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Just Friends 7/25/16 62.52%[14.38/23]        Comments
Chris visits his childhood home for the first time in a decade, thinner and more successful than when he left, and finds that although much has changed, his feelings for his friend Jamie have not.
Spaceballs 7/20/16 60.96%[15.24/25]        Comments
It's one of the great comedy spoofs ever. Never mind when then will be now...let's see how well you know Spaceballs.
Roman Holiday 7/19/16 84.72%[21.18/25]        Comments
An incognito princess meets a newspaper reporter and the two spend the day together in Rome, both hiding their true identities from the other.
Great Mouse Detective, The: 7/6/16 72.50%[14.50/20]        Comments
It's one of the products of the period considered to be lesser-Disney, but 1986's The Great Mouse Detective still has its charms.
Silicon Valley, Season 3 Recap 6/29/16 86.00%[21.50/25]        Comments
How well do you know the third season of HBO's genius satire Silicon Valley?
Chef 6/22/16 88.15%[17.63/20]        Comments
An unhappy man finds a different line of work - and a better relationship with his family - after losing his job as an award-winning chef.
Moonrise Kingdom 6/15/16 68.69%[17.86/26]        Comments
Wes Anderson's trademark quirkiness and incredible design are on full display in the 2012 love story Moonrise Kingdom
World's End, The: 6/1/16 77.08%[18.50/24]        Comments
At last, the quiz for the final film of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Let's conquer the Golden Mile. Let's have a good time. 'Cause that's what we want to do. We want to get loaded. We want to have a good time. We want to have a party. So, drink up, let's Boo-Boo!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2 Recap 4/27/16 71.40%[21.42/30]        Comments
Lillian goes on a crusade, Jacqueline dances to the Corn God and Titus finds love in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's second season.
Intern, The: 3/29/16 78.80%[19.70/25]        Comments
Senior intern Ben and company owner Jules become close as he uses his years of experience to help her with her issues, both personal and professional.
Lethal Weapon 2 3/22/16 84.87%[25.46/30]        Comments
South Africans, old murders solved, Leo Getz and fast food strategies - all come into play in Lethal Weapon 2.
Full Monty, The: 3/8/16 75.00%[18.75/25]        Comments
Before there was a Magic Mike, there was The Full Monty. Six unemployed friends are in need of some serious cash. They decide to put on a strip tease, daring to go all-the-way bare.
Runaway Bride 2/11/16 77.70%[15.54/20]        Comments
A reporter finds himself in an unusual predicament when he falls for the subject of his story - a woman who can commit only until it's time to say "I do".
Angie Tribeca, Season 1 1/26/16 58.68%[14.67/25]        Comments
Featuring an outstanding cast and a never-ending string of inspired jokes, Angie Tribeca amused possibly dozens of people during its 25-hour marathon.
Coneheads, The: 1/13/16 83.85%[16.77/20]        Comments
More successful that It's Pat, less successful than Wayne's World, The Coneheads marked another attempt to bring a Saturday Night Live sketch to the big screen.
Spy 11/3/15 84.72%[21.18/25]        Comments
Desk worker Susan Cooper goes undercover and is in for way more than she bargained for, when the identities of her fellow CIA agents are compromised.
Pitch Perfect 2 10/13/15 87.05%[17.41/20]        Comments
Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe and the rest of the Bellas are back, but not better than ever. They need to get their groove back after an indecent incident gets them banned from performing in this hit sequel to the 2012 film.
Minions 9/22/15 75.25%[15.05/20]        Comments
Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob, on the hunt for a new master, meet the despicable Scarlet Overkill.
Troop Beverly Hills 9/15/15 84.50%[16.90/20]        Comments
Shelley Long's brief film career basically began and ended with Troop Beverly Hills, a late 80s comedy.
Life 9/8/15 84.44%[21.11/25]        Comments
Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy star in this dark-ish comedy about two men trying to find the positive in a series of overwhelmingly brutal turns of events.
Trainwreck 9/1/15 81.05%[16.21/20]        Comments
A woman who has spent her life avoiding monogamy feels out of her element when she discovers she might want just that with a sports physician.
Home 8/26/15 78.52%[19.63/25]        Comments
Dreamworks' animated 2015 film Home delighted audiences, made major bank and proved again that Jim Parsons and Rihanna are unstoppable cinematic forces barreling toward their inevitable Oscars.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 8 8/25/15 88.90%[17.78/20]        Comments
The despicable antics of the Paddy's gang continues during Season 8.
Overboard 8/19/15 89.04%[22.26/25]        Comments
Rich, rude socialite Joanna gets amnesia and winds up living as "Annie", wife of sweaty carpenter Dean.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7 7/28/15 84.31%[21.92/26]        Comments
The Paddy's Pub crew is up to their usual, horrible antics.
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