp Fiction 11/29/11 80.07%[24.02/30]        Comments
Thanks to Quentin Tarantino's ground-breaking movie, now everyone knows whats a Royale with Cheese is.
Legends of the Fall 11/19/11 71.56%[17.89/25]        Comments
Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends.
Boyz n the Hood 11/5/11 76.30%[15.26/20]        Comments
Either they don't know, don't show or don't care what's going on in the hood. . Written and directed by John Singleton, this film delivers a powerful message.
Casper 10/22/11 71.16%[17.79/25]        Comments
Casper the Friendly Ghost is the friendliest ghost I know. Yes, the classic cartoon made its way the the big screen in 1995 to the delight of audiences everywhere.
From Dusk Til Dawn 10/19/11 83.37%[22.51/27]        Comments
Two bank-robbing brothers kidnap a family and flee to Mexico, where the stumble into a bar inhabited by vampires.
Se7en 10/1/11 64.44%[16.11/25]        Comments
Are you prepared to go into the mind of a madman, while avoiding the seven deadly sins?
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.57%[23.27/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
Patriot Games 9/14/11 74.70%[22.41/30]        Comments
When Jack Ryan stops a terrorist plot, he makes his family the target of a vengeful radical.
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