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How Well Do You Know:
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
By Ben Willoughby
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Trivia Quiz

British gentleman spy Austin Powers, frozen since the '60s, wakes up in the '90s to a world without communism, psychedelic drugs or free love. But on the bright side, his television reception is excellent, Burt Bacharach is still alive and he learns about the delights of monogamy. Warning: the following quiz contains several nude or partially nude images of Mike Myers. How Well Do You Know Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery?

The difficulty level of How Well Do You Know: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is rated:
1 If you don't get at least half right, feel free to punch yourself in the face for us.
2 Relax and act natural, you should do fine.
3 Fanboy/fangirl obsession over the source material doesn't hurt here.
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Cast: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Seth Green, Robert Wagner, Michael York
Director: Jay Roach

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