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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 5 3/25/14 80.83%[19.40/24]        Comments
Join the Paddy's Pub gang for more despicable hijinks during season 5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Seinfeld: The Subway 3/20/14 73.67%[8.84/12]        Comments
In an unusual Seinfeld episode, for most of the airtime, the group is not together. Elaine is thwarted, Kramer hits a jackpot and George gets robbed.
Seinfeld: The Ticket 3/13/14 72.00%[7.20/10]        Comments
Newman hauls Kramer into court, George tries to get vomit out of suade, and Jerry tries to elude Crazy Joe Devola.
Seinfeld: The Pitch 3/6/14 69.67%[8.36/12]        Comments
Jerry is invited to pitch a show to NBC. George comes a long to completely screw stuff up....but that's nothing compared to Kramer's shenanigans.
Harlem Nights 2/19/14 88.30%[17.66/20]        Comments
One of Eddie Murphy's last great comedies (?), this late 1980s crime comedy teams Murphy with the great Richard Pryor, the underappreciated Danny Aiello, the sublime Della Reese and.....Jasmine Guy.
Seinfeld: The Masseuse 2/18/14 59.25%[7.11/12]        Comments
George returns to a past girlfriend, while Jerry's new lady is insensitive to his needs. Elaine, of course, picks a fight with her beau over first names.
Never Been Kissed 2/12/14 79.20%[23.76/30]        Comments
Before he was in Alias, Michael Vartan was Drew Barrymore's love interest in Never Been Kissed, which features supporting performances by Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Octavia Spencer and others.
Seinfeld: The Stall 2/4/14 78.25%[9.39/12]        Comments
George's trip with Elaine's hot new boyfriend ends in tragedy, while Kramer challenges the very fabric of Jerry's worldview in The Stall.
Seinfeld: The Serenity Now 1/23/14 66.53%[9.98/15]        Comments
Impending manhood, a rush of emotion, and a telemarketing scheme all highlight this episode of Jerry, George, Elaine and friends.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 1/21/14 72.00%[18.00/25]        Comments
It did well at living up to the irrepressible, creative spirit of the original. Bill Hader, James Caan and Anna Farris reprise their roles in this 2013 sequel.
Seinfeld: The Yada Yada 1/16/14 63.92%[7.67/12]        Comments
Cross-dating, adoption, prejudice and betrayal all figure into this riveting, classic Seinfeld episode.
Alpha House, Season 1 1/14/14 81.32%[20.33/25]        Comments
Forgoing the meanspiritedness you might expect, Alpha House used gentle but shrewd humor to poke fun on the Washington, DC political process during its freshman season.
Despicable Me 2 1/7/14 79.27%[23.78/30]        Comments
Despicable Me 2 stormed the box office to run away with the crown of biggest animated film of 2013
Heat, The: 11/20/13 84.96%[21.24/25]        Comments
DeNiro and Pacino they are not, but McCarthy and Bullock know how to make a damn fine crime film of their own. Check your Spanx and test your IQ on The Heat.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil 10/24/13 74.60%[14.92/20]        Comments
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder teamed up one final time in See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Machete 10/10/13 79.12%[19.78/25]        Comments
It's the kind of movie only Robert Rodriguez could make. Danny Trejo was born for the part of Machete. Before Machete Kills (and, eventually, Machete Kills Again), see how well you remember this movie.
Big Bang Theory, Season 6 Recap, The: 9/26/13 70.84%[17.71/25]        Comments
Everyone's favorite nerds along with their equally entertaining girlfriends are back for the sixth season of TV's biggest surprise hit of the last decade.
Office, Season 7 Episode 20: Training Day, The: 9/5/13 68.25%[8.19/12]        Comments
Will Ferrell guest stars as the new regional manager in The Office. Will this new character bring with him a new set of wacky hijinks? Well, take a wild guess.
Seinfeld: The Conversion 8/29/13 75.00%[9.00/12]        Comments
New religion, an odd attraction, medicine cabinet snooping and cheating on tests all come into play in the great Seinfeld episode, The Conversion.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 7/31/13 79.84%[19.96/25]        Comments
Take a bunch of zoo animals. Have them join a circus on a trans-continental flight. Set a wicked antagonist on their trail. Voila! Madagascar 3!
Napoleon Dynamite 7/29/13 78.48%[19.62/25]        Comments
If it's hip to be square, well, then, a young lad named Napoleon Dynamite may be the most awesome teen around. Test your knowledge on this 2004 cult classic.
Office, Season 5 Episode 20: Cafe Disco, The: 7/18/13 72.60%[14.52/20]        Comments
Sure, Phyllis hurts herself, and Jim and Pam are trying to sneak out to get married, and Angela tries to ruin everything, but nothing can stop Michael's brainchild that becomes Cafe Disco in one of our favorite episodes of The Office ever.
Seinfeld: The Bizarro Jerry 7/10/13 76.60%[15.32/20]        Comments
The Seinfeld crew meets their doppelgangers, while Jerry dates a woman with an unusual physical feature. Test your knowledge of this Seinfeld classic.
Veep, Season 2 Recap 6/25/13 80.16%[20.04/25]        Comments
Dan, Gary, Gary's psycho girlfriend, Amy and Amy's weird boyfriend that no one remembers all add to the delightful chaos of Veep, Season 2.
Identity Thief 6/13/13 76.90%[23.07/30]        Comments
Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy team up for a surprisingly successful comedy in 2013's Identity Thief, a cautionary tale spliced with food fights, bad guys aplenty, and your standard movie hijinks.
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