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Simpsons: Homer and Apu, The: 9/25/14 48.60%[7.29/15]        Comments
Home and Apu, the legendary duo. See how well you know their legendary hijinks!
Simpsons: Lisa v. Malibu Stacy, The: 9/18/14 60.60%[9.09/15]        Comments
Lisa's burgeoning feminist worldview comes crashing down around her. A doll is to blame.
Other Woman, The: 9/10/14 78.08%[19.52/25]        Comments
Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and that one guy from Game of Thrones team up in the 2014 comedy The Other Woman.
Office, S04E03: Launch Party, The: 8/21/14 80.30%[16.06/20]        Comments
This Season 4 episode of The Office has Dwight trying to outsell Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael not being invited to a party, and the genesis of Andy/Angela.
Office, S04E02: Dunder Mifflin Infinity, The: 8/14/14 74.15%[14.83/20]        Comments
More Office Season 4 trivia! Pam and Jim's relationship comes to light, Michael learns about ageism, and a replacement cat is presented and rejected.
Funny Farm 8/13/14 83.96%[20.99/25]        Comments
What??? George Roy Hill directed Chevy Chase in a late 80s comedy? Indeed, this actually happened! But if you're taking this quiz for Funny Farm, you probably already know that.
Office, S04E01: Fun Run, The: 8/7/14 83.15%[16.63/20]        Comments
The Office's fourth season opens with Meredith in the hospital, Andy bleeding and an office romance revealed.
Seinfeld: The Strongbox 7/31/14 72.67%[8.72/12]        Comments
Just call Elaine Lois Loan, as she dates a guy who is either a superhero, broke, married, or any combination thereof.
Bad Words 7/30/14 85.04%[21.26/25]        Comments
Enjoy this trivia quiz on the 2014 movie Bad Words. Guy Trilby is a character you won't soon forget.
We're the Millers 7/29/14 85.40%[25.62/30]        Comments
Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston headline this surprise 2013 comedy about a makeshift family brought together to bring drugs into the United States.
Seinfeld: The Letter 7/24/14 65.58%[7.87/12]        Comments
More Seinfeld trivia! Jerry's new girlfriend plagiarizes, while a painting of Kramer enters Seinfeld lore.
Way, Way Back, The: 7/16/14 86.20%[21.55/25]        Comments
Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell give two different yet equally effective supporting performances in this 2013 coming-of-age movie.
Lego Movie, The: 7/15/14 78.07%[23.42/30]        Comments
One of the highlights of early 2014 movies is The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and a host of others.
Seinfeld: The Andrea Doria 7/10/14 69.20%[10.38/15]        Comments
George competes with a survivor of the Andrea Doria for a choice apartment. Also, Newman hasn't been delivering mail, and Elaine receives an insult.
Seinfeld: The Airport 7/3/14 70.75%[8.49/12]        Comments
Jerry meets a model, George meets a convict and Elaine meets with constant frustration in this avaiation-themed episode of Seinfeld.
Seinfeld: The Hamptons 6/26/14 78.20%[11.73/15]        Comments
George's girlfriend goes topless, we learn all about shrinkage, and Elaine receives an off-handed compliment from a hot doctor.
Veep, Season 3 6/9/14 74.40%[18.60/25]        Comments
Ben, Amy and Gary try to keep the Meyer campaign afloat, while a technology firm, and old Finnish friend and Dan's breakdown, among other things, try to thwart it.
Silicon Valley, Season 1 6/4/14 77.56%[19.39/25]        Comments
A comedy home run for HBO, Silicon Valley's first season provided a raucous look at the high stakes world of cutting-edge technology.
Ride Along 5/27/14 81.36%[20.34/25]        Comments
Kevin Hart is at his hilarious best in Ride Along, playing the undisciplined, in-over-his-head loose wheel to Ice Cube's tough-as-nails cop.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 5 3/25/14 84.04%[20.17/24]        Comments
Join the Paddy's Pub gang for more despicable hijinks during season 5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Seinfeld: The Subway 3/20/14 76.25%[9.15/12]        Comments
In an unusual Seinfeld episode, for most of the airtime, the group is not together. Elaine is thwarted, Kramer hits a jackpot and George gets robbed.
Seinfeld: The Ticket 3/13/14 75.50%[7.55/10]        Comments
Newman hauls Kramer into court, George tries to get vomit out of suade, and Jerry tries to elude Crazy Joe Devola.
Seinfeld: The Pitch 3/6/14 71.83%[8.62/12]        Comments
Jerry is invited to pitch a show to NBC. George comes a long to completely screw stuff up....but that's nothing compared to Kramer's shenanigans.
Harlem Nights 2/19/14 87.25%[17.45/20]        Comments
One of Eddie Murphy's last great comedies (?), this late 1980s crime comedy teams Murphy with the great Richard Pryor, the underappreciated Danny Aiello, the sublime Della Reese and.....Jasmine Guy.
Seinfeld: The Masseuse 2/18/14 61.33%[7.36/12]        Comments
George returns to a past girlfriend, while Jerry's new lady is insensitive to his needs. Elaine, of course, picks a fight with her beau over first names.
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